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Meet & Greet Oct 16th / P&G Scrimmage Oct 17th


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***Meet & Greet for Season Ticket holders only. I think that's good. Gives more incentives for people to buy season tickets. Make things exclusive.


(I added men's below because that was in the subject line)



Dear Season Ticket Holder,


It is almost that time of year again. MEN'S Basketball season is right around the corner. We would like to invite you to the annual “Meet and Greet” on Friday October 16, 2015. The event will either take place in the SEFCU Arena Hall of Fame or at SEFCU arena at 6:00pm.


You will have the opportunity to meet the 2015-16 Great Danes and the coaching staff. Food and beverages will be served. This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the student-athletes and members of the coaching staff.


Our fan base is crucial to our overall success. You are a big reason why we have made three straight appearances in the NCAA Tournament! We appreciate your continued support.


Also, the annual Purple/Gold Game will be the following day Saturday October 17 following the football game at 7pm in the SEFCU Arena. Immediately following the Purple/Gold Game, the men’s soccer team will be taking on UMass Lowell at the football stadium. Make this day a complete game day experience by joining us at football, men’s basketball and soccer




Please RSVP to our Ticket Manager James Troutman at jtroutman@albany.edu or click here to register online. The deadline to RSVP is Friday October 9, 2015.


Hope to see you at the “Meet and Greet” and the Purple/Gold Game!





Mark Benson

Director of Athletics

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Got a similar email. Note I am not a season ticket holder for basketball, only football. The AD asked me to register and I can take one guest.


Unfortunately I will be in DC the weekend of the 16th. Also if anyone is interested I have four tickets for the Nova game. Giving them away for free. If interested PM me.

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My take on the scrimmage:


We are an athletic team. Should be fun to watch. I didn't watch the upper classmen too much cause we know what they can do, although I will say that Peters has a nice touch around the basket and although Rowley still can't make a basket he has bulked up considerably.


For the new faces, Cremo was timid on offense to start but by the end of the game he was trying to do stuff. He had like 4 or 5 rebounds in the first half. Clearly an athlete, but he's a freshman. I saw good things from him.


Chas Brown is athletic. Looks like a guy that can crash the glass pretty good.


McKinley is VERY thin and I don't see him playing much but if he is patient and doesn't leave the program I see him being our future big. He's very tall and lanky...will be good down low in a couple years.


Sanders was all over the place as was Peter (making plays everywhere). Those two plus Evan are easily our 'big 3' and we will go as far as they take us.


The new guards (Andrews and Nichols) showed flashes of being real good guards. Andrews has a decent midrange shot while Nichols reminds me a bit of Ambrose. Both can GET UP. Richard Peters got out jumped for two rebounds by either one or both of them (don't remember exactly who it was I just know it was one of them).


What else...Greg is our next version of Sam. Very heady down low and tough as nails. Doesn't have the same post moves but he's a poor man's Sam.

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One of the surprising things was the Gold team winning. Not just winning but winning pretty big.


I thought the purple team had it in the bag with Evan Singletary and Peter Hooley plus Dallas and Richard Peters and the jucos. The gold team was Ray Sanders, Mike Rowley, Greg Stire and all three freshman and they won by 10. Of course, the Gold team did have Don Bassett on their sideline.

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I hate the P&G scrimmage because I always come away feeling like we should have an undefeated season. So my over hyped enthusiasms for this year leads me to predict undefeated again. The returning players were exactly as expected GOOD! Mike with the added weight appeared a step slow, but as he rounds into shape, the weight should help him down low. So I will reserve my allotted space for some of the new guys.

I agree with llko that Andrews and Nichols are real good. I will go so far to say, that in my opinion Nichols at times was the best player on the floor and for me at least the most surprising. [Note, I will not give you my P&G mvp from past years, but suffice it to say my prediction rate has been only so-so; hence my over enthusiasm already mentioned.] Chas Brown if he plays any defense could crack Browns starting line-up. At any rate he should add scoring. Ilko says Mckinley is VERY thin and I would add almost PAINFULLY thin. But he does seem to have good moves around the basket and for someone 6'10", he gets off the ground very well. I would obviously like to see him bulk, but I hope he does not lose his leaping ability when he does. Cremo looked nervous at times but I was very impressed with his passing skills {thought he was just a scorer, having never actually seen him play but aware of his high school numbers}. I think he is going to be a flat out stud in this league probably sooner than latter and eventually a league mvp not out of the question. But for last night excluding Singletary and Hooley (either one could be this years ameast mvp), I still cast my vote for Nichols.

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