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17 minutes ago, cwdickens said:

Roger Wyland stated prior to the game GG was looking to make a change... needed to see if number 2 QB could make a difference ... based on the 1st half ... looks like the plan is working .... defense, once again up to the task  .... very quite here on the forum .....

Changes nothing for me ..wasn't watching but mowing lawn until D hit me up on the side. Even a dog has it's day once in a while. Hope the kids enjoy it...I'm sure it's been hard.


As for this coaching staff...I give them no credit. Their record of futility for going on a decade speaks for itself. But I figured a few fluffers would come out of the woodworks after one decent half. 

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I watched the first few minutes and then none of the rest due to an event in my development. Wow. Talk about a collapse. Totally booted it after the half. I watched Nova JMU beforehand. Nova won I see. Next week will likely show my 0-6 prediction come true I am afraid. Not sure I want to waste the time driving to Albany and spending time watching this mess of a team. What a sad state of affairs. 

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So, apparently the team had at least Mine Grey and Roy Alexander out due to Covid Protocols.  2 of top 3 receivers.  Frankly, doesn’t change the game as I don’t see us losing due to receivers being out. 

When asked why he started Carino, Coach stated some things are out of my control as a football coach.  When asked if Undercuffler is healthy (since he travelled and dressed) he got defensive and said he wasn’t going to get into this stuff.  

He did follow up with "We trotted out everybody we could today that was able to play. We just couldn't get it done." 

so, if JUC is not healthy, why not just state it.  What’s the huge secret.  This is the crap I don’t get.  It’s a Division 1 football team.  Either your star QB is injured or, for the time being, you are unhappy with his play and you wanted to spark the team with the backup.  Or JUC committed some team violation. Either way, it’s not the end of the word.  

what’s the big Binging deal.  Spit it out.  

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I too didn't watch this live. It's REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY sad when the diehards are out mowing their lawns or in my case trying "Ford's Garage" food here in FL and shopping at outlets with their wives (things most men hate, especially on football days lol) during the times when our team is playing. Most of us used to schedule our days around UA sports and this is a damning indictment of what Benson and Gattuso have done to at least the football program. I literally just finished watching the replay at 12:15AM.

  1. I give Carino gredit. The kid was clearly hurt sometime at the end of the 1st half/start of 2nd half and continued.
  2. Same applies to Morfor. The guy did all he could.
  3. I don't know what the story is with JUC, but he must have REALLY f'ed up considering we went to our 3rd stringer when Carino first got hurt. He screwed up so bad he wasn't even the backup. If he was sick, he wouldn't have been dressed. So only options are his play is not warranting starting or he screwed the pooch in his personal life somewhere.
  4. Watch Gattuso crow all week that he only lost by 7 points or some stupid $iena like that. I can't stand that clown.

There is no way GG gets extended...right? Gotta be no way. 

Part of me is very sad for the kids continuing to lose, but the rest of me is happy they are losing. We don't hand out participation trophies in D1 sports. Play better or transfer to D2 or something. I also hope that GG and Benson lose EVERY game this year and next so it finally puts a nail in that coffin. The only downside of the hope is that going 2 and 20 or whatever over the rest of this season and next may likely do irreparable harm to the program...but at the same time, are we sure GG hasn't done that already?

I am not renewing my tickets for FB until GG leaves or is shown the door. I'm done with his program. I watch the games now for sheer entertainment to see how bad we look or how undisciplined we look (like back to back penalties, players throwing punches, etc.).

What a joke.

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The team plays a dominant first half and then comes out of the locker room unable to sustain any momentum at all. A WR offsides call in the first half on a 4th and 2 running play? Six fumbles? Lost 2. Back up QB fumbles two plays in a row. Snap over the head of the punter…one more special teams breakdown. Failure to prepare for and recover an on sides kick..special teams fail again. I see coaching, failure to prepare, failure to motivate at halftime. GG skirting the JUC decision. Had to be discipline related. You don’t bench your “star” QB without reason. Having said all of that, Carino is mobile and a real threat to run. And he can chuck the ball too. JUC is one dimensional. Hopefully Carino didn’t get too banged up. 

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