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Was bored this off-season so I started spreadsheets to keep track of recruits, schedules, etc. over the years.


Did some number crunching today and here is our record since I became a fan and since our first arrival on the big stage in March (aka, the 2005-2006 campaign):

Since 2005-2006

Type		Home/Away	W	L
OOC		Home		46	16
		Away		44	60
Conference	Home		66	30
		Away		52	45
AE Tournament	Home		10	2
		Away		9	5
Post Season	Home		0	2
		Away		1	6

		Total		228	166

We go to the post season quite a bit but goodness, we can't win. Even the lesser tournaments.



* Post season = NCAA's, CBI, CIT, etc.
** I didn't delineate between away neutral site or away at someones place...if it wasn't at SEFCU, it's an away game (this includes the LCC games).
*** Pending I don't have a typo somewhere in an error, this *should* be accurate lol

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Good...I expect the following year to be at SEFCU

In the world where they have:   Won 428 games to 206 Losses since 1998.   That's an average of 22.5 W and 10.8 L per year   Their worst season in that 19 year period is a .500 record.   They

Should be a fun atmosphere when they split the arena. It took almost 20 years but I'm glad it happened.


We go to the post season quite a bit but goodness, we can't win. Even the lesser tournaments.

If we treated these "lesser" tournaments more seriously, it would be an overall positive for our program. Except we continue to play them as if we do not want to be there. We play these with such a down and disappointed attitude , we allow lesser teams to constantly beat us. I have said until I am blue in the face, in a one bid conference it is NOT a slap in the face to play in a tournament other than the ncaa. The team, coaches & fans need to embrace every post season tournament and participate like your life depended on it, just as you would in the ncca show.

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They posted at the scrimmage is officially October 13




Hope all who attend will post pictures of the new scoreboard.



You bet your bottom dollar. I will 100% be there.

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Game will be at 7:30pm



West Virginia and Albany received an NCAA waiver to play the additional exhibition game with all proceeds benefiting the ongoing hurricane relief efforts. The two teams will play a regulation 40-minute game.

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WVU ranked 10th in the NCAA and USAToday Coaches polls, and eighth in the Basketball Power Index (where we're 115th).


Massey Ratings have WVU #6, Albany 145


Still, I always enjoy watching (or listening to) Huggins get beat.

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WVU release today says "There will be no television, radio or web streaming coverage of the event, but live stats will be available at wvulivestats.com." :angry2:

During most years this game would be a secret scrimmage we wouldn't hear about so live stats are a step up.

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