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  1. 2017-18 Season

    What a bunch of ungrateful losers. Every team in the America east with the exception of two would take Becker in a heart beat. When the expectations are as high as he has been able to maintain, sometimes there is no more room to go up. I would imagine they would be awfully sorry if he left.
  2. 2017-18 Season

    I agree. The future seems bright and while the conference season and tourney wasn't what we all wanted the season was a relative success. I like when the program puts a heavy focus on freshman and 4 year guys, and sprinkles a transfer or two. Our best teams have typically been when the nucleus and players we depend on the most are 4 year guys. This years team was partially in that mold with Cremo, Nichols, Store and Campbell, but after that it was pretty much all transfers or new faces. Next year we will still have Joe, David and Devonte but we will have freshman backing them up mostly, which should help with long term success after Joe leaves. Keeps the pond stocked. Great win by UMBC. What a shot! reminded me of Sorrentine splashing that three against Cuse. Lyles waived off the coaches play call and just did it himself. Great fight by UMBC, kept battling and hanging around. Couldn't seem to get the lead until it mattered most!
  3. 2017-18 Season

    All good things must come to an end. Tomorrow morning is one of my favorite days of the year when the Danes are playing. I have some people over for a nice pregame brunch and have a couple mid day pops while I watch the game. Sad we aren't a part of it this year but I think we have been pretty fortunate the past 10 years or so. I will keep an eye on the game tomorrow but probably won't sit to watch the whole thing.
  4. Butts in the Seats 2018 edition

    Didn't people complain about McElroy?
  5. 2017-18 Season

    Patch, my man...kudos...exactly...they have more guards than people (hyperbole)... Maybe we should have borrowed one of those "guards". We could have used an extra last night! Just kidding. just kiddinggggg
  6. 2017-18 Season

    Switch a couple of security staff for people selling tickets instead. I am in total agreement with this. I had to get two tickets at the window yesterday for some late additions and it took FOREVER. Worst system in the world BTW. The line backs up and then people coming in to the gym are cutting through the line if they already have their tickets. The workers at the ticket window take beyond forever and if you buy your tickets on line good luck finding which window they are hiding them at when you arrive to the arena. The situation and line to get tickets last night embarrassed me. It frustrated me, annoyed me and embarrassed me, as well as the people I was with and all the others around me. Usually when I come to a game I have tickets ahead of time so I don't have to deal with it. Twice this year I had to get tickets when I got to the gym and twice this year I was so frustrated by the process not only did I miss the beginning of the game after arriving 15 minutes early, I wanted to leave. Are we serious about being a real athletic program that wants to increase attendance? The price is the price. Keep it reasonable and competitive with other events but don't make it harder to deal with. The parking situation is annoying but when they nail you to park 10 minutes away, thats not helping. Thats part of the service/environment problem. Don't make me pay for your sub par parking situation. For me, I use amazon a lot because the price is competitive and the service is excellent. At our home games if the price is competitive and the service/environment is excellent it will be fine. The service to get into the game is AWFUL and the environment, IMO, is ok but a good amount of posters on here have issues with the environment for a number of different reasons, not just one thing.
  7. Exactly. Our guys gave it their best. The more athletic team won. Had the refs not been so bad and our shooting not sub-40%, we would have won notwithstanding SB's athleticism.I thought that SB played an excellent perimeter defense tonight, which significantly contributed to our poor shooting we didnt get many quality/open looks. Even the threes we made they had a hand in our face. Playing perimeter defense is easy when you don't have to cover one of them. I think Brown and staff made two big mistakes this year. 1) redshirting all the Aussies 2) playing Campbell so much when he showed he was a huge offensive liability and made opposing defenses better and allowed them to double Charles more and close off lanes by playing off Campbell. Our defense was bad enough, how much worse could it get without Campbell. At one point he was 0-6 from the field and 1-4 from the line. That hurts......a lot. I can understand redshirting the guards. I don't think anyone thought Ahmad and Costa would give you as little as they did. If you don't redshirt the freshman ball handlers they don't really start seeing significant time until they are Juniors. This way they can start to fill in next year and get their feet wet as Joe and David close out their careers. If you look at big man depth it was thin to start. Maybe the staff thought more of Conway than he showed, which I hope is the case, but even after him there wasn't much. A big guy would have gotten time this year, no doubt. But maybe they weren't ready and didn't change any minds. Stire changed minds when he showed up on campus and earned his way onto the court as a freshman and avoided getting redshirted. We were lucky to avoid a major injury this year too with all those guys sitting on the bench.
  8. 2017-18 Season

