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  1. Kellon Taylor to McNeese State.
  2. Some of my worst Florida memories. Yeesh.
  3. Is it just me or does it seem like they're "in discussion" about this series an awful lot. I swear, nuclear arms deals are done with less negotiations than this game.
  4. Well over 25% of all college basketball players are now in the transfer portal. I wonder if the NCAA should just starting assuming everyone is transferring and create a "staying portal for those guys who elect to stay at the same school."
  5. For the record, I did approach some of the coaches about this but it was quite a while ago. It was when Bob Ford was coaching. He read the board and then declined, which to be perfectly honest, I understood. With Zoom meetings and twitter, I kind of think the need for a chat with board members has kind of passed. I suspect most people follow the coaches on twitter and some likely interact with them. I'm not sure how much more would be gained from a live chat, maybe that's just me. Over the last few years I've wondered if message boards themselves are becoming obsolete. Many of the fans stay in contact through one or more of the other forms of social media.
  6. I don't have a problem with it either. The only time it can look/be skeevy is some college coaches hire high school coaches to "deliver" a recruit they used to coach in high school to their school. Some of the FBS football schools hire a bunch of "special assistants" who are high school coaches, to bring recruits from their old high schools with them. BTW, I never meant to imply that's it's going on here. Just answering the question.
  7. That was the Scott Beeten era. I'm not sure we want to take too many examples from that!
  8. I haven't seen much evidence of that. I think if Will Brown had brought in a player from D2 Lock Haven (Cerruti), some people would have gone crazy - maybe I'm wrong. There wasn't much reaction here. Not knocking Cerruti or Newman. It seems like Newman was brought in so Champion would stay in Albany.
  9. I don't take hiring a recruit's high school coach as a step in the right direction. Hopefully that's not why it was done but I guess we'll see.
  10. I thought the defense played well enough to win in the last couple of games. The receiving corp is a mess. There was dropoff from last year, and then the injuries. Can really hope they get some experience in the spring and improve for next fall. Curious if Mofor will play again the fall. I'm surprised we don't have another back to rotate in once in a while. He did a lot of work today.
  11. Had we played a full conference season I thought Kelly would have been an easy all-conference pick. Top 10 in scoring and really efficient. Not surprised he's leaving. From the outside, Kelly and Horton seemed like they were recruited together since they were teammates at Pratt CC and we had also been recruiting Latik Murphy, also from Pratt.
  12. Agree with this. I suspect Woj getting ousted at Marquette it might take the shine off the hire but but I doubt many people pay that close attention. The transition from assistant to head coach can be tough. If you look at Brett Nelson who was the associate Head Coach at Marquette under Woj before Killings. He had a reputation as an ace recruiter and and X and O guy when he got his first head coaching job at Holy Cross. He's gone 8-40 so far at HC. Hopefully we've done better.
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