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A lot of good things in the road win against Drexel. This is going to be a big week for the Danes to make that next step as a team.


What most excites me about the 2017 Danes is that for the first time in as long as I can remember we are strong up the middle of the field, while still having talented offensive players.


As Coach Marr said in his post game comments JD and TD gave and will give Albany the chance to win a lot of games.


The defense hasn't given up a lot of goals, but you can't expect the goalie to continue to save the ball at a crazy high percentage. I don't know what Coach Gleason is having the guys do, but I am still seeing a lot of really early slides which is giving the opposing offense some really good looks. Maybe the idea is to slide early and expect JD to stop more of the 12 yard shots. I worry about that strategy against the top tier teams. Simms, Dhluy, and hopefully Perla will be the starting close defenders, and they are all pretty strong on-ball defenders.


The first quarter was sloppy with 6 turnovers, but after that things got a lot crisper. We need to keep moving in that direction. I still want to see a complimentary initiator other than Connor. He was simply amazing yesterday, but against very strong defenders, we need someone else who can get the wheel spinning if Connor can't consistently win his one on one matchup. In pre season comments Coach Marr said that Connor wand Justin were somewhat interchangeable, but seems to me that Justin is a much better off ball, finisher rather than the primary initiator. Patterson is a freshmen as is Laffin who got some time, but the Danes need to find that other guy.


With two games this week in which the Danes should be favored to win, time to keep getting better and continue to fine tune the offensive and defensive rotations.

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Welcome new lax posters. Loved the input and insights.


I agree 3rd. attack has been lacking after the first two games. I think it was assumed Drake was to be the third attack, but Patterson had an amazing two scrimmages (both of which I saw live.) He had @ least a hat trick in both and got his 3 early on {i.e. not in a mop up sense.} Maybe now that the season is for real, he is pressing and having some freshman jitters [has had several unforced to's.] I would like to see coach stick with him, because I think he is going to be a stud; but if he needs a little more seasoning first; Drake, Laffin & Diamond all appear able options to step in.

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I wasn't able to see either of the scrimmages, but it did sound like Patterson lit it up in both of them and Fields was much more of a feeder. I know Coach Marr likes to run the 4 attackmen with one coming out of the box which seems to be mostly Drake and then 2 to 3 pairs of two way middies.


I agree with you regarding Patterson which as the previous poster said these next two games while not gimmes are big ones to work out a few more of the kinks. After 4-5 games you are what you are to a large degree so would love to see Patterson get back to how he was playing during the preseason.

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