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  1. I dunno.  I don't think we are that bad.  I think Coach Nichols said it kinda perfectly.  I also think Click pointed out the nature of the scheduling.  

    Do I think we have problems putting the ball in the bucket, yeah...I do.  Some of that is mental, some of that is the caliber of opponent, and some of that is just kids pressing.  I literally had Doc Sauers scream the following at me after about a month of some crappy shooting, "you're shooting motion is beautiful, you just can't put the ball in the bucket".   It was all because I kept pressing the more I missed.

    Honestly, I am beyond shocked at the defensive end...that usually takes awhile.  Hitting buckets will come.  If this team goes 4-12 in the conference, I'd be concerned.  However, just like the players...the staff is currently learning as well.  I expect a big improvement in the coming weeks.

  2. 21 hours ago, bob87 said:

    As we found out in 2020 certain things are out of my control. I still have $250 of airfare credits from cancelled 2020 flights that are good until September 2022 and probably won't be used before August. 

    But I have been looking forward to the game in Hawaii since it was announced. I plan on going to 2 islands while there. One new and one I have been to on each trip. I only been to the one with Honolulu (twice)  and the big island (once) Plenty of time to work on the details. I

    If you truly want adventure, nothing beats Kauai.  However, Maui is the perfect mix.  Paia is a cool little down with some solid bars, sadly got a little touristy due to some celebrity owned places...but it's very chill and cool.  The Hana Highway is a serious adventure for a day, but gorgeous with falls you can go into and black beaches.  The park past Hana has an incredible bamboo forest.  West Maui mountain is excellent and has some of the best banana bread (roadside stand you will ever consume).  Sunrise at Haleakala is everything it's cracked up to be, and worth the tired morning.  Kihei is very chill and, while touristy, Lahaina is worth a walk through, especially at night.  If snorkeling is your thing, you will love the fact that one of the best shops is named....BOB's.  They are great because they support anti-aquarium hunting (something that is a huge problem in Hawaii).   If you are really into snorkeling, and honestly...families were doing it even though you are in "open ocean", a short boat ride trip to Molokini crater is outstanding.  If you dive, they take you on the other side of the crater...but that was out of my league as it is straight open water diving.

    Honestly, Maui is truly a great, mixed bag island...definitely not as "city" like as Honolulu can be.   

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  3. 2 hours ago, BestDaneSinceHamlet said:

    I believe Aloha Stadium was condemned and not suitable for humans to set foot on, if i'm not mistaken.

    And I vote Maui/Kauai.  Kauai is about as not being in the US while being in the US as you can get.

    Couldn't agree more on what you wrote, and yes Aloha Stadium was condemned by the Stadium Authority.   Though I do think Kauai is for a specific type of person.  Personally, I love it...it's just so different and pre-historic.  I go every chance I can get.  I still have not made it over to Lanai.  


  4. 1 hour ago, Eli said:

    That's what I meant (what alum72 said)...it's their primary field now due to their stadium limbo but was their practice field and based on that video and your image, it looked nice/as nice as BoFo. But I trust you in all things FB so if you say it's a dump, a dump it is! I'm sure the palm trees and sunshine will make up for it though in 2023 lol.

    It was a dump.  I played a game on it (ultimate frisbee).  Totally retrofitted and stands added, all for this season.  They basically gutted it for this season. 

    That said, anyone wanting to go to Hawaii, please let me know. I can help you plan a trip; very close with locals and have done many trips.  You most certainly should consider going at least a week, 10 days if you can manage it...and definitely see at least two islands.  I recommend Oahu / Maui or for the truly adventurous, Oahu / Kauai. 

    I've guided many people on wonderful trips there.  

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  5. 1 hour ago, Eli said:

    Their practice facility is as good (if not better) than our stadium. Bummer to learn all of this...I thought I was going to be going to Aloha Stadium, site of all those pro bowls I used to watch as a kid lol.


    Eli, this is their MAIN STADIUM...not practice field.  It will be this way for quite a while.  They are adding 6,000 seats to this at the end of the year to meet the 15,000 seat requirement.  It's currently, 8,000 seats.  It's a dump. 

  6. Hawaii, as a state, has hit major revenue issues due to their Rapid Transit project. My company bid on it--got a nice free trip out of a review of the winning documents.

    Most Hawaiians would like the emotional aspect of having an on-campus stadium.  That said, and as someone who has been on that campus, there isn't much space to build one.  Personally, I think you will have an erector-set permanent stadium at the TC Ching Complex...and that will be that.

  7. Listening to this thing and we just can’t get buckets to drop.  Horton has 3 assists, I still think we need to get Amica going.   Honestly, I’m worried about Amica…this is too long to be out. would be a shame.  

    what boggles my mind are free throws. I swear, kids can’t hit them anymore.  I took about 100 a day from about the age of 10 until I was 30 (playing in men’s leagues and on a law school team that travelled to play other schools).  I just don’t understand how kids are this bad.  Free throws are just straight repetitive basketball moves.  

  8. 2 hours ago, cwdickens said:

    Concur, however, this begs the question: What has Benson and Cegles have been doing concerning evaluating and providing feedback to Gattuso over the last four years?  Has Gattuso been allowed to run rogue without concern of any fall-out and assistant coaches failing to obtain results without  any consequences?  UAlbany situation sounds like institutional failure.

    Agreed.  Here is the thing, I am not even sure what Coaches need to go other than TWO, one of which most certainly won't go.  IMHO, our Offensive Line but for a season or two, has been a train wreck.  This year, especially, our Special Teams have been pretty bad.  Those are two easy scapegoats.  Offensively, I am 100% positive Joe Davis will get the blame but I personally don't think it is warranted as the offensive system really hasn't changed since the start of the Gattuso era. Joe Davis' offenses have been stellar at every stop he has been an OC.

    Unless we have around $600k lying around, no change is going to be made.  This presents two very serious problems: 1) Can our staff change their stripes, and that starts from the top.  I love the evaluation, will the findings be put in place and will the AD demand some of his own; and 2) It puts the staff in a lame duck recruiting position; frankly, we will lose out on good freshman if there is no extension in place...and the rebuild will have to occur with transfers.  

  9. I am also confused.  But if you are looking for names, Dickens, here is an off the top of the head set that by no means is fully inclusive and pure spitballing, and in no order.

    The unlikely to happen list:

    Tem Lukabu- DC Boston College

    Frank Cignetti JR- OC Boston College

    Sean Duggan- LB Coach Boston College

    Randy Bates- DC Pitt 

    Gerard Parker- OC WVU 

    Anthony Poindexter- CO-OC Penn State 

    Brent Pry- DC Penn State


    Take a look at list:

    Kent Austin- OC Liberty

    Bob Chesney- HC Holy Cross

    Jeff Gallo- OC Monmouth

    Chris Boden- OC Villanova

    William Fiacchi- WR/Recruiting Albany

    Manny Rojas- DC Delaware

    Mike Shanahan- OC JMU

    Corey Hetherman- DC JMU

    Patrick Murphy- OC JMU

    Again, just spitballing without even having had breakfast yet. 

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