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I'm disappointed for the Srs., but overall it was a good season. I've been bringing different people to games this season. They've generally had a good time and some have already attended multiple games. We have a long way to go in spreading our product to the local community. It's way better than the previous AD, but still miles to go for marketing and communication. Aside: loved the music at the pregame.




The AD is doing what it can to bring more people to the game. In the basketball forum there has been an annual thread called butts in the seats. I know the capital district is full of sports snobs that will only attend major programs and the biggest events - but if we all want the program to continue to grow - it is up to the people who are already addicted fans to bring outsiders in.

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IMO, difficult to get 5 CAA teams in the playoffs. The issue is that we had a better resume than UNH including beating them head to head so we could have been the 4th team. The problem IMO is we didn't have anyone on the committee to tell the story and I'm sure the UNH AD wasn't going to make that case on our behalf. I guess had we been 8-3 then it might not have mattered.


Anyway, time to focus on next season.

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Discussion on AGS that they strictly followed the NCAA Simplified Rating System except for leaving out Montana, Northern Iowa, and a couple of other teams that didn't have six Division I wins. My understanding is that this system is based on margin of victory/loss adjusted for strength of schedule. First four teams out by this were SE Louisiana, Duquesne, Albany and Fordham.

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Thanks - good to know that there's a process. It looks like it's not always followed. Was trying to learn more about this system and ran across this article from last year (from 2015)




New Hampshire selection doesn't add up


STATS FCS Senior Editor


(STATS) - For any team that receives one of the last at-large bids in the FCS at-playoff field, there's usually a couple left on the outside feeling they have better resumes.

In New Hampshire's case Sunday, there were more than a couple, according to the NCAA's adopted Simple Ratings System.

The SRS is similar to the popular RPI rating of teams used in college basketball, a ranking system used to gauge team quality, including strength-of-measure and a win-loss differential.

Despite being designed as a tool to aid in the playoff selection (http://www.ncaa.com/rankings/football/fcs/simple-ratings-system), the Division I committee hasn't quite embraced the SRS since its inception in 2013, and the recurring theme has reflected poorly with New Hampshire.

Two years ago, UNH had the lowest SRS number among at-large selections at 29, and five teams with higher rankings were left out of the field. Last year, the Wildcats earned the No. 1 seed despite having the sixth-best SRS ranking.

Fortunately for veteran coach Sean McDonnell and the Wildcats, they validated themselves by advancing to the FCS national semifinals in both seasons.

But it got harder Sunday to justify the SRS or UNH's inclusion in the 24-team field for the 12th straight year - the national high. The Wildcats (7-4), who won their final four regular-season games, had an SRS ranking of 40.

There were numerous eligible playoff hopefuls ahead of UNH in the SRS which did not receive at-large bids: Western Carolina (7-4), at 25; UT Martin (7-4), 27; Towson (7-4), 29; Youngstown State (6-5), 30; Villanova (6-5), 31; Northern Arizona (7-4), 33; North Dakota (7-4), 36; Bethune-Cookman (9-2), 37; and Prairie View A&M (8-2), 39.

Towson and North Dakota were named on the FCS selection show as the final teams left out of the field. Both, like New Hampshire, beat seven Division I opponents.

Western Carolina, UT Martin, Youngstown State, Villanova and Northern Arizona each had one fewer Division I win than New Hampshire, but the committee selected 6-5 Western Illinois, which had an SRS number of 20, for an at-large bid.

Bethune-Cookman and Prairie View A&M - eligible for at-large selections despite their conferences sending champions to the inaugural Celebration Bowl instead of the playoffs - both beat eight Division I teams.

With the numbers not adding up for New Hampshire again, the Wildcats hope to change opinions with another strong showing in the playoffs.

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So Richmond gets run out of the stadium by EWU. Down to two MVC teams, one CAA team and then one from the Big Sky. NDSU is just a machine. Successful recruiting, uccessful coaching, good basic system that's well executed.


Off topic, but pertinent to UA. After watching (some may say too much) football over the weekend, why do teams insist on lining up in the shotgun/pistol on short yardage situations or when playing from their own one yard line? Can't they practice under center for those situations?


Another off target but pertinent to UA: does UA ever run stretch plays? Perfect for a cutback runner like EIH.

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Off topic, but pertinent to UA. After watching (some may say too much) football over the weekend, why do teams insist on lining up in the shotgun/pistol on short yardage situations or when playing from their own one yard line? Can't they practice under center for those situations?



This pisses me off so much at all levels. Even seeing it in the pros. The shotgun used to be a 3rd down only formation and now some teams use it almost exclusively.

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