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  1. Last Up: L (19-16) vs Maine Next Up: @ Towson (3-4, 2-2 CAA) Time/Date: 10/30/21 @ 2:00PM TV/Streaming: FloFootball Local Radio: 104.5 One order for an 0-8 football team, coming right up!
  2. Thoughts: LOL at the crowd in the opening TV shots of the stadium. If there is any proof needed of why GG and MB need to be fired, it's that. Nice fall day and there is like 1,000 people in an 8,500 person stadium. What a joke. Yet another player disqualified after a personal foul. This team is so undisciplined. I don't remember the last time we had multiple player ejected in a single season since going to the CAA. And then you had #44 with another 15 yard penalty. With the whole transfer portal business, IMO, JUC is going to leave after the season. I'm willing to guess that he's not interested in a QB battle, especially after his 2019 season. Either he regressed or the system changed and he doesn't like it cause his stats are not good and a FAR cry from 2019. Good thing is Carino seems like a viable replacement. Wouldn't be surprised if someone like Verse or Alexander also moves on - guys want to win and this is not a winning team or program and not even remotely trending in the right direction. We hit new lows of ineptitude on a weekly basis. Picture of the crowd sometime in the early 2nd quarter. This is PATHETIC. Benson and co should be ashamed.
  3. Can't read the article due to TU's paywall but if it's anything like his commentary in the past, why is he always putting players and coaches on notice but never himself? I'd gain a massive ton of respect for him if he said something like, "you know, if I can't win more games then I'd fire me too!" or something lol. Clown show. I will once again be watching this game late tonight on replay because I can't be bothered to make time for it during a day off. If I was still in Albany, don't know if I'd even attend. Every week it feels like we hit rock bottom but every week we learn that there is more to the bottom than we thought.
  4. Just in the event that PDF goes tits up into the ether at some point, going to store these online for all to marvel at.
  5. You're wrong. Losing is NOT his style. He is an expert and we should be lucky to have him. He told me so in 2017. Something along the lines of, "I've spent 30 years learning how to win games and frankly I don't care if you like the offense I choose to run." Do you consider yourself lucky to have him?
  6. There was a master plan floating around but at this point, it's probably out dated in some respects? @Clickclack used to refer to it.
  7. No Jets, Heat, F1 or MotoGP today so I had time... Key takeaways: Team is very good OOC, at least at home. Team is VERY bad in conference, home or away, winning only a third of the games. In 8 years, we are 12 games below .500. On average, Gattuso lead Albany teams in the CAA lose by nearly 2 scores, so the constant post-game/post-season mantra of "we were so close" is bogus. Bob Ford, in his lone CAA season, lost games on average by 17.6 points with a bunch of NEC players and a scholarship disadvantage.
  8. Interesting. Thank you Alum! But curious, how exactly does it impact it?
  9. Yes, 2nd quarter. I sincerely apologize Bob 😂. And lol @ the creditability dig 😂. Is that supposed to offend me? I don't claim to be an x's and o's expert lol. Gattuso does. If I was, GG would be the forum hot-taker and I'd be HC 😂. Instead, you'll have to deal with my hot takes (or don't, up to you lol). Whether it should have been an FG or kneel down is irrelevant, throwing the ball was still an idiotic decision and I'm sure we can agree on that. 0-6. That's the only thing that matters at the end of the day. ================= That being said:
  10. Forgot the students-on-vacation aspect. If this is accurate info, that is a terrible decision.
  11. Did I hear DK say during the halftime chat with Wyland that the BPG is 12/11 vs Columbia? Isn't BPG almost ALWAYS against Vermont or another top AE team in conference play?
  12. Last Up: L (17-10) vs Villanova Next Up: vs Maine (2-4, 1-3 CAA) Time/Date: 10/23/21 @ 1:00PM TV/Streaming: FloFootball Local Radio: 104.5 One order for an 0-7 football team, coming right up!
  13. I'm dyin. These posts are gold. Haggy had me in the first half though lol. Roger is absolutely brutal to listen too and the dude is such a homer. I hate listening to other teams' guys when they are homers and I can only imagine how people feel about Roger. This program is such trash. What was that playcall at the end of the 2nd half? Try a long FG, can't be any worse. Instead, we throw it and it gets picked. What if that went for 6? Stupid stupid stupid idiots.
  14. I only watch to see how laughably undisciplined and unimaginative we look with our playcalls. I'll be watching the replay late tonight, going to spend the good part of the day enjoying the lazy river at Adventure Island Busch Gardens. That's how pathetic our program is. I used to set EVERYTHING aside for UA sports (even left church early a few times lol). Now? Couldn't be bothered.
  15. I was basing it on my own experience but that's fair, it should matter to everyone. When I was single, I was far more apt to blow $80 on a game than I am as a married man lol. Now I gotta think about the family and sometimes even get approval lol. But I agree, parking should never cost more than a ticket to a game.
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