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9 minutes ago, UAalum72 said:

That’s a proposal, not approved yet though I’d expect it to be. Has been discussed on AGS for three weeks, so the TU is right on top of things as usual.

This has been talked about for months in various places. Not really hot off the presses. 

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A simple 1-32 ranking doesn’t tell you how far apart conferences are. I used to argue this with $iena fans when they’d say the MAAC was so superior to AE. Leagues 14 and 30 were as close as 1 and 6. I

Good on Siena game...let it sit on ice a few more years. We beat the $iena out of them for years, when they are good and ready for a home and home they know where to find us. 

You guys need a jigsaw puzzle to do or something? I can offer curbside pickup. 

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2 hours ago, Bball2020 said:

If healey was healthy maybe, but fast and clark equal turnover nightmares.  Leaves the roster at:








run out or come back mandatory better





out or graduated







per brown they will add two veteran guards so that means they must be adding at least two more bigs to fill vacancies.

You mention Shafer as leaving a few times in this thread, but I haven't seen it anywhere else. Is this confirmed?

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4 minutes ago, godanesgo99 said:

You mention Shafer as leaving a few times in this thread, but I haven't seen it anywhere else. Is this confirmed?

It's not, wishful thinking. There's a role for him here when healthy. 

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You would think just cause he has rizzuto , healey and if they let desousa back ahead of him, plus brown mentioned bringing in teo more guards, amica, and jojo- he wont be stretch four anytime soon. Will most likely not have spot am I right? Why would he stay to ride pine. Team desperately needs a few shot blocking athletic big men.

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The team could not stay healthy at all this season. There is no reason to run anyone off. That's not a reputation the school wants or needs. I'm still a believer in the core of this team. 

Anyone have any news if Doherty will return or what his situation is? Is his name in the transfer portal?

If he doesn't return, 4 open spots is more than enough to get a few bigs and another ball handler.

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1 hour ago, Bball2020 said:

Doherty was removed from roster entirely, usually that would mean he is no longer member of program. 

Wish him the best of luck. Unfortunate it didn't work out here and I hope all is well with him. Was very highly touted.

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1 hour ago, Clickclack said:

Why? What's the connection to UA? We didn't recruit him out of HS, he's from GA. 

Obviously it's a long shot... he wanted to be "the guy" but was outplayed by end of year. As a one and done it would be dumb not to at least throw our hat in the ring 

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We've supposedly talked to Cam Allen, a grad transfer guard from Cal-Bakersfield. 

That would give us a dual Cam backcourt. 

Alright, that's lame but it's been a long week.


Curious to see where Maxime Boursiquot ends up. He's a grad transfer from Northeastern that we recruited out of high school.

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