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@ Stony Brook - AE Tourney Round 2 - 3/6 - 7:30PM

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Does anyone know a link where I can watch the full post game press conference for each team in the quarterfinals ....Thanks


I've been asking for this for a few years. When it was all in one location AmericaEast.tv used to have them during the old tourney days. Now, I have no clue.

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The following excerpt is from the Long Island Newsday on tonight's game: "Consider this the official rite of passage for all of Stony Brook’s new players and coaching staff. You’re not really one of t

And Lands. And Andrews. And Cochran.   Lost three rotation guys...before the season even really got going.   Add in that we lost Hooley, Singletary and Sanders who were hearts and souls...   Ma

If I go to the game Monday I'll be extra careful to not get robbed, assaulted, or raped by a Stony Brook player.





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A little OT. I know many only follow this blog for BB & FB; but please read lacrosse thread:



A message from head coach Scott Marr:

I need your help for the next 2 weeks. Coach Matt Painter is representing Niemann Pick Type C in the ESPN Infiniti Coach Challenge. If he wins $100,000 will be donated to help find a cure for kids like JP who are battling this horrible disease. Coach Painter got involved with this challenge because he is friends with the Smith Family who lost 3 of their 4 children to this nasty disease. Coach Painter came in second last year, we need your help to share with your friends to vote everyday. Yes you have to create an ESPN account but I promise you that you won't receive any junk mail. Please do this today, vote everyday until March 11th. Only 500 children suffer from this disease so we need everyone's help. Go to votemattpainter.com and vote everyday and share for JP!
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Wyland had a clip on his radio show, from after last night's game, of Will saying "We're going to win on Monday". He plans to play the clip when he interviews Boals on his show tomorrow.



It was on the radio on-court post-game interview. It's at 15:48 - 15:58 of this segment with Wilkin yesterday.


BTW that crowd looks a lot better that 1600 in that view

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Some company should invent a cheap biometric devices that gets installed in seats which allows you to see 'pressure' and thus 'butts in seats' so we can stop with this randomly picked number it seems that most teams (in most sports, be it pro or otherwise) give for attendance records.

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Is Costa Anderson a sophomore or jr... During a broadcast they said soph ... On Albany basketball weekly it just said soph... But on the Albany website it say jr.... What is it for sure ?

Played two years of JUCO so this is his third (junior) year athletically. Since the roster says his major is undecided maybe all his credits didn't transfer and he's a soph academically?
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