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  1. Waaa guy, what will you do when CB isn't the coach? I buy my tickets, I show up, I support this crap I waste my money for and I come on here and voice my opinion, as long as I don't violate the rules he can't do anything. PM me if you have a beef.
  2. Self preservation. The hot seat bandwagon may be driven by a madman. LOL...I laughed....post of the month. Do you laugh at a 4-7 record? With 3 games coming up being a heavy dog, so 4-10 possible? Do you laugh at that? No...but I've learned to balance a basketball game with real life....while I can at times be upset immediately after the game I usually calm down and enjoy the other things in life. That's why you and others live on this blog, with thousands of posts in a few years of it being here? You have a level head about new guys boysi, but others just think
  3. Self preservation. The hot seat bandwagon may be driven by a madman. LOL...I laughed....post of the month. Do you laugh at a 4-7 record? With 3 games coming up being a heavy dog, so 4-10 possible? Do you laugh at that?
  4. Self preservation. The hot seat bandwagon may be driven by a madman. Or a fan sick of being embarrased
  5. I have had plenty of "hopeful" to say. Happy B-Day Danepound!! Why don't you guys knock off refering to your cross town rival as a knock off and get some good material. Why don't you guys demand more from the UA basketball program without making excuses? Why don't you guys jump on the hot seat bandwagon instead of kissin CB's behind??
  6. Yes Bum I know what redshirt means..Phoenix/coward/hiding behind a screen name/ You now preach that Harris is leading in 3point shooting but always complain he doens't play in the post enough or good enough. You and others think since Harris transfered from UV he's going to be the savior of UA basketball, because you drank the CB Kool-Aid and let him blow the smoke up your arse. I don't give a hoot who is on the floor as long as the put up Points, Assists, Rebounds and play good defense. If your not going to do any of that on a consistant basis, there is the bench get used to it. Keep
  7. UAMA, Danefan, That's horsecrap...Even though it is nice to see the kids graduate, once they leave no one knows what they do in after that. If they keep their nose clean in college, that's great. For me I want them all do well on and off the court, but on the court all I care about is W's. I don't give a crap if they graduate, which 90% will because this is UA, not a John Calipari team or a NCAA championship contender. UA needs to start heading in the right direction for BBall. UA has the other programs on a top notch level, and BBall needs to hold serve which they haven't...don't give me
  8. Horrible move by Brown to keep Watts on the pine. I've seen him play AAU and the kid can play, he's going to be an impact player for UA and to waste a season kinda stinks. But we all know CB is a loyal guy even when it's not right, giving Giff minutes for no production, or over playing Harris when he doesn't preform...CB doesn't know who he needs to play to win, while the fans have a good idea. UA needs to start winning and that's the bottom line.
  9. I agree this topic is about putting CB on the hot seat for a lack luster season. That's what it's turned out to be so far. 4-7, starring 4-10 right in the face. UAlbany is way down this season and after 11 games it doesn't look like it's improving but hopefully they can right the ship before conference play and somehow, someway win the AE title. If not I say Brown needs to be on the hot seat and if he doesn't deliever in his final year of his contract time to let him walk.
  10. Positive note, Giff had 10 points. UA really needs to pull off the upset over a very good Iona team.
  11. So, not that there was any doubt; post #129 of yours here was pure bullsiena just like all the rest of your posts. Well aparently all the money you've donated has been a waste.
  12. I will only donate to winners bob haha.
  13. Not much positive to the season so far, 4-7, some ugly losses and letting easy wins slip away. UA needs to turn it around against Iona.
  14. UA off to it's worst start since the 03-04 season when they finished 5-23. 4-7 on the year and CB needs to right the ship in out of conference play. The Hot Seat is turning up more and more with every loss.
  15. U Albany should roll in this game and win by at least 10 points.
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