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  1. The fact that two of our former assistant coaches (Griffin and Baptiste) are at a school about two hours from Justin Neely's hometown doesn't give me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Maybe I'm just paranoid.
  2. Big guys who can shoot from outside are an asset and I'm sorry to see him leave. He pretty much single-handedly won the game @Bing this year and spared us the humiliation of being swept by the Bearcats.
  3. Thanks. It honestly feels like the Albany athletic department is trying to make me stopping caring about Albany athletics.
  4. I'm pretty sure we're not going to hear what actually happened. The walk-on who played the game for free is packing while the guys who make six-figure salaries hire PR firms to obscure things as much as possible. Here's what I've seen from the outside over the past year: -the Calipari testimonial at the opening presser didn't sit well. -the hiring of Tibbs from Vermont with a scandal didn't sit well. -this past year, I saw more players get techs for mouthing off to officials than I remember in the last 10 years of Albany basketball. -Now, there's whatever the hell this was that puts a cloud over the men's basketball program, no matter how many PR firms get hired.
  5. No idea if Killings keeps his job but as a head coach, but this seems like a death knell for recruiting. This story is all over the place now, fairly or not. I have to think the delay this spring is lawyers haggling over the details of the release. Having John Calipari testify at the opening presser wasn't my favorite move to begin with. Also, hiring Tibbs from Vermont when that program was under a dark cloud wasn't great either. No way I thought it would lead to something like this though.
  6. Horton is now in the transfer portal.
  7. We're back! Keep waiting for a Maine run but they just wouldn't let it happen.
  8. Thanks. I don't usually venture off sports here but know we have some Ukrainian members of the Purple Fam and wanted to show support. Hopefully their family and friends in Ukraine are safe.
  9. I was happy to be wrong about Cerruti. I didn't expect much from him but I liked the way he played. To me, if Horton and Cerruti return, you can maybe try and build around them with grad transfers and maybe compete in a league that should be more wide open. If those guys don't return, I see next year as a rebuild year. We might as well bring in freshmen and have them gain experience.
  10. Tough finish tonight for Antonio Rizzuto and Towson, losing to Delaware in the CAA semi-finals. Still, a nice year, averaging 8 PPG for a 25 win team that will be headed to the NIT. CJ Kelly had a great year for a meh UMass team that just fired their coach. Kelly is averaging over 10 PPG Cam Healy looked for like the pre-injury Cam Healy. 11.7 per game for a Central Michigan team that was near the bottom of the MAC with a single A. Kellon Taylor averaged 10 PPG and nearly 6 boards for a pretty bad McNeese St.
  11. If either SBU or Albany thought the policy about keeping teams who were leaving the conference out of the AE Championships, they've had 10 years to work to change the rule. They didn't do that. Likely because they know Vermont, Maine, UNH and Bing are unlikely to leave the conference and wouldn't change the rule anyway. I don't think any of us posting under handles on a message board should be heard any louder to the administration. The administration does seem to have some understanding of fan angst. Annoucing the Gattuso extension on Dec. 23rd was pretty much evidence they knew it was going to be unpopular and did it during a quiet media time when it could fly under the radar. I thought the announcement of the restarting the Albany-Siena game during the middle of the season was also weird. Those announcements have almost always happened during the off-season when the rest of the scheduling is done. Kinda felt like that was throwing a bone to the fans. Like the administration was saying "We know you're pissed about us extending the football coach with the losing record. So here's the rivalry game you wanted back."
  12. There have been other changes beside Perry leaving the lineup. Early in the season, the freshmen were playing a lot more minutes. In the last 10 games or so, the staff has relied much more on the veterans for minutes - Doles and Champion in particular. Horton is a senior, Cerruti is a fifth-year senior and Champion in a sixth-year senior. That's a lot of experience and having the ball in their hands have meant less turnovers and better shots and Doles outside shooting opens up more space on offense.
  13. Good win today for 7 in a row and alone in first place.
  14. Feel terrible for Perry. That's an awful way to end things if that was his last college game.
  15. Good win considering no Neely and Perry having a terrible night. It seems like when Perry is playing really well everyone else just stands around and waits for him to do something. 2021 version of Paul Newman - Why did we recruit this guy? 2022 version of Paul Newman - Who can stop this guy?
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