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  1. The funding page information above says it all.
  2. Looks like it might have a portable floor system, which would seem appropriate if you're trying to make it a multi-purpose facility and not a true basketball arena.
  3. This coming from someone who appears to have knowledge of the BoFo plans is eyebrow-raising. Is this concept under consideration for SEFCU renovations or am I reading to much into this post? Reading too much into it. This is an interesting concept developed by an A/E for arena seating that they feel will enhance the event day experience vs traditional seating.
  4. For your reading enjoyment... http://www.architectmagazine.com/technology/rossetti-incs-inverted-bowl-rethinks-stadium-construction-and-the-seating-hierarchy_o?utm_source=newsletter&utm_content=Article&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=AN_110117%20(1)&he=96b83f3701e73ea515e09e5b9d7ecda566c28ea6
  5. The unit was lowered for the presentation today. The top of the scoreboard will sit level with the bottom of the main roof structure making it roughly 25' above the court floor from the bottom of the assembly.
  6. I was wondering that also. Not sure if the folks on Millionaire's Row will be able to see the video screens up there. Looks all four sides of the scoreboard have a video screen. Is there a ribbon below? S eels like there is one of those round scrolling ribbons there. Someone I know who saw it in person said that's what it was ..like the scrolling round advertisement thing. There is a halo ring both at the top and bottom of the displays.
  7. The included sound system is meant to supplement the existing one, not replace it.
  8. The walkway at the upper entrance was widened this year to comply with handicapped seating rules. The chairs I assume are for companions of wheelchaired fans. I especially like the seats directly behind the video screens, the most-obstructed view seats in any arena I've ever seen. They also taped off spots for the standing room fans. Your assumption is correct - there are now 24 wheelchair accessible spaces, and companion seating chairs. The mezzanine was extended to allow for the new seating, so as to not restrict the former mezzanine walkway. Unfortunately, the placement of the video board came after the fact.
  9. Was curious about 2016 policy at Old Dominion (AD's former institution) - portable stadium seats are allowed in their 20,000 seat facility according to their fan guide on the website.
  10. Just took a look again at OSU's current game day policy at the Shoe and noted that Casey Stadium is more restrictive by not allowing items like umbrellas and seat cushions which are allowed at an OSU home game. Interesting when you think you're looking at a 100,000+ seat stadium vs. 8,000.
  11. Has anyone asked whether or not one piece seat cushions are allowed? OSU's gameday policy is very comprehensive on what's allow and what's not ( I didn't see similar info on the Athletics page, other than general info about parking and tailgating.
  12. OSU made a major policy change this year due to security reasons and pretty much limits anyone taking in more than just a very small purse, unless you have something from a doctor or stuff for a small child. In past years I've routinely have taken in a padded seatback (no frame type) without a problem. Again, for OSU it's more a security and safety issue than anything else. Rules and regs for the Shoe were clearly posted and ticket holders are informed of the updates well in advance of the season so everyone will know what to expect for the entire season.
  13. Adding another level to the press booth is do-able, but may cost more than most people realize. Another level would require additional elevator modifications, build-up of both stair towers, moving HVAC equipment, possibly relocating the broadcast lighting system, etc. Also think about the timeframe required to do the construction.
  14. The visitor bleacher system is not a snap together type of grandstand that was used in the first season of the stadium. It is a leg-truss support structure that has the advantage of a reduced foundation need - the system has each leg bolted to a steel reinforced concrete pier at the base. This is far superior to the original and is the most cost effective for a bleacher system of that capacity. To most, it could be considered "permanent".
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