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Albany (3-2) - Albany Cup 2016 - Sun 11/27 @ 7PM


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BTW...the dasher board advertisements look great...and definitely will bring in $$$ for the program. Same with the corner boards.

We were uncharacteristically bad at the line. This game could have been worse.

Patsos is a clown.


I kept yelling for Roger and Zach to stop gushing over Cremo's foul shooting. They did again and he missed both. He missed 2-4 at the end of the GCU game also. End of game jitters maybe?


Patsos looks like such a fool with that huge belly hanging out of his jacket and over his belt while he stomps around yelling like a child having a tantrum. OK, maybe that was a bit much but whatever. He annoys me.

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And agree with those about the Brown post game interview. Loved it. He was excited and RIGHT. This needs to be a true home and home series. I bet Siena wants no part of coming to SEFCU ever again. Not an easy place to play.

It was a funny and heartfelt interview. Said our team "should go to Spain to play with all that Ole' defense" we were playing to let them back in
He was all kinds of fired up. Said that the 4 srs. plus Clareth are too talented to go basket to basket with...and we stopped playing D. Said he respects Siena...and they should win the maac. Said this is a true series...and IT WILL ROTATE Or should rotate. he was all amped up
he wanted this game...badly
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UA should dictate terms now such as days, etc. We run this town sports wise and the series the last like 7 years.


We get our way or Siena can shove the series up where the sun don't shine. That includes true home and homes. No tournament garbage either.

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Honestly...I think Siena is just straight out bitter. I think they are upset that UAlbany has built a bigger and better modern program all-around and they did it pretty quick. They are upset they aren't the only draw in town anymore. It's wanting to grasp with straws. Like we have all said, if they wanna bitch and cry, drop their asses (and not just in basketball, all the sports). Not worth the time if you ask me. They wanna schedule St. Rose every year and play in the TUC and call it the crosstown rivalry, by all means.

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I'm so happy Will Brown is our coach. I wouldn't be able to handle a coach like Patsos coaching UA. The guy acts like a total ass.

Agreed. People who DON'T LIKE Will are those who don't like someone who doesn't give B.S. soundbites. Sure, early in his career he may have been a bit arrogant...but he has grown as a Coach and a person. Love what he brings to our program. We've been very lucky to catch two unbelievable stats in Doc Sauers and Will Brown. Not many schools are this lucky.


Patso is an asshat...and has been in every place he's coached.

I remember seeing him coach for Loyola, I think it was at Mohegan against UA but I'm not sure, and thinking he was a total nutjob. Why would any school want a guy like that to coach their team? He reminds me of the old UMBC crazy coach. I forget his name right now. Just yelling at everything, stomping around and overall acting like an idiot.

I could never forget the name of Mr. Anger Management himself, Randy Monroe. He was pure entertainment - I recall more than a few giggles at his expense. Last I heard, he was coaching high school, which is a scary thought.


Anyway, great win tonight. I hope this gave the AD some backbone for the next series negotiation, which shouldn't even be a negotiation. Home and home starting at our place or $iena can go fly a kite, though I see them being more protective of themselves than the intensity and variety of the series.

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