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  1. Finalization of CAA Football scheduling matrix https://www.richmond.com/sports/college/schools/james-madison/finalization-of-caa-football-scheduling-matrix-for-jmu-w-m-ur-may-still-be-a/article_0686aac8-7093-549e-9aac-77d9a85e3c01.html
  2. I believe Schecter and Stokes are Coach Abe recruits. Frames and Conroy are for sure Coach Mac recruits
  3. FYI --In Albany area game is on Spectrum channel 395 3:00 pm eastern 1:00 pm mountain. Vegas Line is now down to 9. Over/Under 57
  4. Was thinking the same thing about the two players transferring. You may have something.
  5. Rodgers credibility has taken a big hit. Was Will Brown seriously interested? Rodg seems to think he. "Clearly" was. How did he know?
  6. He would definitely be a good candidate. And would provide some continuity.
  7. Tony Perotti has been named Interim Head Coach http://www.ualbanysports.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=15800&SPID=8000&SPSID=70298
  8. UMBC gets Virginia. It will be fun to watch the Cavs stifle them.
  9. ESPN's Joe Lunardi has UMBC as a 16 playing North Carolina Central (MEAC) in a First Four game
  10. Time to dump the pre-game intro opening montage of the 5 championships.
  11. Maine won the automatic NCAA bid. Team with the next best conference record gets the automatic. WNIT bid.. That team is Ualbany A team that is offered an automatic berth by the WNIT shall be the team that is a.) the highest-finishing team in its conference’s regular-season standings, and b.) is then not selected for the NCAA Tournament. It does not matter what the team’s overall record is. For the automatic qualifying berth, the WNIT believes that a team’s conference record is a more fair comparison among teams within their own conference, and that the conference record should pre-empt ov
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