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CDTA Bus route thru campus proposed


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Something like this is already part of our Master Plan






The Capital District Transportation Authority wants to invest more than $65 million to create a rapid transit bus line from downtown Albany, through the state and UAlbany campuses to Crossgates Mall.


The money would include $25 million for a new transit hub at the mall, the CDTA's most popular destination. It would also remove two traffic lights and replace them with roundabouts, one each off the Northway and off Route 20 to the new drop-off and pickup point.


The project would also include $19 million in roadwork to create a bus-only route connecting the Harriman state campus and the University at Albany campus.


"We are looking at 2017 for the implementation of this," said CDTA spokeswoman Jaime Watson. "That's all money-dependent."


The CDTA has $7 million, mostly in federal funds, already in hand to do the engineering work on the project. Watson said the total cost would be $65 million.




As a bonus this could be a direct road connection if we ever need shuttles to the Harriman lots for event parking.

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A traffic circle at the end of the Northway? TERRIBLE idea. People can't drive in this state/country. As a current UA student, I've seen some insane crap at the ones near the Nano building.


As for the rest of the plan, I like!

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I've had on more than one occasion someone STOP on a circle to let me go...how is this possible?


I see your traffic circle experience and I raise you another: I had a guy at the one closest to the Nano building going the OTHER WAY. ON THE SIDEWALK (interior of the circle). I almost wrecked on my bike doing a quadruple-take of what type of special human species I just rode by.


See all sorts of dumb folk up in that shiznit.

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Not a fan of a road cutting through campus like that. Turrible idea IMO

This is the connection needed for the College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity on Harriman to the rest of the University. OTOH this bus route runs just a few feet from the day care center in Dutch quad, and thru Dutch parking.


Nice for students to have an easy ride to Crossgates. Before it was built, there was a bus from the campus to Stuyvesant Plaza. Not that college students today are exactly mall rats.

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I live near Northway Exit 12. I had the experience of having someone BACKING UP in one of the many traffic circles. The driver apparently flunked geometry. I do think they need

a better connector for CDTA, the campus and Harriman. I worked at Harriman until last October and it was not easy if you wanted to use public transportation.

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And will it really be used by the cars all that much? It will if you're trying to get to something on campus, but not by general traffic (which will use Western or Washington). I'm fine with the road too. Half the time it'll probably be a bus or two running every few minutes...hardly busy. On gamedays, etc. I could see it being a bit busier perhaps.

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