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  1. Just got this:


    Please join University at Albany President George Philip for a news conference with an announcement about the new multi-sports complex.


    The news conference will take place on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 3:30 pm in the Hall of Fame Room of UAlbany’s SEFCU Arena on the uptown campus. Parking is available in SEFCU Parking lot, just south of the arena, and near the Western Avenue entrance.

  2. Just received from the President's Office:


    To the Campus Community:


    I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify some of the information that has been circulating in the media regarding our initiative to repair and improve UAlbany’s athletics and recreation fields and facilities.


    For some years the University's athletics facilities have been in serious disrepair. The track facility does not meet minimum NCAA standards and is in such poor condition that it cannot be used by our track and field teams for home meets. The football team shares the same substandard facility. Constructed as part of the original campus in the 1960s, the football field was built before the University had a football team, and hasn’t since been upgraded to meet today’s building, competition, and access code requirements. Like many of the campus's original facilities, it is in need of vital upgrades.


    The 2004 UAlbany Athletics and Recreation Master Plan has guided the University’s approach to upgrading these and other athletics facilities. Several concepts have been developed. We are currently involved in the design stages of a repair and upgrade project. Its three main components are:


    * Repair and replacement of the track to meet standards for NCAA competition and safe recreational use.

    * Relocation and upgrading of the football field to a modest multi-use facility for soccer, football, and University and community events, seating about 6,000.

    * Construction of a gated and lighted artificial turf field for use by recreational clubs and student intramural teams.


    The funds set aside for these repairs were part of state appropriations that date back to 2006, designated for general campus upgrades and renovations. The project will be funded by a combination of these state-appropriated critical maintenance and capital funds, and private donations and other philanthropic gifts. There is no specific "stadium" budget, as has been implied. This is a multi-faceted upgrade project addressing long-standing deficiencies of the aging and nearly untenable athletics facilities, for which state funding has already been made available.


    As the design progresses, the full cost of the upgrade project will be determined. It is important to note that funds designated for capital repairs and buildings are completely separate from our operating budget, which is used to operate the day-to-day academics and business of the University.


    As described in various campus community briefings, our goal is to locate the refurbished athletics facilities near the athletics complex. The track will remain at its current location. The multi-use playing field facility will be relocated, pending completion of final soil and structural analyses, to the area immediately south of the Bubble, adjacent to SEFCU Arena. The student club and intramural artificial turf field will be situated to the east of the tennis courts, south of Dutch Quad.


    There has been some question about the land in Guilderland known as the Holt-Harris property, a nine-acre property contiguous with the south side of the campus between University Drive and Western Avenue. The property is for sale and the University is interested in purchasing it at a fair price. We believe it will serve as a useful parcel for future planning purposes. We have no specific plans for it.


    As you know and have observed around campus, we are renovating and upgrading all facets of our infrastructure to address deferred maintenance and reconfigure spaces to modernize our research and student support facilities. These athletics repairs are an important component of the overall upgrade and repair strategy for the entire campus, but just one part of this carefully coordinated capital plan.


    For more information on the University's facilities improvement plan, visit our Office of Facilities Management website at http://www.albany.edu/facilities/


    Sincerely yours,


    George M. Philip


  3. For those SoB alums on the board....


    Construction prep began today. Surveyors are here. A very large excavator is sitting in the old visitor lot across from UHall (site of new building) and a tree removal company has begun removing the tress from around the site.


    The official ground breaking ceremony should be sometime in June. Tentative move in date is Summer 2013.

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