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UAlbany WBB 2021 - 2022 Schedule

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What goes for the UAlbany MBB goes for the UAlbany WBB...need a solid offense effort with good defense...playing a talented Maine team:

2021-22 Women's Basketball Standings
Stony Brook * 10-1 0.909 19-2 0.905 W10
UAlbany 9-2 0.818 16-6 0.727 W5
Maine 8-3 0.727 11-10 0.524 W5
Vermont 7-4 0.636 13-9 0.591 W2
NJIT 5-5 0.500 10-11 0.476 L3
UMass Lowell 4-4 0.500 7-10 0.412 W1
Hartford 2-7 0.222 2-18 0.100 L2
UMBC 1-6 0.143 2-15 0.118 W1
Binghamton 1-8 0.111 5-14 0.263 L4
New Hampshire 1-8 0.111 4-16 0.200 L4
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Expect a grind. Albany is #1 in the country in points defense (UVM #17, SBU #22, Maine #77) but #293 in points scored. Maine is #310.

Game will be on campus in Orono as the Globetrotters are scheduled at the Cross Center.

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7 hours ago, tnehurley said:

I like to think the smaller venue will help our shooting? The Cross Center has a lot of room behind the baskets, and if my memory serves me, has not been  kind to us lately. We’ll see. 60 points would look nice tonight.

64 points looked very nice tonight.🙂  

Maine played their best game of the season....Albany played tough but not quite good enough on this night.  Cooper is quite a talent and Haney is also very smooth.  2 very talented sophomores.  Maine is young as well.....I have a feeling that these 2 programs are going to be in some heated battles over the next couple of years.  Re-match in Albany in a couple of weeks!

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Maine gets 0 bench points, shoots only 5 FT’s, and wins by 9, because they shot 56%. Tip of the hat to them. They are not big but very efficient and very well coached. For UA, Helene misses 4 FT’s, Lilly Phillips gets thoroughly outplayed by another 1st year point guard and plays just 12 minutes. Morgan Haney, meanwhile, plays 28 minutes, scores 13, including 3  3’s. Grace Heeps has now scored 5 pts. in the last 4 games. I think Coach Mullen should reconsider her starting lineup. Haney and Freja Werth replacing Phillips and Heeps. Just one fans opinion. Now have to play 2 against a pretty good Vermont team, and then others, before a rematch with Maine. Should be a very good AE post season tournament!

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Ladies go to 10-3 with a tough 54-52 win over Vermont. A nail biter. Frantic last 20 seconds, where we had a 5 pt. lead, gave up a Vt. 3, and threw away the inbound pass but got it back to run out the clock. Hahne and Haegerstrand hit 4 huge free throws down the stretch.  Maine, however, also goes to 10-3, going into Stony Brook and winning 61-55. Maine’s schedule less demanding than ours for the last 5.

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The UAlbany WBB are looking at starting the playoff at home...if they keep up the home winning streak ... likely playing at least two games at home provided they win the first playoff conference game...

2021-22 Women's Basketball Standings
Stony Brook * 11-2 .846 20-3 .870 L1
UAlbany 10-3 .769 17-7 .708 W1
Maine 10-3 .769 13-10 .565 W7
Vermont 8-5 .615 14-10 .583 L1
NJIT 7-5 .583 12-11 .522 W2
UMass Lowell 5-5 .500 8-11 .421 W1
UMBC 2-7 .222 3-16 .158 L1
New Hampshire 2-9 .182 5-17 .227 W1
Hartford 2-9 .182 2-20 .091 L4
Binghamton 1-10 .091 5-16 .238 L6
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Lose to Vt. 63-55.  What went wrong? Cooper does not score from the field. 2 ft’s. A 4 point 3rd qtr. Fatima Lee comes in in the 2cd qtr., hits her 1st 3 shots, including a 3, then goes to the bench and DNP the rest of the game. Even the announcers were questioning why she was never seen again. Seems like a hot hand should get some minutes?!  I wonder sometimes if the team is under orders to not shoot until X amount of seconds off the shot clock. Lots of open looks from good shooters are not taken. Instead, they run that clock down under 5 seconds and wind up throwing up a desperation shot. Irritating. Hope to get well Wed. at home.


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