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Next Women's Basketball Coach

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Just out of curiosity. How can a coach just leave when he/she is under contract?? Does the new school have to compensate us?? If you fire/dismiss a coach under contract, they still must be paid. Are coaching contracts only one directional?????????

Usually there's a buyout I believe. UCF would cover the costs.


Football and basketball coaches leaving whenever they want is an ongoing issue being brought up in D1 college athletics.

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I don't know about Coach Abe's, but from what I have seen there are buy out clauses in some of them. Pikiell's contract with Rutgers has a sliding scale buy out starting at $1,000,000 and ending at $700,000

depending on the year.




I'm not privy to these things, but I would think the new school might pony up the buy out if they really want the coach.


Looking at WB's contract it appears there is no buyout or penalty. SP's contract with SBU has a $50,000 "damages" if terminated by employee. So I think it's fair to say that it's up to the contract and negotiations

and perhaps fair to imply that the bigger the school, the bigger the money, the bigger the penalty for leaving.

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There were no buy out clauses in the in any of the contracts of the coaches who were hired under Lee McElroy. His philosophy was that if a coach had an opportunity to move to a higher level position it was pointless to erect a barrier to that.

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"The process took about a week Abrahamson-Henderson said. Assistant coach Tahnee Balerio will make the move with Coach Abe to Central Florida."

David Johnson - the author of that - seems to be the only one reporting it, so maybe it isn't really a done deal yet?

I agree with sarge on this one - make the offer and make it fast. It's tougher for Tahnee to go and then get pulled back than it is to just keep her here in the first place. She knows our players, system, and recruits and she has the fire to keep them working hard and improving.

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Use Butler Men's Team as the example. Brad Stevens served 6 or seven seasons under Todd Lickliter. When Lickliter left for Iowa, Stevens took over and continued the success of team. The UA women are primed for another championship run and the future is very bright. Tahnee played 3 seasons under Coach Abe was the first assistant hired here and is planning on going to UCF. She knows the players, the system, the school and the conference. She does appear to have the same fire in the belly as Coach Abe.

Mark Benson - please don't try to reinvent the system - give her a call before she gets settled in the land of Disney.

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There were no buy out clauses in the in any of the contracts of the coaches who were hired under Lee McElroy. His philosophy was that if a coach had an opportunity to move to a higher level position it was pointless to erect a barrier to that.

Wow. That's a terrible approach. It's not about putting up barriers. It's about protecting the university in the event the coach does leave. Now we'll likely have to pay incremental costs for recruiting fees and likely a buyout of someone else's contract who had a business minded AD or a better legal review.


Hire that assistant quickly.

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Gish column from TU+ Coach Abe: UAlbany's hire will be 'somebody awesome'


Former University at Albany women's basketball coach Katie Abrahamson-Henderson, who was introduced as the new coach at Central Florida on Friday, said she's not getting involved in the hunt for the next person to lead the Great Danes.
But she has a lot of confidence in UAlbany athletic director Mark Benson, who is looking for the right person to follow a coach who took a program from never posting a winning season in Division I to this year's first-round NCAA Tournament win. In six years at UAlbany, the Great Danes won the conference five times.
"I guarantee it's going to be somebody awesome," Abrahamson-Henderson said Tuesday in her first interview after returning to the Capital Region. "Whoever Mark decides to hire will be the perfect fit, to be honest. It doesn't have to be somebody like me."
Abrahamson-Henderson said she'll be pulling together her staff for Central Florida in the next couple of weeks, and that her assistants at UAlbany are thinking about what they want to do.
Abrahamson-Henderson has been open about deliberately hiring women for her staff to develop them as coaches and give them opportunities in sports. Mary Grimes, a former Siena player who gave birth during this season to her second child, wasn't on the sidelines toward the end of the regular season and into postseason play. Tahnee Balerio played under Abrahamson-Henderson at Missouri State and Isoken Uzamere, who started as a graduate assistant for Abrahamson-Henderson, worked closely with UAlbany star Shereesha Richards, who is a prospect for the upcoming WNBA draft.
Asked whether she's encouraging any of them to consider the head coaching job at UAlbany, Abrahamson-Henderson said, "Obviously I'm giving them this opportunity to think about it. In Albany, obviously, Mark's going to take over everything, and he's got to make the decision here."
The decision to leave Albany was one of the hardest she'd made in her life, Abrahamson-Henderson said, and she had to make it fast. The call came sometime around last Tuesday, and by Friday she was being introduced as the new coach.
It was "gut-wrenching," she said, to tell the players in the locker room Thursday night.
"Opportunities just come and go so quickly, and in life you've got to make some tough decisions, and it still hurts," she said. "That is the hardest part."
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The head coach position has not been posted yet. The DBO job was posted 2 days after the NCAA run ended at Syracuse. I may be way off base but, along with the information in the Gish article, it seems to me that internal candidates are at least being considered.

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I hope so too -- internal candidates, etc. Regardless, I think the HC job still has to be posted for 30 days, is that right? It's a "state" job. Or are there exceptions?


The position of Div I Head Bsktball Coach does not have to be posted for 30 days nor at all. Last year when Bobby Hurley left Buffalo his assistant Nate Oates was hired 2 days later. The University can hire who they want when they want for this position.

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