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  1. My extended family Thanksgiving and Christmas get together shave been cancelled for 2020. Sad indeed.
  2. Yeah. I don’t expect immediate answers or anything, but just keep the fans in mind and let us know as soon as you can what the plan is going to be. I totally realize that it’s really an unprecedented situation and they are making decisions on the fly while basing them on a foundation of quicksand. I don’t envy them at all.
  3. I wonder when we will know if fans will be allowed because right now they aren’t. I wonder if we pass on season tickets due to health concerns if they’ll hold them for 2021 fall. I wonder about a lot of stuff. If anyone from the AD’s office monitors this forum, we need communication. Please keep us up to date, please don’t take us for granted.
  4. Just checked and both Green and Williams are still on the practice squads of the Falcons and Giants. Way to go! $8,400/week ain't chump change.
  5. I watch a little college action and the Giants games, but that’s pretty much it. Without the crowds it really loses its appeal for some reason. When the kneeling started a few years back I pretty much stopped watching for a while and with the politics and protests shoved in your face I’ve not returned. Broke the habit. Didn’t watch a single minute of the NBA. I think I watched maybe 5 min of a baseball game to see what it was like with no fans. I read, watch other stuff on TV, do house chores, walk. It begs the question of what big changes are coming or will stay in place when this pandemic is
  6. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dailygazette/obituary.aspx?n=joseph-anthony-demeo&pid=196925435 Sad news.
  7. That’s if King Cuomo allows it. They have the cadets at Michie because King Cuomo has no jurisdiction over federal property. I’ve been thinking that they should have a limited number of fans in stadiums...professional rooters if you will. Equip them with mics and digitally multiply their effect by say 1000. Gotta be doable. That way you could have like 50 home fans and 10 travel fans and it would sound like 60,000.
  8. The problem here is that we are trying to use common sense and logic when it comes to these issues. Common sense and logic have little to do with it when the driving factors are fear, partisan politics and the almighty dollar. Compound that with a healthy dose of CYA, hysteria and misinformation. Basically everyone is making it up as they go along.
  9. Where does that data come from? I just checked and there's been 543 positives in the whole SUNY system to date and 60% of those are in Oneonta.
  10. https://sports.yahoo.com/middle-tennessee-had-some-of-the-worst-clock-management-you-will-ever-see-vs-army-video-195141014.html I was trying to imagine what it what it would have been like if this was UA with the ball and I was sitting behind Eli. I think he would have popped a vein! Hell, I would have popped a vein. And the MTSU head coach is named Stockstill. You can’t make this stuff up.
  11. My wife has fond memories as well, but then you could drink at 18 then and the Copper Fox and The Royal are long gone...
  12. I agree. My thought is that perhaps hammering everyone for a period of time does two things. It reinforces the seriousness of the issue. And it likely makes self enforcement and peer pressure more effective. There’s always gonna be idiots though. They’ll break the rules because they either don’t think it applies to them or they’ve done it before without consequence. My senior year of HS, a bunch of football players had a “beer party” as we called it back then. They somehow got caught and everyone was kicked off the team for the remaining games. They included many good players and the season t
  13. Athletically talented, but a disappointment overall. Not surprised Rider was the best he could do. The proof is in the film.
  14. I’m in favor of spiking Cujo too. The old logo looked determined and modestly fierce. This thing looks aggressive and downright evil. The more I see it, the more I dislike it.
  15. No, I didn’t see her on SNL, but checked out some YouTube of her and I like it. I’m not much of a modern country music fan, but the ones that are offbeat or outlaw are fine. My 67+ life has crossed paths with John Prine. “Dear Abby” was probably the first thing I recall. We used to have Sirius but dumped it...the dumping was not easy, let me tell you. Had to threaten legal action before they agreed to drop us. I’ve had a recent falling in with Jamisons but not yet to the Bushmill side. In Ireland they told us that Jamison was the Catholic whiskey and Bushmill the Protestant...not sure if that’
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