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  2. I agree....I'm not equating him to Franklin on Siena...but Franklin isn't a prototypical 4 man either. He's roughly about as big as Harris. Harris isn't a slouch in the athleticism dept. what he lacks in height, he can make up with his speed, strength and athleticism against taller but slower 4's. The difference with Franklin is he plays as a post player. Harris never has, Franklin can take on bigger guys on the block and be successful while Harris will struggle because he doesn't have the post presence, at least that I've seen over the past 2 seasons. He's more of a G/SF than a Power Forward. Just cause he's big a bulky doesn't make him effective on the block. Will Browns talking about using the motion offense most likely with 4 on the outside and 1 in and maybe even with 5 on the outside. His decision to move Will Harris to the 4 doesnt get him stuck on the block. Its a move to get another ball handler/shooter on the floor instead of having only 4 people out there on offense now well have 5(giffords dead wood). Harris is most effective when he attacks the basket, and at the 4 hell have a better shot of doing that, because hell get more touches inside the arc instead of behind it where he seems to be only one dimensional. Hes a versatile player, and we need to get more production out of him, and i think this move should help that.
  3. Just because Will Harris is going to play the 4 doesnt mean he can now only play with his back to the basket. Moving him to the 4 gives us a guy there that can score the ball. Hell still be able to leak out for the occasional three pointer but hopefully this will get him the ball in position to attack the basket. From what ive seen with him at the 3 he hasnt been able to take anyone off the dribble and just gets stuck on the perimeter shooting threes. Hes at his best when he attacks the rim, and moving him to the 4 puts him closer to the basket with a slower defender on him in a better position to make something happen. Yes he will be undersized at the 4 but he easily makes up for that with his touch and athleticism.
  4. Agreed, I think the Will Brown era should come to an end after this year if he doesnt turn this team around during conference play. Last night was an absolute emberrasment.
  5. Siena skanks going down on saturday...... hopefully
  6. The reason this falls on the coach is because its a frequently occurring problem, Inbounding the ball seems to be one of our favorite ways to turn the ball over. Which leads to the conclusion that our inbound plays are consistently inadequate and Will Brown needs to work on them, or our players dont know how to pass the ball in, which also means Will Brown needs to work with them. Either way it falls on Brown, inbounding the ball is one of the simpler parts of the game and we cant afford to keep turning the ball over off of the inbounds. Its unacceptable
  7. Thats something that shouldnt even be an issue, were talking about inbounding the ball. Mj threw it nowhere because no1 was open, whatever was drawn up simply didnt work, and this tends to be a reoccurring issue.
  8. I hate to say it but thats just poor coaching
  9. Im not sure but i think it was Mike Johnson
  10. good game tonight but a miserable ending. Its unacceptable to throw away an inbounds pass like that
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