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This is what pisses me off about UAlbany


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Everyone gets all up in arms "oh the US News & World Report rankings dont mean anything blah blah blah". "The Princeton Review gets an F for methodology, yada yada yada"


Well someone needs to tell the administration that they can't have it both ways. Either you're a good school or you're not a good school:




They are touting some ranking by a magazine that says the Africana Studies program is one of the best in the country; yet they totally ignore the fact that the school is very lowly rated (third tier) in the US News rankings, and they totally discount the Princeton Review's negative ratings.


You can't have it both ways, UAlbany. Either magazine rankings matter, or they don't. Don't pick and choose.


(PS - don't give me crap about the methodology of this new review on Africana Studies - it sounds almost the same as the USN&WR method).

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