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Any JUCO or FBS transfers in play?

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After a long battle with my new computer @ work I finally decided to post from home. I will eventually get my new computer at work to cooperate, I hope. For some reason I can't log in under Ruler on the new computer so I may need to change my screen name. I know you all are rivited by my return...LOL!


Looks like a great group of new recruits which I am sure the majority are on scholarships. Don Ostrom was in my office a few weeks ago and said this kid from Guilderland may be the best prospect we have ever gotten. He is a "stud" according to Don and as good an athlete as they have ever had which says a lot considering the facility we have. Could easily be playing for Delaware,UMASS, or New Hampshire. Fordie is thrilled he came to UA.


UA very quietly believes this years team could be better then last years team. It may not show it with that OOC schedule but they think they can win the NEC again. I think Fordham and Hofstra can be beat. Not sure how UMASS and UNH are expected to be, maybe Dane96 has some insight. Delaware loses a lot of starters but are loaded with FBS tranfers and they are a little gun shy to play us this season but we will not sneak up on them this year. I think/hope we go 2-3 OOC. I wish we had Rhody and Maine as opposed to UMASS and UD. RI and Maine I would expect to win. BTW how good is UNH after the departure of that rb Santos?


We are obviously getting better players now but we have to fill some big shoes on D with Disch and Dungey gone. Have we closed the gap against the CAA? It will be interesting. O is basically in tact and Vinny needs to be better then he was down the stretch because we may not have the D to bail him out. I think he will play very well. They are very excited about this nose gaurd from last year that pushed his way into the lineup. They even moved Dungey to end in some packages to get this kid on the field. He will be a monster for us in the middle.


Anyway I thought I would just like to say I have a newborn son that came into the world a week ago and hopefully a future Dane. Maybe the stadium will be ready by then?! I also hope he can run faster then his old man or Fordie will have him playing Oline like someone who will remain nameless used to. A FUNNY AND TRUE story Fordie once told me about my running speed..LOLOLOLOLOLOL! He once said "I was as fast as lightening for a full yard but I could't break a 5.0 Forty if I fell off Dutch Quad" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL it still makes me laugh 20 years later!

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Haha. Nice "Fordism"!



Congrats on the baby Ruler! You have to pick up some baby danes gear from the online store.



RE: the recruits. I haven't seen any talk of FBS or JUCO transfers, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. This list is no inclusive, as it only includes those who singed National Letters of Intent.


I agree on the schedule, but I think we may have a shot at UNH for a 3rd OOC win. They will be without their awesome QB Santos and I'm not sure if anyone who will be replacing him has any sort of experience at all. Also, Delaware should be interesting. We'll be rolling in there with a huge target on our backs though.

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