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  1. I saw some pick-up today in the old gym. Some quick observations. 1. Not sure Dyson and Zollner can play together. Dyson is huge. He is overweight but he must be 6'9 265. He was banging with Zollner and made a nice move or two. The two of them probably could play together against the big schools like UMass and Pitt from last year. Dyson will contribute immediately and I would say has a bright future. 2. Jamar looked his normal self. 3. Jordan can do it all. 4. Perry hit some 3's 5. Levine didn't look great. 6. Brent Wilson was good. Those are just some t
  2. Dyson and Boston U's Tony Gaffney are the highest rated incoming high school recruits in the AE. Don't know what Alumni 92 is insinuating?
  3. STill going with Warners Fearsome Foursome! Sweetland will be missed!
  4. I heard Dyson came in out of shape! I also heard that if he can get in shape that he has a chance. He is suppose to be HUGE!
  5. Just wondering if anybody knows if the men have started individual workouts, conditioning, or weights?
  6. Now that the school year has started let's see who people think are going to start this year. Here is my guess PG Jamar Wilson 2G Brandon Perry SF Lucious Jordan PF Joe Dyson C Kirsten Zollner Bench Perimeter- Levine, Iati Big Guy's- St. Hillaire, Wyatt This is 9 guy's. Don't know what Brown's rotation is going to be. Have not seen Dyson but he comes highly touted and is huge. Also, Perry is suppose to be a ridiculous 3 pt. shooter. Also, have not seen the other 3 freshmen. I think C. Johnson will be used sparingly as a defensive spe
  7. Hey DaneMan take a laxative! First of all, who cares about Martin leaving! The kid wanted to play and knew that Lucious Jordan, Levi, and Brian Lillis all play the same position as him. This is DI athletics! This was all started about how Coach Brown should go to more women's games? Do you look for him at each game? How many men's games has Pattersen attended? Who really cares! Bottom line is the men's cupboard was empty when Brown took over an he has recruited well! THe cupboard was full for Patterson and she has recruited lousy!
  8. Let's just say do your own investigating!
  9. The head coach is the boss and should be responsible! She is the one who went to get Coach Smith the Associate Head Coach title. Why would she do that if she didn't like him. Trust me. IF you do your homework and know anybody in the athletic department ask them about the character that was just fired and what he did. Some serious stuff from what I've heard! Everybody looks stupid over this one!!!!
  10. Heard he got canned! Don't know much else but I heard he did some things! Pretty funny since he was named Associate Head Coach in July. Somebody or more than one person looks really stupid!!!!!!
  11. Dane Man, I don't know how many women's game Coach Brown has seen but I know during conference play if the men are home the women are away. I don't know how many chances he would have. Also, maybe he has his reasons for not watching 1. He is busy preparing his team for it's next game 2. Maybe he'd like to spend time with his wife and son 3. Maybe he has no interest in women's hoop. Alot of people don't like women's hoop. Also, remember that these girls on the womens team are still Mari Warners. Judge Patterson after this season when they lose all of Warners pla
  12. All I know is I see men's basketball players at football and women's hoop games all of the time.
  13. Gotta love a smart ass comment. I am sure all of the other male athletes from other sports rush to the softball field all spring. Gimme a break!
  14. Wonder when pre-season workouts begin? Should be interesting this year! Guy's need to stay healthy and work hard or the competition will steal spots in the rotation. Should be interesting!
  15. Now that the Danes got the Connelly kid who is 6'8 what else are the needs and how many scholarships left to recruit with for this class?? All the Danes lose are Wyatt and St. Hillaire which are two front court players.
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