    I still think that 2009-2010 team was the most disappointing season I have seen. That team showed no fire, no heart, was soft as could be and just flat out depressing. 7 wins and no heart. Interesting though that a legend in Mike Black emerged from that team. But he didn't become a legend until A LOT of the guys from that team weren't in the program anymore. Logan and Blake made it to the finish line as part of that group too. Well, kind of with Logan.
  9. I get all this...yes, people are very hard on Nichols. Nichols was a 1st team selection at the end of last year, he was pre-season first team if memory serves. He had a horrendous year, extremely inefficient and most of all he was clearly frustrated and could not get out of the tail spin after that wrist injury. His highs were very high and his lows were scary...game to game you never knew what you'd get from your PG on the court an extension of the actual coach. That's a scary proposition and resulted in a team that could beat anyone and could lose to anyone. Tonight he couldn't get anything going ending up with 2nd lowest orating on the team after Stires. He shot 2-15 ...was it all him, ABSOLUTELY not but you needed something, anything out of your starting PG and he gave you almost nothing. Even his assists were early...a terrible season ends for him. Hopefully he takes the summer, gets his head on right and comes back a different man. He is extremely talented, I don't want him run off...however you need to have more depth at this position and kids to push him. He's not a horse we can hitch our wagon to next year. If he turns in a stellar senior campaign, GREAT...I just don't trust him going forward. Another guy that should look hard in the mirror is Devonte...every game out it's 4 on 5 on offense. Today SBU was playing 7 feet off him because he isn't a treat AT ALL. That makes it a LOT harder for everyone else on the court. Hopefully DeSousa can push him next year. As for next year, this is going to be a VERY different team...Only Cremo is a proven commodity...he has two very limited pieces around him in Nichols and Campbell and almost nothing else proven around him. Difficult to project what kind of team it's going to be, if the redshirted kids aren't ready to go, could be a rebuilding year as you never know what you are going to get out of true freshman. Need some size with the last 2 or 3 ships. At best probably looking at a 3-5 type team next year. UVM and Hartford have a lot coming back. I am with you on needing more from Nichols today. Outside of Cremo, no one scored in double digits. Not Nichols, not Charles, not foster. None of them. We needed another guy to step up and David should be counted on to be that guy, or Travis Charles. With Charles injury, it kind of needed to be Nichols and he didn't do it. But the level of nastiness towards a kid who carried this team last year, bailed us out on numerous occasions this year even though he was up and down, doesn't seem to cause trouble off the court and is an unbelievable student is wrong. "I hope Nichols cleans out his locker and doesn't come back" Really? Thats how you treat your guys? With fans like you who needs enemies. Its a game and he is a kid playing basketball. If he were killing the team that badly, CB would take him out, like he has before. There is a reason he leaves him in. There is a reason he starts him and lets him play a significant amount of minutes even after tossing him from practice. I can get behind Click saying that competition at the PG spot and other spots will be a great thing for next year. There wasn't enough of that this year. But I can't get behind and agree with the really harsh things being said about David Nichols. Its over the top and unnecessary.
  10. Not sure who counted the attendance but it looked like 2500+ to me. When Joe hit those 3's the place went nuts and was Very loud. Unfortunate ending to a strange season. If I am being realistic, I didn't think this team could take down Vermont in the next round. I was really hoping for an upset in the early games because I thought that was our only shot. Then we lost today so it all doesn't matter. A lot of people are being extremely hard on David. I saw a kid who was on the bench cheering hard for his teammates, hustling and playing hard. Does his decision making drive me nuts sometimes, sure, but a lot of those 3-1 fast breaks he used to find a way to finish or get fouled. I remember him putting us on his back to close out UML a few weeks ago, with deep threes and aggressive play. When he takes the 3's today, and they don't fall, he is open to criticism. I don't know what the next step is for him, but this team is better with him than without. I left the gym angry and annoyed because we didn't win but more because there was and is a lot of talent on that team. I feel like Alex Foster could have had such a great season. He was awesome the last 2-3 games and I wanted so much more of that this year. But do you sit Travis or Stire to start Foster? I don't think so. The refs were bad but they don't win or lose the game for you when you don't score the ball. The missed back court call was about as bad as I have seen. The turnovers were outrageous. just giving the ball to them. For all the great things Cremo does, and its a lot of great things, he turns the ball over a lot and begs/flops for calls. Hopefully next year the team gains some toughness. It needs more mental and physical toughness. There needs to be a guy who isn't afraid to get chippy and assert himself. There needs to be a guy who can lead. I feel like Joe could lead in the same way that Jacob Iati did. Tenacious, tough, vocal, heart and willing to do anything. He wasn't a total in your face guy but he played hard, didn't beg for calls, and made no excuses. And the guys around him played harder for it. I am disappointed in the way the season ended but hopefully the pieces coming back have learned something, grow up more and help the younger guys coming in. And hopefully in that group of younger guys emerges someone ready to take this thing over and lead in a way no one has for a few years now. There has to be a next Cremo, Hooley, Rowley, Lillis, and so on in this group of redshirted guys from this year.
  11. UNH is right there but they always seem to take a garbage shot or turn the ball over when they can go ahead or tie.
  12. I think UNH can do it. I didn't have much faith in UML. They have no size and only one player who can really impact the game. UNH has the ability. They have guys who can get it going, and if Hartford isn't knocking down 3's they become easier to figure out. I think Hartford can lose this game as much as UNH can win. IF Hartford starts plugging 3s then it will be tough. I also may not be able to get past the idea that this isn't the same old Hartford. I have a hard time trusting them winning anything because its been so long since I saw them win anything (except for that first round win a few years back)
  13. You nailed it for the second half. Lyles is dominating and Lowell can't figure it out
  14. Sadly, I thought the same thing! Retrievers just went on a quick burst to pull ahead anyway. I liked UML with the points, but not to win.
  15. I would money line the Hartford game and take the two dogs to cover. UMBC might come out nervous and UML can put points on the board. Probably hungry and excited to be in the Tourney for the first time too. Make up for lost time maybe? If Travis Charles doesn't play much, or at all, not sure we are 8.5 points better than SB. I think Foster can do a great job and fill in adequately for Travis, but who ever is backing up Foster can't fill in for him as well unfortunately.