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  1. Whatever happened to the air-it-out offense from Duquesne.....the kid isn't great but he's onlythrowing in obvious pass downs. The deck is stacked against him.
  2. Well, we know one thing: kid has legs. Not much throwing in his highlight video from what I saw. http://www.hudl.com/video/3/6114201/5721d506bd746d007c7647a5 Kid can sling it. He's got to work on his short-arm motion which will hurt him on middle routes, but I would expect him to compete right away for playing time it he can get the playbook handled.
  3. CAA representing tonight. Up 42-0 on Sam Houston State at the HALF!
  4. Never understood why we don't schedule it during rivalry week in Feb? I know it's an ESPN thing but piggyback. And who knows maybe ESPN incorporates it.
  5. All in all probably the worst "good" year we've ever had. I can't remember another season with 7 wins that was as frustrating to watch. Good improvement from last year though so hopefully we're on the upswing.
  6. We don't need to do that. I'd rather have 6 home games and win 8 games. We do that and we're in every year in the CAA. That's the recipe for success for us. Stinks that Samford got in but ISU beat Northwestern.... No one to blame but our own team. Best Delaware and we're in and maybe hosting.
  7. Ok so now just about everyone has us in. Most playing Lehigh in the first round but some showing at Youngstown St. I'm hoping Benson puts bid in.
  8. A lot of people making good arguments on the internets for us in as at large after some teams had terrible losses today. I don't think so but with 24 teams you never know.
  9. Ugh...not sure there is a joke in there somewhere or if I missed it but....Sussman didn't play lol. This was the RS FR Brunson. Same as last week. Brain not connecting with fingers. Brunson. All of the above was definitely about Brunson
  10. Overall really good season. Happy with sussman the last two weeks. He'll get stronger over the offseason and could be exactly what we need. Hoping Hanks recovers quickly but it didn't look good. This defense has just been flat out good. If we get lucky and get in we're also going to be without Mason Gray who got tossed for targeting.
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