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[MBB] Game #17: 1/6/18 - 1:00pm - @ New Hampshire

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GDG was looking at David's stats to try and see a pattern or something.. He hasn't had a good offensive game since Bryant (Dec 6th).


Since then he has shot 5-17, 5-16, 2-11, 7-18, 4-12, 8-17, 3-15. His FT #s are down and when he gets to the line he is missing more and his TO are up. Our teams highest offensive usage player (David) has only 18 FT attempts over those 7 games and was 11-42 from the three.


Will be interesting to see what the team and coaches decide to do against Stony Brook.

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Enough with craptastic schedule and illogical thinking. I have zero problems on paper with Iona, Yale, Monmouth, Louisville, Memphis, Kent St. etc. and if you bloviating on here about being over confi

And Im sorry, Im a big defender of David...but he hasnt been playing good basketball. Period. Hes got to either just go full bore or needs to play off the ball.   His problems are solely mental.

No one seems to be having a lot of fun on the team.

Start sitting people... Watch the energy increase...


Sit Who? Replaced by Whom? Costa was 0 for whatever on wide open looks. Same against Hartford. Our bench was out scored today 26 to may be 6?

I have to disagree. The bench is not the answer {IMO.} & what is your beef with Stire? He was the only one not to miss a foul shot today. [OK GDG says he missed one; but overall his #s were very good.]


And while I am in a disagreeable mood. Instead of practicing D we should be shooting like 10,000 shots in practice. We are losing because we can't hit the broad side of a barn or the side of Sefcu. Our shooting % except for "maybe" Joe has been plain awful. Even Mr Bucket has been missing shots and free throws. Even when our overall shooting % looks good it is because of one good shooting ½ (usually the second--Eli does your stat sheet break down shooting by ½--by the eye test I do not think we have had a first 1/2 above 33% in about a month??)


ps. Actual bench vs bench 31 to 6. Also we lose by 3 and miss 10 free throws!

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Bigger question: was Ahmad sick? I was surprised to see zero minutes after Coach said he was his top back up Guard.


He was on the bench. Sometimes when people are sick they don't travel. Not sure if we could draw a conclusion that he wasn't sick since he were there. If he is sick hopefully Coach will mention something in his radio interviews with Rodger between now and the SB game. I didn't see Ahmad mention anything on Twitter about his health. Just a positive tweet about game day. "Loveday".

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From the Hartford thread....



Solid defense is about energy more than anything else. You better be in peak shape if you are going to play solid defense and play 35 minutes per game.


New Hampshire apparently only has one ball handler and has had nothing but trouble with the press. UA has not pressed all season that I have seen outside of the last few minutes of close games, and has been pretty effective when they have done so.


This is where the quality of the bench is most important. We went into the season under the impression that we had 5 solid starters, 5 solid bench players, and 3 freshman that would red shirt because of injury or playing time concerns.


I would love to see Brown try to press much more and rotate and sub much more, but he can't do it if he has no confidence in the bench.


Re Cochran: he looked good in the purple and gold game, but has had no opportunity to play. My conspiracy theory is that he will get a few minutes in the first half in New Hampshire, play 15 the following game, and start to be part of the rotation in conference game 4. Like Campbell last season! (wishful thinking)


Anyway, the defense performing poorly against Hartford was 100% lack of energy and intensity.

I can't quite tell from the replay, but it looked like this was another no energy game. NH was faster to loose balls, looked like they wanted to win. UA looked like they were just going through the motions. When David tried to push and create, he was forcing it instead of doing it through the offense.


Also looks like my Cochran prediction may have been spot on.

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I can care a rats about rankings. If they continue to play like this, we will be lucky to have a .500 record in conference play.


The team is soft.

I don't care about rankings either, but they are extremely good for marketing, and should be good for attendance: especially for student attendance when they are back on campus.


If the team is able to figure out what is happening and gets back to winning, then rankings can mean the difference between a 12/13 seed and a 15/16/PIG

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I was able to watch the last several minutes of the ladies’ win over UNH. Now that’s a team with fire, that knows how to play defense and finish. Trpcic is a calm spitfire who was getting whacked around and kept bouncing up and getting it done. Maybe WB can show his team the WBB game film as an example of how to get it done. I can’t recall seeing a men’s team that just did not seem to care.

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Start with sitting nichols followed by stire... Watch what happens to energy, effort when bench guys say if I hustle I can get in there. Watch what happens to starters when they say... Ahh $iena... If I dog it I'm sitting.


Next up on the chopping block from starting is stires.

Youve lost it. Ill come back to quote this in 2 weeks.
Fine... Don't do anything... Just keep repeating every game thread how the team has no heart. That will really help things... Im not saying toss nichols off the team but you have to try and change the dynamic. He's not getting it done right now... In fact hurting team.


My issue with stire although much smaller of an issue is that he's a leader, senior on this team... Captain... They got out rebounded bigly today.


Quote whatever whenever you want... Don't care.

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Nichols had the wrist injury around the Monmouth game and I don't think his offense and shooting have been the same since. Teams are playing him to drive now without respecting his outside shot.


The puzzling thing is he used to be really aggressive in transition and isn't anymore. We walk the ball up the court even when we could run. Both Hartford anf Unh looked to slow us down and we helped do it to ourselves.

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I think everyone has to take a deep breath, this team at its worst right now are still in games.


The players have to clear their heads and start to want to win and stop reading the preseason press.


This is a team game and UA is not a good team right now.


If David and Joe want to be considered the best backcourt in UA DI history they have to be better Defensively and more efficient Offensively and they have to lead UA to atleast 1 if not 2 NCAAs.

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