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  1. Maybe if there's an intersquad scrimmage they can stream it. I'd totally watch it.
  2. Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving in all this current weirdness. Remember to box out around the dessert table and maybe, just maybe, be able to watch a little college basketball.
  3. With no fresh games, I thought I offer this throwback to 2008. Albany 66 Columbia 49 Leading scoring was.... any guesses? keep guessing... Jerel Hastings with 15 points. I know, I never would have guessed it either. Weirdest thing from the box score - a team with Anthony Raffa, Logan Aronhalt and Billy Allen didn't hit a single three pointer in this game. The whole team went 0-11 from three. VISITORS: ALBANY 3-2 TOT-FG 3-PT REBOUNDS ## Player Name FG-FGA FG-FGA FT-FTA OF DE
  4. Not optimistic about seeing many games and never really was. In the spring of 2020, some friends who work at a health care provider told me their headquarters would be remote until summer of 2021. That's when life would possibly begin to resemble "normal." If Covid were a plumbing issue, I would listen to plumbers. If Covid were a legal issue, I would listen to lawyers. But it's a health issue so I've listened to people in the health care industry. I also had a client who is younger than me (earlier 40s with no previous health conditions) get Covid. They were in a coma for a month, hospi
  5. Thanks for posting that. It felt good to listen to some basketball talk. I'll be curious to see where Lulka plays if we get some games in this year. From out recruiting, it almost looks like they'll play him at the center spot and rotate with Hank.
  6. Sadly, I agree. Whenever I see the odds on who's going to win a game, I think the odds should be if there's going to be a game instead. Anyway, both the men and women were picked fourth in the preseason poll yesterday and Cam Healy was all-conference.
  7. Realized the upgrade left the registration process on the most relaxed setting. I've since tightened things up and booted some "members."
  8. I haven't heard that story/rumor but it wouldn't surprise me. I haven't been optimistic we'll be seeing games this winter but I'll happily be wrong. It's looking more and more like we're in for a long winter.
  9. I don't know who Last Word on Sports is, but they pick us second in the AE. They also love Jarvis Doles who they pick as the AE sixth man of the year. https://lastwordonsports.com/basketball/2020/10/23/2020-21-america-east-basketball-preview/
  10. You guys don't miss a trick. Eli wasn't talking about you cwdickens. A spammer slipped through and posted some stuff. I banned their account. Thanks for the heads-up!
  11. Offer out to Latik Murphy, a JUCO guard originally from Chicago.
  12. Syracuse will probably intentionally miss the playoffs just to avoid playing in Albany.
  13. Thanks for the reminder. I gotta run some updates.
  14. Looks like we've added SF William Kondrat to the roster as a non-scholarship player. Kondrat is transferring in from Niagara Community College. If I'm reading it right, I think Kondrat went to the same high school as Travis Charles, so I like him already.
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