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A little off Topic but Insights into players and coaching

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From an Article on Yahoo......


Regarding Coach Gary Water and Cleveland State a MidMajor who just advanced in the NCAAs, Yes the same team that beat Syracuse.


.......Without money to compete like one of the big boys, Waters tapped into his players’ psyches. Whenever the Vikings broke their huddles last year, it was not with the typical aphorisms about working hard or playing together.


“One, two, three – submit,” they said.


Waters did not believe loyalty was enough. He wanted his players to invest in him what he had in them. Most were transfers unhappy with their original program or recruits without bigger-name options.


It means to totally give in and buy in,” says guard Norris Cole, one of the stars of the Wake Forest victory.


Before Waters arrived, Cole planned on attending NAIA-level Walsh College. He was one of Waters’ first recruits, along with Cedric Jackson, his backcourt mate who had spent two years at St. John’s. They found a coach with dozens of edicts. Don’t use bad language. Work hard. Be obedient. Never take things personally. Play together. Be humble.


At the beginning of practice, Waters would ask: “How are we going to submit today?”


“Submissiveness is something young people don’t have,” Gee says. “They’ve got to see it. He’s saying, if you guys really want to submit to this, you’ve got to do it even when you don’t see it or understand it.”


At Waters’ previous job with Rutgers, the players laughed at the concept of submitting. While the Big East school presented him with a million-dollar budget and better talent than he had seen at any of his previous jobs – Waters took Kent State to the NCAA tournament twice and before that had been an assistant for 15 years at Ferris State and seven years at Eastern Michigan – it also meant he recruited players with delusions of NBA grandeur.


Winning at Kent State necessitated building a team, something Waters cherished and figured he could do as he ascended the coaching ladder.


“I was naïve,” Waters says. “I was all caught up into that. I said, ‘Hey, I want to aspire to do this and be at a higher level.’ Rutgers met all the criteria.”


Despite a 20-win season and three winning records in five years, Waters resigned amid pressure from the higher-ups. This season, Rutgers went 11-21 overall and 2-16 in the Big East.....

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