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Game #6: 11/21/22 - 12:00PM vs Austin Peay (Sunshine Slam)


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Definitely watching what Markwood has seemed to do at Maine already (they could be top 3-4 in the league this year). I watched their game against Columbia and they were truly impressive. Not just impressive compared to other Maine teams, I meant impressive on how the team moved and played in sync. You can tell they are well coached. He won't be at Maine long if he keeps this up.

So with that in mind, you might be right having a short leash on your patience for DK, but you mention all his experience. His experience is as a recruiter and assistant coach. He hasn't had the full reigns or in game responsibilities he has now before to my knowledge. Not sure he even has with a high school or AAU team. It's one thing to be an assistant and learn the ropes, but an entirely different thing to be the final word and the one ultimately responsible for motivation, clarity, and the entire game. 

The above said, some people are better leaders and others are better suited to be assistants. Killings has displayed all the things needed to be a successful head coach in press conferences, podcasts, blogs, etc. I maintain he has been a great recruiter for athletes. He seems to attract a higher level athlete than we ever really did under WB. Yet to be seen if his recruits are at all as good actual players and the same level of basketball IQ, but they are definitely more athletic. He just hasn't shown the coaching chops on the court yet. 

Not sure we get a player like Reddish under Brown. Only one close I can think of might have been Wheeler Baker. 

Either way, let's all hope he is able to bring this group together and be competitive in conference season. This next month is probably gonna be rough, and we will be lucky to enter conference play with more than 1 or 2 division 1 wins at this point. Not sure any of us expected much more than that pre-season anyway. Hopefully this prepares them well for league play.

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With all that said by godanesgo99, the need to show that this team can play as a team needs to start today, how this team weathers a ten minute scoring drought, survives and win games needs to start today or the dream of them doing this during conference play is unrealistic.  The need to get this team to a better level is not just a Killings issue, it is the assistant coaches issue and foremost a team issue.

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19 hours ago, godanesgo99 said:

Opponents are shooting above 40% from 3 against us, so I'll go back to our three point defense not being good, leading to us making more in practice against our own defense, leading to over confidence with the three, leading to too many taken in the game. 

I listened to the game on the radio because I won't pay for flosports again, at least until a change is made with the football program, so I can only go with what Weiland said on the air. There were at least 2 plays that an easy layup was passed up for an open outside shot. Those account for pretty big swings when the other team gets the rebound and scores in transition. The last one was while AP was on their run. That's where we need to stop the bleeding with points. Take the two!

Excellent assessment. 

I listened to Wyland at least 3 games; {2 like you no flosports & the lcc game, cannot deal with the lcc homers} and you are 100% right on how many times Wyland has announced a past up easy lay-up for a 3 that misses.


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