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  1. Less pressure on the team. Honestly, JUC's 2019 success was tied in no small part to Green and Reeves. I didn't really see any deep threat emerge in the spring. So, unless some receivers emerge, JUC might be having to try too hard...and we know where that leads. All that said, I think TO and Mike Gray will be great possession receivers and have the potential to be much more. 2020 was such a skewed up year for football that it's really hard to tell what will show up in 2021.
  2. Just an update....now I have two separate charges totaling $406!!!! I never authorized that. I'm ready to contest both and forget the whole thing.
  3. https://dailygazette.com/2021/07/23/gattuso-ualbany-football-ready-to-turn-page-on-rough-spring-as-preseason-nears/
  4. I just renewed for football. I agree. The new ticket place makes no sense at all. I'm still not sure if I've made a deposit or I'm paid in full. The upper portion shows $100/seat, with a $6.00/seat convenience charge and a ticket subtotal of $212.00. Then the lower part has a $75/SEAT GIFT-PREFERRRED SEATING FUND line for $150 total. My old math would tell me that would be $362.00 total, but no...it says $256.00. It does say deposit in the fine print up above, so I can only assume they will tap me for another Benjamin at a later date....but where did the other Washington + Lincoln go? Who know
  5. I wholeheartedly agree with this. Stop it already. This forum is becoming unusable.
  6. Ditto in terms of not being able to figure it out. Whoever set this thing up clearly did not desire a user friendly experience. Par for the course for this athletic department. Update: OK, figured it out. It's still a bit confusing though. In the general public ticket info they show $75 + $75 for purple level seats. One being the ticket price and the other being the preferred seating cost. So is the second $75 the GDAC or is that in addition to the GDAC? It used to be like $100 + $50, so the net effect is the roughly the same.
  7. What's the "old guard" protections you mention? I know they pulled some stuff to get Denver going and they definitely favor the big schools at tourney time. I'm a relative newbie when it comes to LAX so I genuinely do not know.
  8. Who knows? My take on UA lax in a nutshell: early success at D1 before the sport took off to new heights and the big boys gobbled up the best players. The Thompson revival created a buzz and attracted some good support players. But not a good FO.....electric offense, so so defense and Stone Age FO. Then the 2018 aberration where the stars aligned and we made the quarters. And even then, Yale pounded the team. Slowly, the team has worked its way back to the pack. Not a single top 100 to an AE team if you believe IL rankings. Georgetown gets a bunch of top recruits...and they got embarrassed by
  9. Ketner doesn’t come across as overly athletic, but he plays bigger than he is and looks like banging bodies down low is his best game right now. We can surely use someone willing to take it inside.
  10. TU says Taylor is gone...to McNeese St.
  11. My moves with the hardwood floor duster can be rather robotic, but the results are better than a Roomba any day!! 🌑or🤖? As an update, their new HC looks like a good hire...their fan forum folks seem quite pleased. In further news, had a GG sighting....was gonna ask him if he’s heard from Eli lately, but decided against it...🤣
  12. I wonder if Eli knows about love bugs yet?
  13. The Miami area has to be my least favorite place to drive. But, like you said, the Cuban food can't be beat...but I have to admit there's a dynamite place just north of The Villages, that puts out fabulous meals. The problem for me is that my favorite Cuban meal is tasajo....and you can't find it in most places....except in and around Miami. Like at Versailles...delicious! I think the traffic issues boil down to two things.....old folks driving and the concentration of population on the coasts. Stay away from Orlando and inland is much better, traffic wise.
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