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  1. His offers, in addition to the schools you mentioned (aside from Gardner-Webb) were Brown, Gardner Webb, and Bryant. Kid was a guard growing up, he's from my collegeaues hometown here in MA on the RI border. Kid has serious ball on the floor skills and if he fills out, could be a surprise steal.
  2. Albany Law alumni would definitely object but not so much if it kept the school afloat. I suspect a merger will happen sooner, rather than later. I went to a school very similar to Albany Law and if it were not part of the fabric of another university, I am not so sure it would survive even though it produces fantastic alumni. Law schools are in huge financial trouble, generally speaking. Albany Law would be best served to be part of UA. Albany Med won't become part of UA unless it really wants to expand it's research offerings, then it is a no brainer. For Albany to get AAU status, I don't think the med school is a requirement (even though almost every AAU school has a med school) but the law school, engineering, and ETC will help...and getting CNSE could put us right over the edge. Union University is a mere affiliation of schools and labs that Med, Law, Pharmacy, Union College, and Dudley Labs are all a part of however, no entity reports, is governed by, or really has any control over the other, including Union University as a corporate entity of itself. Getting any of Med, Law, or Pharmacy would not be something negotiated with Union College.
  3. Fair point And they will be a powerhouse right away: THEY CHEAT!!! The literally were put on probation for five years due to Binging around with transfers. (back in 2016). They just came off of the probation. We aren't talking one-offs...but like 30+ shady moves.
  4. Not a shock, the move was planned. THis belongs in the realignment thread.
  5. This was planned since February. I knew about it and discussed with others. My understanding is that they still want Howard and we would be 16. Of course, that could change. That being said, I see the CAA North breaking off at some point and I see us in a conference with that group, plus Fairfield and then 1-3 more teams. I've also heard some obscene rumors about Binghamton lately that go beyond them wanting to start up hockey (a no brainer for them).
  6. Exactly. Look at what Brown did for Coaches vs. Cancer. I should say Brown and his family, as Jamie played a big role as well.
  7. It's do or die for the staff. We have--with consideration given to the fact that it is still the CAA, probably the third best league in FCS--a weak conference schedule. Anything less than 6-5 or 7-4 overall is no bueno, in my book, with this schedule. Last year was last year. Time to put it all together.
  8. Looks like our games could be split between the MVP and HVCC. The hold up is the AE schedule right now, we need that to be finalized by the league so the school has hard dates for the MVP. Siena has first preference but if Albany is willing to change dates or play double headers on SIENA gamedays, e.g. using Siena's court...then we are likely to play there. It sounds like the preference is to play at MVP.
  9. Unless Jamar's family is moving with him from Finland, I don't see him coming to Coach. I also don't necessarily think it is a good thing as much as we all adore Jamar. Right now, we need a top assistant tactician (with experience), a DBO, and a recruiter. I don't see Jamar as a DBO type...and he isn't ready for a top assistant role. Who knows, maybe this is the next step for Jamar...and I think he's enough removed from Brown (meaning not on his staff) to make this happen. But we really need a recruiter.
  10. Brand new coach with a year under his HC belt loses all his assistant coaches, except his DBO, in a critical year to his career and with apparently oodles of talent coming back. Discuss.
  11. Not putting words in my mouth at all Honestly, this is so freaking bizarre that they didn't go to the MAAC. The MAAC is 10 schools for 2023, with the addition of full-time member Mt. Saint Mary's, and associate members LIU, Wagner, Sacred Heart, and VMI. I just don't see why the MAAC would have had an issue going to 11 for two years, especially considering that Merrimack is not eligible for the post-season. Sure, from Merrimack's perspective, they may have said to the NEC that from a cost-containment perspective, I'd rather play UVM, Albany, Lowell, Bryant, UMBC, Bing, NJIT and Lowell...but honestly, that's a bit of a wash distance wise. From my perspective, it is irrelevant that the AE is light years ahead of the MAAC in lax because Merrimack can't get an at-large in 2023 due to their transition. So yep, considering they are in the AE footprint, considering the AE is likely to add a 10th at some point, considering the rumors that Albany is being courted by the CAA (I don't think we are going), and considering that a 1/3 of Hockey East schools are AE members (and Merrimack plays in the HE)...I do think they are "trying out"--at least in their minds--for the AE. It would have been a non-starter years ago...but Bryant changed that calculus. If they can do something with their gym...and can build out the football stadium and go into the Big South, I wouldn't be shocked to see them invited in 3-4 years. As for NEC, I don't think they are dead or dying...in fact I think they will merge with the MEAC at some point.
  12. Maybe I wasn’t making my point clear. Every NEC lax school that did not go to the A-10, MAAC, or the America East because the school upped and moved conferences in entirety, went to the MAAC with the sole exceptions of Hobart and Merrimack. Hobart is not an NEC member and based on location, makes sense for the A-10. LIU, Wagner, Sacred Heart, and Merrimack form the core of the NEC lax group that hopes to restart in the league in 2025. Presumably Stonehill brings them to five and they get some MEAC schools to get them to six or over. The MAAC is most certainly in Merrimack’s geography. So it’s odd that three of the four member schools go to the MAAC and the fourth goes to the AE. Even odder is the fact that Merrimack isn’t eligible for any post season, including the NCAA until 2024…the last year of this partnership. Betting money is that Merrimack is looking for that AE invite. Remember, they are also a member of Hockey East.
