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[MBB] AE Tourney Game #1: 3/3/18 - 7:00pm - vs Stony Brook


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Also said that telling your team that a game is meaningless is a losers mentality.


Foster will start Tuesday. Charles knee has some swelling, doesnt look good for now but trying to be optimistic for Sat. Said he might start him for one play Senior Night, but hed probably call his own number

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Prediction. Charles plays Saturday.

How does he not play what could be his last college game. The real question: Can he play effective???? You obviously hold him out tonight and give treatment all week. See what happens Saturday. A one legged Bucket may be better than any of the alternatives. Of course, if the injury is such that playing will have life changing consequences , NO PLAY. But holding him out for "later" in the tournament, would seem dangerous for a team already weak off the bench and of "fragile" mentality.

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Kid needs to get his head out of his rear end. How many times will he jeopardize the team with his antics? You're a junior. Meaning you're likely of legal age and a grown ass man not an 18yr old just out of HS (hell, even at 18 this shouldn't be happening). Act like it.

Whether it's shooting crazy 'heat check' shots with 25 seconds on the clock, not being 'into' a game on defense or getting thrown out of practice...enough is enough.


I don't even need to hear Brown's side of the story. There is no version of events that suggests Brown is in the wrong. He's your coach. Do what you're freakin told. If you can't, there's the door. Healey and Rizzuto will easily take your place.


I swear...some of these kids are in for a rude awakening when they get out into the real world. The "coach" then might not tell you to go to another room or go home for the day...he might tell you to leave. As in, for good.

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This kids brutal year continues...super talented, great student...but it will be interesting if he is on the team next year. He's missing something...won't heel and has no check on his emotions.


Terrible that he's supposedly the extension of the coach and pulling this BS as a junior. Bring on Rizzuto and Healey.

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Jamar has been kicked out of practice before. I think were making a bigger issue out of this than it is. There was an article this year where I read that.




"He upset me today," coach Will Brown said, "and I wasn't going to deal with it, so I kicked him out. He'll be back, unless he upsets me again between now and tomorrow."


Nichols, a junior guard, was spotted during practice outside the gym as fellow captain Travis Charles tried to calm him down.


"If I'm going to throw out Jamar Wilson 100 times in four years," said Brown, referring to the player (2002-07) he calls the best in program history, "I'm definitely going to throw out David Nichols."

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Nah...this isn't a one-off incident. Remember a few games ago he got benched and Brown had to ask him if he wanted to play? His brain farts on the court? This is the culmination of trend, IMO.

I was a new fan back when Jamar was ending his career here but I don't ever remember him half-assing his way around the court during games. Dude was a true leader. There is a history of David playing to the beat of his own drum...so I'm not sure we can draw those conclusions.


NOTE: My comment was in response to the pre-edit comment by UA.

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