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McElroy and Brown - What if?

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First, let me say that I have no information at all - just speculating.


What if the issue between McElroy and Brown isn't wins and losses directly, but recruiting:


Could McElroy be upset that 2 of the 5 recruits from last year left the program (The TU article last week)? The article said dropped out of school - it didn't say transfer or left to focus on academics.


There was a JC kid a year or two ago that was offered a scholarship only to find out that he missed the last month of his season because he was suspended for drugs.


What if McElroy is concerned that this will hurt the Academic Progress Ratings - and embarass the University? What if the quote in the TU article about the best recruiting class meant athletically and academically. I think Connelly was recruited by Ivy and Patriot League Schools. Covington was on the all academic team in Chicago. Have any Albany basketball players been on the AE academic team (not sure what it's officially called)? Barnes was years ago - anyone since.


What if Driscoll was leading the recruiting efforts for Perry and Dyson and maybe the JC kid? What if one of the reasons for Driscoll being terminated was that he didn't disclose academic risk or drug related issues?


If the issue is recruiting, McElroy wouldn't be able to come out and say it directly, because it would embarass the University. McElroy has a new boss now who has repeatedly said that he wants to improve the academic profile of the University - maybe this is how McElroy ensures that his organization meets that mandate.


Would Brown have gotten a new contract with the exact same record if Dyson and Perry were still on the team?


Again, I have no information. Just trying to make sense of this all.


Any thoughts?

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I think it has more to do with winning in the tournament. Trina won a few games in the tournament and got an extension. She had players and coaches leave the program too and she got an extension after the season she won in the tournament. Don't be fooled. It's all about winning and bringing in the bucks. This is D1 athletics. Follow the money. Vermont will not be as strong this year and maybe the team will be hosting this year.

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That doesn't make much sense. With the team Brown put together the RACC had some great crowds and season tickets and fans were at an all time high! Brown has helped them make $$ this year.


If you win one tourney game you get an extension? Doesn't make much sense!


Why doesn't everybody just move forward and stop speculating. Root for this team which has a chance to be special!

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Root for this team which has a chance to be special!


I agree, they should be favorite to win the AE this year and I think they can average close to 3k fans.


She had players and coaches leave the program too


I don't follow the women's program as closely as the men's. I do know there was one very good player that left this year. From what I recall her issue was the direction of the program - that is very different from two of five recruits dropping out of school. There may have been other women leave the program - I don't have enough info on that.


This is a quote from the UA sports webpage from McElroy:

As many of you know, the achievements of the UAlbany Athletic program are measured in the classroom, as well as on the field. The NCAA recently released the Academic Progress Rates (APR) for all Division I teams. UAlbany earned a rate of 976, which ranks in the top 50 amongst all 328 Division I programs. The hard work, dedication and commitment exhibited by our student-athletes, coaches and staff produced this outstanding result. As we look ahead, the Great Danes will attempt to surpass this rate, while we continue to win championships along the way.


I have not really speculated on this before this post, but it's clearly an issue. You had the TU column last week, the posters on the Siena board have made it a racial issue, posters on this board have said that it might impact recruiting, someone also said they heard rumblings of current players leaving.

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I would have to believe that current players would consider leaving if Brown was not taken care of. All of these players are now Browns recruits.


Also, most kids that are not playing get frustrated and tend to transfer. If a kid wants an opportunity to play and transfers what can you do.


Now, if kids cause problems and get in trouble then that is a different problem!

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