  13. Not unexpected. I do wonder why they didn't go to the MAAC as well, with the other NEC teams.
  14. So, forgetting the early years (and starting with 2005 where we grew), over 16 years we averaged 2,583 in a dump. Honestly, with better amenities and chairbacks, I can see us averaging 3,000. 3,800 is perfect.
  15. Also, no need to fret...the meeting last month for facilities that talked about bleachers just means we are not doing a "fixed" seat set up. Benson confirmed nearly all seats will be chairbacks. "The changes to the interior of the arena will reduce the seating capacity, which was 4,215 last season for basketball. That number will drop to approximately 3,800 due to the changes, which include seatbacks for nearly every seat. Right now, very few of our seats have backs. In the renovated arena, they’ll all have chair backs with the exception of one student section in an endzone,” Benson said. “So because the seats will be wider, our capacity will diminish. I think the trade-off is definitely worth it." I concur with his assessment.
  16. Looks like the name change will occur: Broadview Arena "In the wake of the SEFCU-CAP COM merger in June, the arena’s name will be changed to the new branding for SEFCU, O’Connor said. The two credit unions will operate under the Broadview brand after their merger is official this August."
  17. Really nice write-up. good job.
  18. Completely agree with you, which is why I always advocated the armory if it is cost effective.
  19. Always been saying the Armory and I actually don't think some understand HOW difficult this scheduling is because of the following factors: 1. Cost for game day operations and practice rental 2. Making sure schedules fit the academic schedules of the students 3. Making sure the court and other facilities for game day operations (there are NCAA requirements) are up to snuff 4. Whatever facility we use will have other activities there so this makes it difficult for us to just go to any local school whether it be a high school or college (including HVCC) 5. Having a broadcast ready facility Look, this year is going to be a fan wash-- we don't need a large facility because frankly, I suspect we will average about 1,000 a game, at best. If it were in the PE building, totally different ballgame. Quite a shame it isn't in the PE building because packing students into that building, plus local fans, would give the freshman an idea of "holy smokes...this is amazing". Is what it is.
  20. Sadly, the Hawaii game will be played on campus in Chang Stadium. The bill to build the new Aloha stadium won't be signed for a few more weeks, with construction beginning early 2023 and completed in 2026. Bummer from game perspectives, however Hawaii is Hawaii...just a great visit.
  21. Fair point-- and you should play the lottery tonight. LOL
  22. Not that what you are saying is wrong...but at least give credit where it came from and say "I agree with these sentiments." This has been stated by a ton of posters/tweeters in the past months and was even discussed by Sports Illustrated. On an aside, I was up late messaging with four different people close to the situation, and I am giving particulars so all can understand the heavy hitting nature of their experience: someone close to the SEC / college athletics in general, who provides high level advisory services to both...specifically to athletics; the former head of CBS Sports Marketing when they were acquired by Westinghouse and continued in that role...he is a former Stanford football player and was responsible for the Boston College-Stanford football games (his kids played sports at BC), Notre Dame-Stanford, etc; a current realignment "expert" media person; and the former President of MSG, MSG Networks, the Marquee Group, and current advisor to private equity groups looking to purchase franchises (he's a long-time family friend, got me my first internship at the Goodwill Games and then the Olympics in Atlanta). They all agree on the same thing: we are going to either Three, 24 Team Leagues or Four, 18 Team leagues. The bottom line is that they expect no more than 72 teams to end up in this new world. The rest will stay at FBS, not form a new league, until the dollars demand it. These schools will simply play in bowl games, have no shot at a national title...and in their minds this is pretty much status quo for today. There may be a FEW schools that may have a shot in the dark chance to make a title game...but for most part, they wouldn't normally and would end up in a Bowl Game. FCS will stay as it is but you won't see many more teams jumping up to try and get into FBS. They believe that some schools may regret making recent investments into athletics as they won't be supported by revenues, e.g. many of the Sun Belt schools, Liberty, etc. They also believe that, for now, March Madness will remain as is...that most schools recognize the value of tournament however, there will be an expansion and most of those slots will go to the 72 schools that are in this new world of football. One person strongly envisages a return to prominence of the NIT, which is what would give the 72 schools pause in keeping out the rest of Division 1. Now, for my thoughts...I think this DOES impact Albany in the fact that if we truly want to be with the schools of the Northern half of the CAA, the time to strike is now if discussions are truly ongoing (and I have been told by numerous sources, they are). That said, there needs to be a balance because I am not sure where the revenue comes from if we lose FBS games. The positive though--I think we will still be playing the same FBS teams for the most part (mainly Group of Five and then a few one off big schools).
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