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Game #1: 11/9/21 - 7:00PM vs Towson

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Although I appreciated getting all the players involved, it has to be hard to build any chemistry or consistency when you are playing in a group for only a few minutes at a time. I know nothing about coaching basketball, but it seems better to change out all 5 at a time or perhaps four with the PG staying in. I’m hoping when they look at the film and analyze the game, they’ll settle on a combination that had success and then substitute less frequently. Probably a lot of game one was throwing it all out there and seeing what stood out. Based on my observations while watching the game, I’m confident that the staff will not lack coachable moments to work on in the film room or on the court. 

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2 hours ago, Eli said:

There are many teams in the NBA who play team ball. It's just usually the not as good teams or teams that people think won't win. The teams that aren't fun are usually teams with the likes of LeFlop James, Russell Westbrick, James Travelin and Kevin Durant (couldn't come up with a nickname for him on the spot lol - he's always in his feelings though) that play a lot of ISO ball.

There definitely has been a resurgence of team ball in the NBA that has coincided with the rise of the sharp shooter and Curry. My lost interest was in the late 90s early 00s when that was most prevalent.

The ISO game can work when you have freaks that can't be stopped or when shooting is on, but in the college game you need ball movement and team involvement. This is especially true when shots aren't falling. You get almost no offensive boards this way, and the team can't get into any rhythm offensively. 

Towson passed up good shots to get the ball to a player that had a better shot who gave it up for someone who had even a better shot. They weren't lighting up the gym percentage wise but were taking good shots almost everytime down the floor. Our team was on the perimeter while someone tried to force a shot through double and triple coverage in some cases. That may have been the game plan, but it isn't pleasant to watch when the shots aren't falling.


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As far as parking is concerned, I'm glad I got there as early as I did, yet I still had to wait in a long line to get into the SEFCU lot. Part of this was the no hang tags, but part of it was the lack of signage coming from the western Ave entrance. They really need to put up some directions and find a way to streamline the entrance. It was painful.

That said, if there are a few more stinkers of a game it probably will work itself out with no fans at the game anyway.

I hope the attendance stays high, we pack the place, and even if they don't win, they put on a good show to keep people excited to attend. 

This OOC is tough, everyone is new, and it will take time to get everything to gel. The Albany community is fickle. Win and people show up. Lose and only the die hards remain.

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I feel like attendance will be alright. Sefcu didn’t look half bad with it filled. They added the purple lights on the concourse which looked great and obviously the new court. People are antsy and definitely looking to get out and watch some college basketball.

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Hey gang.  Caught parts of the game yesterday, tough one.  I see a lot of comments about the team playing together, etc.  I would submit to everyone, that the biggest area to look for growth is with the coaching staff.  Going from assistant to HC is a HUGE leap, especially when that leap is not with your home program.  I think DK will be fine, but in-game coaching, managing rotations, timeouts, pace of play, adjusting the game plan, responding to kids emotions and doing it all at the same time is something you only learn from experience.  

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