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  1. Cool! I think we golfed at Bonita Fairways (executive course) and San Carlos, up by Estero....not a bad course. Closest I’ve been. We normally stayed nearer to Fort Myers or Fort Myers Beach, but went south from time to time. Yeah, this has totally veered off of recruiting!
  2. Bunch of old farts driving...it happens🤣🤣
  3. I’m sure we agree on lots of stuff. If you like Cuban food, eat at Fernandez The Bull. There’s a couple of them. Corkscrew Sanctuary is real nice. The botanical gardens terrific. Have you found the rumble strips on Immokalee that warn of the slight change in direction? That cracked me up. Anywhere but FLA and it would make no sense. One thing we can probably agree on is the traffic can be intolerable, but coming from Cali it’s probably not so bad. And I’m tired of being lied to by politicians of all stripes....and lied to by the media.....it seems no one can be believed anymore.
  4. Are you sure you meant to quote me? -We stay inland.....no red tide! -Grouper tacos, especially blackened grouper tacos are the BEST! -I accepted an invite to an indoor range.....banged away with my friend's .22 pistol, while some guy was touching off a cannon to the left of me....even with ear protectors it was LOUD -golf carts are the bomb....EZ to park, endless variety and yes, they can pull you over for violations. -Not sure about the toads...perhaps you can enlighten...unless it's those dog eating sugar cane things... -They seem to be big on boat fl
  5. I found an old Rivals article from back in the day....Jamar had offers from UA and Iona, while Penn State and Manhattan had interest. According to the interview, that was it. Neely looks like he has the potential for being a nightmare to defend in the AE. Let’s hope he lives up to his billing. He’s likely a starter or sixth man as a freshman.
  6. NO. There... answered the question after wasting a bunch of time watching the Dane Train go off the rails.
  7. Fun game, with lots of action. Still need to clean up those unforced turnovers. Hogg and Yunker are quite a pair. I must admit, although Tehoka is a somewhat unique talent, I like this offense better. No standing still, no double teams collapsing on TN. Some of the movement and passing was superb. Beautiful day for a lax game!
  8. The reason given for URI and UNH was covid protocols and numbers, rather than UA’s reason of too many injured players. In any event, the CAA and it’s spring schedule looks like an overall disaster. I agree with dslyank, that a new Northeast based conference makes sense. Albany, Maine, Stony Brook, UNH, URI are a nice starting point. Maybe add in Colgate, Holy Cross, Monmouth, Fordham. That would be a solid and competitive conference. The way UConn and UMass are going, they probably would consider a drop back to FCS (although their fans would scream).
  9. You can really see the talent level difference in a game like this, with ACC vs AE. The Orange defensemen were like a wall. I can’t complain about the officiating, although there were a couple of fast breaks that got snuffed out by untimely whistles. 2018 is right though, so far no one has emerged to fill the shoes of a Thompson or Fields. Plus, on the defense side, a few of those close in goals to or from Rehfuss were way too easy and no one was putting a body on the ‘cuse attackmen. I do like what I see from Gash and Ron John had an amazing move, fighting off three defenders. Just not enoug
  10. Watched the whole game. Syracuse was just better. Their defense more aggressive. Their execution better. Decent effort by the Danes, but they were outgunned.
  11. I didn’t want to start a new thread for this, but did you all know that the long time head coach of WBB at Stanford is a 1971 graduate of Milne? I didn’t. I believe she is now the winningest coach in WBB history....and just won her second national championship.
  12. Lol. When I saw that name I actually went to the transfer portal on the off chance there was a Robert Redford.....no such luck.
  13. My first game was 1970. I remember names like Jack Jordan, Quatrocchi, Koln, Sheridan. One old memory...didn’t they have a freshman or JV team back then? I think I was at the gym waiting for the court to clear for an intramural game I was playing in. There was a Freshman or JV game going on and just before the game ended, a UA kid dunked on a breakaway and got T’d up. For you youngsters, they outlawed dunking for a while.
  14. I’d be firmly opposed to that too. No special assistant roles or coaches hired only for the purpose of landing a specific recruit.
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