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  1. 25 minutes ago, blorp said:

    Amica's out for the season since he needs hip surgery. I feel for the kid. That sucks.


    Wow, that is terrible news for the kid.  Always wonder how a injury like that occurred.  Hope all goes well for him.  This season is a lost cause so far but if Amica could have played significant minutes to gain experience, it could set up the team for 2022-23 for a big improvement with new recruits coming in, DJ and staff with a full year under their belt, and the others returning with time to gel.  He will basically be a rookie next season.  I guess we ride Horton at PG for now.

  2. 4 minutes ago, jimbo said:

    I forgot when the Giants were last good. I’ve been a fan since the YA Tittle, Gifford, Huff, Robustelli, Grier and Conerly days.  This is looking an awful lot like the 1964-1980 disaster period. The last good team was two fired head coaches ago and then he fell apart in year two before being canned. 

    Jason Garrett was just fired as OC.  Gettleman should be next IMHO.

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  3. Just for ships and giggles.  So far Cam Healy has played 7 min and 11 min for C Michigan and totaled 3 pts.  Kellon Taylor starts for McNeese St but only played 18 min in each  game, total is 9 pts, and CJ Kelly played in only one of two games for UMASS for 15 min and 8 pts.    

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  4. 1 minute ago, DanesRGood said:

    Most of those threes were contested or from very deep.  Ball movement sucked or Towson just played really good D. 

    Ended up 3 of 20.  At least FTs were good, 11/12.  Only Amica and Shaffer didn't play I believe.  Not sure if injured.  If not, sounds like bench warmers all season.  And if not injured, I will say the team is the healthiest in years at start of season.  Always seemed like tough pre-season practices by CB had guys on the shelf early in season.

  5. 38 minutes ago, haggyland said:

    James Madison to the FBS Sun Belt.

    UAlbany to the dregs of D1.


    Was just going to post that.  JMU to move all 19 sports to Sunbelt effective June 2022.  Usually growing pains in football moving up but they are always competitive in FBS games so they might fit in right away.  Only issue is the CAA told them no CAA championships after they announce the move.  That will affect most sports this winter and Spring but since football has no conference playoffs, I assume they can get an at-large bid.

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