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Off season thoughts

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OK - a few post season basketball thoughts as we get ready to hear who the new UA signees are:


1. Just got a one month subscription to Scout .com to get ready for the recruiting season. Doing some research on recruits over the last few years:

  • Jamar is the only 4 star recruit for UA in the last 3 years
  • Iati and Levi were both 1 star
  • Barea was 4 stars
  • None of the kids that signed with Hartford or Binghamton (in 2002)are on their rosters today (maybe scout.com didn't have them for some reason).

2. Still looking for an update on Dyson. Let's hope that no announcement is good news.

3. Hard to find stats on Covington. I did find a picture of him, but I can't figure out how to get it on my avatar.

4. Connelly had a great year - I wonder if he is 6'6" or 6'8".

5. How hard must it have been for Jamar to leave an incredibly talented Our Savior HS team and come into the UA program. That team had incredible talent.

6. The kid from Wisconsin - Steve Hoelzel that UA was apparently trying to recruit last year transferred from Michigan Tech (where he redshirted) to UWM where he has to sit out next year. I don't know much about him, but if he had to redshirt at a D2 school, how will he get time at UWM - a very good mid-major.

7. Where did all the Vermont posters on the AE site come from? They had an amazing year, so I understand all the new fans coming out...

8. If Siena gets blown out by UA next year, how fast will their fans turn against the new coach?

9. If UA starts out 0-4 - losing to UCLA, Florida, San Diego and the other Coaches for Cancer team, how worried will Brown be about his contract being renewed?

10. I remember sitting next to a Siena fan at the Siena game in November and that fan couldn't believe the moves that Zoellner had. He was using a drop step, good fakes, making good low post moves - what happened to him. He had moments throughout the year, but I don't know that he was as good as we was against Siena. I think he had very good games against Sacred Heart and Wagner before that although I recall that he had limited minutes against Wagner as he had some foul trouble. Anyway, I think that around the LIU or Hartford game is when Brown decided to start the offense by feeding the post as opposed to letting the guards manage the game (maybe that was because of the injuries to Iati and to Lillis). I think this is something Brown needs to reconsider next year unless Zoellner becomes a lot more comfortable in the low post.

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First off Siena isn't going to get blown out by Albany. You might beat us but we'll put up a MUCH better fight than we did with Rob Lanier. Fran McCaffrey will have Siena much better ball. Albany is going to be very good next year, probably much better than Siena.


Siena can beat Albany if things break right. Don't chalk it up as an automatic win just yet.

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First off Siena isn't going to get blown out by Albany. You might beat us but we'll put up a MUCH better fight than we did with Rob Lanier.

Wow, I was in the student section right on the court but I must have missed it. What number was Lanier wearing on the court for Siena?


Although coaches are important (I think Brown is doing a great job), remember it's the student-athletes on the court who score the point and defend shots.


Siena certainly did well in Lanier's first couple years. Who are you giving credit to for that?

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I don't know that Albany will blow out Siena or even beat them. The point that I was trying to make is that as excited as Siena fans are to have the new coach, the expectations can get out of whack pretty quickly. The same is true for Albany - a bad losing streak to start the season will bring out many Brown detractors.


If the 6'10" JUCO transfer does play for Siena, I think the game is a toss up for next year. McClinton is a great player, Haddix will be a senior trying to make a statement. Most importantly, I think the game puts over 10k fans in the Pepsi.

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