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Recruiting - 2019

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Right now we have no official scholarships available, but I'm sure at least 1 will open. The team started 5 freshman, so the guys on the team probably don't see a lot of time in the near future. 

Anyone know what happened to Nathan Fromm? He was a commit last year, then went back to JUCO for another year. I assumed he didn't graduate or something happened. I was excited for him from the videos online.

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Trey Hutcheson 1st Team All State



Congrats to our guy @treyhutch_3 on an outstanding career!!

•2018-2019 First Team All-State

•4th All-Time leading scorer in school history with 1,235 points

•2 time First Team All Conference

•3 time First Team All Metro

•IBCA Academic All State Team



Below are all of the IPSWA all-state teams.


Class 4A (Largest schools)



DJ Carton (Bettendorf), senior


Tyreke Locure (Des Moines North), senior


Patrick McCaffery (Iowa City West), senior


Noah Carter (Dubuque Senior), senior


Logan Wolf (Cedar Falls), senior


Aidan Vanderloo (Sioux City East), senior


Keegan Murray (Cedar Rapids Prairie), senior


Trey Hutcheson (Linn-Mar), senior

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On 3/11/2019 at 5:49 PM, UA1882 said:

What's his position? It says guard but he looks more like a shooting guard.  Transferred from Northeastern where he did not play all. 

I dont know much about the Jr college league he played in. I guess I would reserve judgement until I find that out . Because is stats are not all that impressive.  

Reece Brooks Juco Stats: 17 ppg. 43 % from 3 . 6.6 assists per game. 

Cook: 14 ppg . 40 % from 3. 4 assists per game. 64 percent from the line . 


Again maybe the league his is playing in is wayyy better. I really really hope it is. However those are some nice offers . 

Cook is playing on a JUCO team with a bunch of guys who are D1 transfers. I'd have to think that's a higher level than where Brooks was playing. 

He had over 100 assists this year and really good rebound numbers for guard.

Funny the schools that are involved with a guy from Georgia are all in the northeast and upper midwest.

If he's a PG and playing with a lineup with De Sousa, that's a big lineup of guards.

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UAlbany Men's Roster 2019-2020					
Name				Position	Height	Weight	Year		Status
Brent Hank			C		6'10"	245	RSo.		Returning
Kendall Lauderdale		PF		6'8"	240	RSr. (JUCO)	Returning
Sasha French			PF		6'11"	215	RJr. (JUCO)	Returning
Adam Lulka			PF		6'8"	240	RSo.		Returning
Mitch Doherty			PF		6'7"	180	Fr.		Incoming
Malachi de Sousa		SF		6'5"	200	So.		Returning
Nikola Jerotic			SF		6'7"	215	So.		Returning
Trey Hutcheson**		SF		6'5"	-	Fr.		Incoming
Phillip Flory			SG		6'5"	195	Jr.		Returning
Ahmad Clark			PG		6'1"	170	Sr. (JUCO)	Returning
Reese Brooks			PG		5'9"	170	RSr. (JUCO)	Returning
Cam Healey			PG		6'2"	185	RSo.		Returning
Antonio Rizzuto			PG		6'3"	180	So.		Returning
Nick Fruscio			PG		5'10"	155	Sr.		Returning

Possible Signings		Position	Height	Weight	Year		Status
Isaiah Jones**			PF		6'8"	240	Jr. (JUCO)	Offered
Derrick Cook**			SG		6'4"	190	Jr. (JUCO)	Offered
Marvens Petion**		SG		6'6"	200	HS2019		Offered
Cornelius Taylor**		PG		6'0"	180	Sr. (Grad)	Offered
Noah Hutchins**			PG		6'0"	160	HS2019		Offered
Greg Dolan**			PG		6'3"	170	HS2019		Offered
--------------------------------- Going Elsewhere ------------------------------------
Gerald Drumgoole**		SG		6'5"	195	HS2019		Pittsburg
Joseph Girard III**		PG		6'1"	170	HS2019		Syracuse
Isaiah Stevens**		PG		5'10"	N/A	HS2019		Colorado State
Jarod Lucas**			PG		6'3"	170	HS2019		Oregon State
August Mahoney**		PG		6'2"	165	HS2019		Yale
Possible Departures	Reason
Reese Brooks		Playing Time/Competition Level				
Philip Flory		Playing Time/Competition Level				
Nikola Jerotić		Playing Time/Competition Level				
Sasha French		Playing Time/Competition Level				
Departures		Reason
Devonte Campbell	Graduated
Rayshawn Miller		Graduated


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24 minutes ago, UA1882 said:

Have absolutely no idea why we offered this guy other then the fact that they dont think Clark can play the point.  He does absolutely nothing to help us long term ( a couple of years from now) when we have the chance to be very very good.  

Because they think they can go for it next year with a PG and maybe one more piece. 

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15 minutes ago, Clickclack said:

Because they think they can go for it next year with a PG and maybe one more piece. 

A 38 percent shooter at the D2 level is not a piece.  So the other piece better be a HUGE piece . (Like an ACC player ) Otherwise they are two years away. 


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55 minutes ago, Dane96 said:

He is a very good D2 player on a perennial powerhouse.  He dropped 25 on Auburn.  If he can play PG you bring him for his senior year and recruit a four year pg.  not to hard to understand the logic. 

So under your logic you want a freshman point guard when Healy and company are jrs? If so thank God you are not the coach.  Because if not please tell me how this wont be the case if we sign a Sr point guard and graduate Clark next year. U must think we have a pg on the roster now. 

We do not know how many scholarships we have (prob at least 1) but with Lamb we are probably not beating Vermont . I'm just saying we need to look for an underclassmen pg now. Recruiting a Sr is like robbing peter to pay paul. It will take at least a year to develope one. We want the best team avail when Healy and company are jr's and sr's. 

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