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Recruiting - 2019

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44 minutes ago, Eli said:

My guess is Brooks and obviously Starks has a likely career ender...so one of them...Hutcheson and Doherty will take Campbell and Miller's spots.

Brooks is just way too small it seems. So if Starks somehow sticks around medically, Brooks is my pick.

Stark's doesn't count either way. When he got a medical exception the team signed Jerotic. So if he comes back and plays the team would be over by 1. If he comes back but doesn't play, I assume they would have to get another waiver for next year for the additional scholarship used by Jerotic.  If he leaves, then we are still in the same spot we are today. Either someone else is definitely leaving, or Brown is just getting offers out there that are contingent upon someone else leaving, as it is pretty easy to predict that someone will. That is just the world we live in today.


Scholarship Max = 13

  • Sr: 2 - Campbell/Miller
  • Jr. : 3 - Clark/Brooks/Lauderdale/Fruscio (walk on)
  • SO: 3 - Flory/French/Starks (with medical Waiver)
  • FR: 6 - Rizzuto/Healy/Jerotic/de Sousa/Lulka/Hank
  • 14 Scholarships and a walk-on. Waiver for Starks makes only 13 count

2 guaduate, and 2 are signed for next season (Hutcheson/Doherty)

VC shows additional offers to: 2 players who will be juniors next season and 3 that will be freshman.  Lawrence would be a junior next year, but he isn't listed on VC yet. 

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 Good point on Starks, forgot we got Jerotic to replace him.

Since Jerotic hasn't played and Brooks has done less than even Miller with the time he's gotten, maybe one of those guys is on the outside looking in next year? Obviously haven't seen Flory but I doubt him or De Sousa are candidates for departure. Everyone else (French, Lauderdale, etc.) has played enough minutes to be in the rotation.

It's gotta be Brooks or Jerotic...

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2 hours ago, Clickclack said:

In todays D1 culture, anyone not playing is looking to leave...chances are, someone will want to leave so it could be Brown keeping kids on the hook if he needs to fill roster.

My gut feeling is if Flory gets immediate playing time, and de Sousa is benched, he will look to leave.

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8 hours ago, godanesgo99 said:

I've never followed recruiting heavily outside of UA stuff. Is it normal for a team to make offers with a full roster? It wouldn't surprise me if it was. I'd imagine that there would be clauses based on scholarship availability on an offer.

It is...my sense is many programs do it. 

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All scholarship offers are contingent on having one available, so this is par for course.  This is regular course of business.  However, I would not be surprised to see kids drop to D 2 for immediate PT if it looks like minutes may not be there.  Look at Chris Page.  Was unlikely to see solid minutes at UA, goes to Nova Southeastern (very good D 2 in Florida) and goes on to be first team all conference.  Happy for him, and any kid that moves on to secure more PT.   

Whether it is NAIA or D3 through D1, these rosters are littered with All Leauge, District, County, Region, StAte, etc. type players.  So at some point, playing time is a numbers game and you only have four or five years to secure that time before the window closes. 

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12 hours ago, Clickclack said:

Could really use him this year...lol


Granted, we haven't seen Mitch yet but should we start recruiting his younger brother already?

Shea Doherty, Acton-Boxborough – Mitch’s little brother is very skilled for his size but both longer and more athletic than his older brother.

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