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vs Holy Cross - 9/17/16 at 7PM

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HC board is reporting that their OLine coach got let go this week. Nice that the TU is taking more notice.

I was going to congratulate the Cross fans who are picking Purple to win, but they've got a new board and I didn't feel like reregistering, plus our guys will be in Grays.


Fireworks at halftime tomorrow.

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OT. My son sent me the above article about CAA & AmEast friend New Hampshire. It concerns a retired librarian who left 4 million to NH and only $100,000 was spent on the library while 1 million was spent on a football scoreboard. The librarian never had an interest in sports of any kind it appears.


If interested in the article you may have to manually enter the URL, because the Wash. Post restricts links {according to my wife}. Anyhow, I love the last line of the article where a comment says NH is trying to be a "Big Time" football program but is far from it.


it looks like the link works fine.

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Saw that article trending on FB. Kind of a bad move if you ask me. And also...I work in IT, evidently that's the wrong business to be in. Didn't know Librarians made enough to stache away $4M lol.

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Defense, especially secondary, needs to fix itself. 503 total offense for Holy Cross isn't what I like to see. Enjoyed the game. Went with B9 tonight for our annual game together. We really got a kick out of the purple smoke as the team entered the field. Excellent game day experience by the school.


However our moment of the day was Mike Rowley and Dallas Ennema coming over in parking lot asking if we could play a game of corn hole. B9 has a home-made set and they dug the UA one. Really awesome guys. Didn't even talk ball with them. Just totally down to earth gents. Apparently Rowley has never played the game before (not sure if I believe that). B9 and I lost by 4...I told them I usually get upset, but this game all good.

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Awesome game all things considered. We had some issues with the pass defense and containing the QB, but didn't allow any 50, 60, 70 yard plays. Offense looks really good and Sussman had a great game IMO. Hanks is hanks...dude is a BEAST.


Evidently Kyle Sakowski is going to be out for a while again. Had a huge cast on his hand and his father (I think) was sitting a row in front of me and asked if it was broken and Sakowski nodded yes...sucks. That kid is an important part of our secondary.


LOTS of UA guys went down in the 2nd half, all walked off...were they cramping up? Trainer needs to get his crap together if that's what it was lol.


I have no voice, had an absolute blast. I'm usually far less vocal in FB than I am in BB because the stadium is bigger/open air and more people to yell over but I was into it. I was so into it that I came to the game an hour and a half early (planned on 30 min early) thinking the game was at 6pm not 7pm LOL.

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