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  1. RE: SBU and Bing...All I'm saying is Brown needs to start winning or academic honors or not he's not going to be here much longer. Today is a must win...we/he can't afford another first round exit. What happened years is becoming more and more irrelevant with each passing season.
  2. I mean there is probably some amount of correlation between good teams and how well the players do in the classroom (basketball IQ, etc.)...but to suggest this is why he should be kept as coach in perpetuity (or on a super long leash) and allow him to go 500 year in year out, not sure I agree with that.
  3. While I agree that Brown's ability to bring in quality men into this program is fantastic...he is paid to win ball games and being all academic or having a roster full of all academics does not win ball games.
  4. https://ualbanysports.com/news/2021/2/26/ualbany-athletics-remembers-bill-ziskin.aspx
  5. It's really not that complicated to re-broadcast a feed to UA fans from whatever school they are playing. I could literally do it with 15 minutes of setup and a program called OBS Studio. If we can't staff a proper A/V department, then just make agreements with our opponents to provide their feed to UA fans.
  6. At least it's FloFootball for the FB season. I think we had one game there last year and the streaming service was good, so happy to hear that.
  7. Regular season records are great but they don't win championships. I'd rather go 15-15 and win the AE title than go 25-5 and lose in the 1st round. Brown is paid to win AE titles and fact of the matter is he got bounced out of the first round multiple times in the last 5 years. Actually, here are the stats... 2015-2016 = 24 wins = inexcusable loss to Hartford in the first round. Upset of all upsets. SEFCU arena was SHOCKED when it happened. 2016-2017 = 21 wins = lost to Vermont in the final. Fine, I'll give you that one...it was Vermont in Vermont. Tough place. 2017-2018 = 22 wins =
  8. Last Up: W (67-59) vs Stony Brook Next Up: vs NJIT (7-11, 6-10 AE)Time/Date: 2/27/21 @ 5:00PMTV/Streaming: ESPN+Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FMESPN Matchup Predictor: UA 62.2% chance of winning UAlbany Wins ** Albany stats are the left side in each grouping ** Opponent Type LOC ATN PTS FGM FGA FG% 3PTM 3PTA 3PT% FTM FTA FT% REB AST STL BLK TO FOUL Vermont AE Away - 63 62 23 23 49 58 46.9% 39.7% 5 10 18 29 27.8% 34.5% 12 6 20 9 60.0% 66.7% 30 33 9 14 7 3 3 4 13 14 17 18 NJIT AE Home - 83 75 30 30 57 59
  9. Okay, nice! The Attack (IIRC that was the team we had) had a pretty good run here. Hoping they stick around this time. I really regret not going to their games or those of the River Rats/Devils when they were here. AFL is just a poorly run league so I'm glad it's not them again. I think there is even one or two instances where the same ownership group owns multiple AFL teams lol. What a disaster.
  10. I'm not sure I "love" Gattuso but I will give credit where it is due after being one of those who wanted him gone. Good for him that he was able to find a QB and turn things around. We'll know if he's the guy for the long term if Undercuffler graduates and we stay good. Same for Brown. Although he had 15 years or so of pretty good success, the last 3, 4, 5 years have been pretty poor all things considered when our goal was championships. 1 or 2 down years happens...but half a decade? That's becoming a problem.
  11. Probably another stupid Arena Football League team which will fold in 1 year, come back the next, fold again, come back again, rinse repeat.
  12. He said that? Openly? In an interview? Not sure I agree with that strategy...our best years were when our core 4-5 guys were 4 year players...look where our teams have been when our core has been JUCO fill-ins (like this year). Mediocre at best.
  13. I think a 1yr contract or a coach going into the end of a contract is a bad idea...4 years players may not be interested in coming here and the only guys you'll be able to get are JUCO's and 1yr graduate players. I know a coaches contract would be a decent part of the equation for me if I was a college athlete looking at schools.
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