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  1. I know we have one more game UVM this season but can anyone offer an explanation as to why this season went as badly as it did? I know we had a tough schedule but I can't help but think this isn't what was envisioned for this team before the season started.

    season ending injuries to several key players. including the top goal scorers

  2. I hear Brown is holding out for an annual pass for the Mount Washington Auto Road.

    (Just contributing to the confusion.)




    If anyone's jerking anything around, it very well could be Brown doing it.

    If he is committed to UAlbany, then he wouldn't be in the middle of this Dartmouth thing.


    I'd imagine he would've put an end to the rumor mill if he wasn't seriously entertaining the idea of bailing. He's still got time on his contract.


    From my viewpoint, he's got something quite substantial to prove.

    I'd like to see that those two years of success weren't a total fluke...


    Since, we've majorly flopped and sit at the bottom of the AE.

    Every other team in the AE has shown steady improvement, and UA, not so much.


    I question why Vermont stays near the top of the AE year in and year out, and why after our success, we've crumbled into oblivion. Myabe we were just riding the coattails of Jamar, and it had nothing to do with coaching talent.


    With each passing day, I agree more and more with this. I think this is going to really hurt Coach Brown's reputation with the fans and even the ones who have defended him the most. If the team does not win this year many more people will turn on him but in the end he brought this upon himself since he is in this process.

    as time goes on more will come around to this p.o.v

  3. Very obvious that Brown is looking to get out of Dodge ASAP.


    I think you and I must have read different articles..I saw nothing in the article confirming who searched out who. I like to be optimistic here and view it as a compliment to our program/coach..because a DI school has interest in our coach for their head coaching gig..despite his record last year. Dartmouth must still see something in him.


    Purplehaze.... that question is answered. Looks like Brown was not the one who reached out to Dartmouth.... Dartmouth reached out to him...


    "That same source said it was Dartmouth which initiated contact with Brown while he was in Indianapolis at the Final Four."



    Talking to Dartmouth. Interest in the Pitt Assistant position. Obviously he is looking to get out of here.

    That is what I am referring to.

  4. The end of season event has always been publicized and open to all. Why not this season?? were they embarrased about the season?


    You don't even know if this is the same event, when we do then get pissed but chill out.....

    do you? obviously a defender of Brown. I hope he enjoys life on the right side of the Ledyard Bridge. I give him three seasons tops before he is out at Dartmouth.

  5. I'm sure most people will already have seen the article on this in the TU but here's the link: http://www.timesunion.com/AspStories/story.asp?storyID=922205

    Singelais makes it so obvious he doesn't like CB in his article. The fact that he was so late reporting this when it broke shows he doesn't care about actually informing the public on the topics he was hired to report on.


    What did he say there that said he didn't like him? I know they both aren't the best of friends, but that article was all facts and numbers. They losing the last 23/27 in conference play is ridiculous and if Brown say they can be very good next year why is he looking to leave? All valid points.

    Very obvious that Brown is looking to get out of Dodge ASAP.

  6. A fresh start would be terrible for the program at this point...all the progress the young kids made last season would be gone, starting over with a new coach and a new system...not to mention that if Brown leaves, who says Logan and Black don't leave too. As much as we are all frustrated with how last season ended up, a CB departure would be nothing but terrible for the program at this point


    I agree I rock(ed). This would not be good at all. This group, with some additions, has potential to be very good. A fresh start might really cause some issues and set the program back a few years while the new coach rebuilds.

    last season's group had potential to be very good and was supposed to finish anywhere from 2nd to 4th in the league.

  7. Yeah, Adeleke was definitely a pure big...and Holm was as well. Then you have what's his face from Binghamton...and the big from 3-4 years ago from Maine Justin something or other.

    Nick Billings


    Position: Center

    Height/Weight: 7-0 / 255

    Birthdate: January 20, 1982 (Kodiak, Alaska)

    High School: Kodiak HS (Kodiak, Alaska)

    College: Binghamton

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