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9 minutes ago, Clickclack said:

Cuff finishes 15-28 199yars and 2 TD...I'll take it from the kid. No turnovers. 

Agree.  Positive game for the team heading into the season!

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Some good news..sorta.  Game is on ESPN3.

Unfortunately that’s all we have now is hope.  I can’t recall ever being so unenthusiastic about an approaching season. One thing is for sure, UA is 0-0 like every other team and only time will tell i

Great, a battle of the worst. Sounds super exciting.    

Solid effort, I was honestly expecting a LOT worse. Next week is going to be a great week for me personally...PTO to play golf on Friday and then UA FB at home on Saturday followed by Jets/Darnold/Bell on Sunday. Can't wait!

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9 hours ago, Clickclack said:

Cuff finishes 15-28 199yars and 2 TD...I'll take it from the kid. No turnovers. 

Also, NO Sacks. O-line could not open much for Mofor; but did a good job protecting Cuff. Some of Cuff's over throws may have been rushed, but overall the line gave him time.

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Ok overall and something to build on.  Cuff was fine for his experience level.  Lack of run blocking and place kicking being shaky at best needs work. Pass blocking was solid. They played hard and didn’t fold after going down by 17-0, so kudos to the coaches. 

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Agree on all, Jimbo.  The way I look at this, this was a 21-21 game after the 17-0 debacle. They had their starters in until the last series.  Their QB was a former starter for Tennessee and the 11th ranked QB in the nation in 2014, choosing Tennessee over 'Bama (their top choice QB at the time).  So it made sense he was making the throws he did in what was pretty solid coverage.

I don't care that Cuff played four (three full) games last year; he needs reps and he is 19.  He missed at least 3 throws that he makes later in the year as the game slows down for him.  He has a very strong arm, and made some solid (and some misses) reads.  I will take that for what is essentially a first year, teenage QB.  He has the skill set and I think we will be very happy as he gets more reps.  He also had one ball (the drop that was a fumble/incomplete) that should have been caught.  So in the end, you would be talking about 16-28 for 214 or so yards, 2 TDs and 0 TO's.  His missed passes were not into coverage and were overthrows--that's nerves.  I am very happy with that performance.

As you noted, the O-Line needs to work on run blocking and, particularly, Sean Kennedy and Murad Hussein missed a multitude of assignments.  Kobe Thomas, for a R-FR, showed some serious glimpses and had some moxy.  It helps that he can play multiple positions on the line.

For the first time in a long time, I felt encouraged.  I think Coach lost his cool a couple of times however, his post-game interview was pretty fantastic and I think was spot on in evaluation.

What I hope for is that we keep progressing.  What scares me is that I saw Griffin and Mencer go out with injuries (Griffin early, with a leg issue and Mencer, late in the game with an arm issue). Those are two players we can ill-afford to lose. 

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