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  1. Just received a commitment from 2021 G, Nymire Little. Tough, athletic guard from the Philly area, 6’4. Loyola and Stony Brook may have been in the mix. (I’m not a huge believer in Verbal Commits database offerings, inaccurate a lot).
  2. Nice pickup, will be an impact athletically in the AE. If we keep Kelly and Doles, adding them to Horton, Amica, and Newman...quite a group. Still may have Champion, Schaefer, Hutch, and Taylor, which would be a very solid team.
  3. Completely works on my Iphone, and looks great. As for Android...they are having major issues in the App Store right now (Google). I am in the midst of releasing an APP and, in a bizarre turn of events as it is usually Apple that's a hold up, Google is a current nightmare. Our developers are working like crazy to fix the issues but we consistently run into barriers. After four weeks, we think it is solved. I really like the App, a lot. Good job by the Athletic Department....kudos to AD Benson.
  4. All I can say is this, and Click can confirm it: UNH may have said COVID but it was not; I knew about this over a week and half before the announcement was made, from a very inside source at UNH. I brought it up with Click like a day after our announcement.
  5. Has anyone watched Jahlil? He's good...but by no means a panacea. I have been commenting on these posts that he will be a POY favorite. That's ridiculous. Everyone needs to calm down. Jeesh.
  6. For those not paying attention, or in the know, what I told Click was going to happen, happened: UNH and URI cancelled their season as well. As much as there are many things I wish our ADept and ADirector would improve on, it was very much $ienaty for people to think this was done because we were losing. Basically, most of the CAA wasn't for this spring season, it was the southern teams that wanted it. Glad more than Albany came to their senses.
  7. Gah. Never want to get a young man’s name wrong. Jamel, apologies.
  8. CJ Kelly is not confirmed for UMASS. And I’ve heard it from the opposite side. Big push is on. But no commitment. Jamal Horton coming back, according to Michael Kelly. Kelly quoted Jamal himself. That’s a big win.
  9. He doesn't run the board...
  10. Maybe. Could be something we don't specifically offer. To me, it really doesn't matter because he has earned whatever he wants. As for size, did you mean FBS? I think so. That said, I don't think size is the issue- he is 6' 235-240. Definitely FBS teams that would play guys that size, if not smaler at LB...and if you have the speed and motor, the NFL. Zach Thomas (someone I spent plenty of time with in Miami) was listed at 5'11 240. The 240 part was accurate...but if he was 5'11...then I am 6'2 (I am just shy of 6 and he was probably 5'10 (with sneakers...really was 5'9ish).
  11. No slight to Mofor, a favorite of all of us, but I would take anyone on the Jets...right about now. I'd take half of UA's roster. LOL.
  12. Very good staff, and adding Jackson is a solid, solid hire.
  13. Big loss for the Danes...but it is an area we have depth. Levi Methany is transferring. I am a bit surprised because you most certainly can make the NFL out of Albany, it's my only guess why he's moving on. Torn on this because barely anyone gave him looks but Gattuso...however the kid has given his all. Wish him nothing but the best.
  14. Over the years, it has been talked about but not quite enough. In fact, she played as a Freshman for UAlbany and then transferred to Indiana. She chose Albany over one of the seven sister schools (I can't remember the school, off hand). Her story is quite intriguing...she was supposed to be a lawyer after finishing her hoops playing days.
  15. Name the recruit because if you think Brown brought oppong in as a player comes along with coach thing, you’re sorely mistaken. Earv. was a 5’9 street baller who no one was recruiting other than like four schools . giving oppong a chance was a wonderfully brilliant move by Brown. Turned out well, could have turned out poorly. Credit to both coach and player.
  16. Personally, I think it has less to due with his friendship Champion and more to do with the fact that the Griffin family is familiar with Newman.
  17. Seriously? I question your knowledge of the program if you even think he was relevant. He averaged around 2 points and 1.5 boards in 30 games. Miller.
  18. Ok. Fine. Let’s use your words. Did those guys excite you. I’ll be done with this when I hear that answer. An honest answer.
  19. Really, did fine? Give me a break. Go look at their stats. You’re trashing a new coach just to bash him. And for a guy who says he likes facts, you aren’t presenting them again, I’m a will brown guy but this nonsense is getting ridiculous
  20. Miller- former UMass team manager and averaged around 4 a game for umass hansen- 9 and 5 for an absolutely trash savannah st team Alex Foster- averaged about 1.5 and 1,5 in a bust of a career at Texas tech and Bradley. where was your disgust with these one year grad transfer recruits I’m sure you’ll pull some bull$iena up.
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