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  1. So, apparently the team had at least Mine Grey and Roy Alexander out due to Covid Protocols. 2 of top 3 receivers. Frankly, doesn’t change the game as I don’t see us losing due to receivers being out. When asked why he started Carino, Coach stated some things are out of my control as a football coach. When asked if Undercuffler is healthy (since he travelled and dressed) he got defensive and said he wasn’t going to get into this stuff. He did follow up with "We trotted out everybody we could today that was able to play. We just couldn't get it done." so, if JUC is not healthy, why not just state it. What’s the huge secret. This is the crap I don’t get. It’s a Division 1 football team. Either your star QB is injured or, for the time being, you are unhappy with his play and you wanted to spark the team with the backup. Or JUC committed some team violation. Either way, it’s not the end of the word. what’s the big Binging deal. Spit it out.
  2. Undercuffler is a healthy bench. Coach decision offense looks so much better. defense same old stoutness absolutely throttling W&M. credit where credit is due. Coaching staff has the team prepared.
  3. 0-6 is nearing a reality 11 first downs. That’s less than 3 a qtr average. That’s awful.
  4. Big time recruiting win for the staff. Jonathan beagle just committed. He’s a 6 foot nine center out of Hudson Falls, with offers from Hofstra, Siena, Vermont, Iona, Stetson, UMass and Pitt. Big-time way to mark the capital District territory by our staff. Good luck to Jonathan and great job by the staff
  5. With all due respect, you know who I am and I have never, ever come out like this. So with respect to you, focus on the numbers. Literally go look at my other post about our records, etc. you will be shocked. it’s taken me 8 years, but I’ve seen enough. and all due respect, I’m entitled that opinion. Right now this is a bad football team.
  6. Was just going to eat the about stony brook. They are clearly smaller than Oregon however, they are playing well…3000 plus miles away,rabid fan base making a loud stadium, against the 4th ranked team in the land.
  7. He can GTFO of here with that $iena. It’s not even good coach speak.
  8. And to be clear, my statement isn’t about this season. In one season we’ve had a good line. I know this group is going. But why weren’t the backups ready.
  9. An offensive touchdown. Look at that, against 3-4th stringers. Syracuse has 9 sacks. I thing we have given up 18 sacks on the year. Any question as to what is our weakest link. I’ve never thought Sweeney was a good position coach. It’s either that or we can’t evaluate talent.
  10. a bad acc team smoking Albany by 45. We haven’t even broken 100 yards.
  11. I don’t think he was benched for play. I think he was benched to save him
  12. Gattuso living off his Duquesne days. Days where they were extremely well funded compared to the rest of the league. Then he plays Albany, blames the wind, and Albany and Ford design a game plan to annihilate and expose his plan. He whines about other teams piling it on. we are a league laughingstock, I’m very connected to the Northern teams. this has to end
  13. It’s so exciting watching DIII ALBANY playing Syracuse. Never thought that would happen. That’s what we look like. DIII
  14. By getting our $iena together, I mean Benson terminating Gattuso this year and not waiting. Another year is a disaster. It’s almost a 5 million dollar investment with a trash ROI. I wouldn’t wait. Unless this squad goes 500 or above somehow, the experiment needs to end this year.
  15. And, many of these guys can transfer if we don’t get our $iena together, quickly.
  16. Syracuse is picked dead last in the ACC Atlantic Division. Let that sink in. Syracuse is not a food fbs team. Albany is a worse FCS team. I’d expect this result from an FCS, NEC Albany. Not a CAA ALBANY. Gattuso talking about competing for national titles. He can’t even produce a top tier CAA team in year 8.
  17. Agreed. This starts and ends with Oline. It’s not CAA top caliber. It’s been our Achilles heel for years. We’ve had two good olines in 8 years. The line is somewhat young but again, why so.
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