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  1. Or they declined to be interviewed because it's a rope around UA's neck...
  2. So I logged into the portal. Looks like I can pay $15 for each game? I don't need to buy them all? I also see nothing mentioned about GDAC. My balance due was $28 ($3 of which was a web fee - I think I paid $53 last time w/ a fee also which puts me at $75). My understanding is that Section 205 is $75 for ticket + $75 contribution for $150 total. I've completed the payment for my ticket, but I see NOTHING on my profile for the contribution.
  3. I'll be joining the duece party soon enough...hoping for LCC as well. If you're ever in Tampa and you like burritos, you MUST go to "Crazy Burrito" and have their "Signature Crazy Burrito". So good.
  4. Man, it's been a while since I used TNR then cause that thing looked like something a middle schooler would pick for an essay in 7th grade hah.
  5. I was going to comment that earlier but didn't want to be that guy. Glad I'm not alone. DK needs an editor and the editor should have told him to use Arial or Courier, not whatever the heck that font is.
  6. Try incognito or inprivate tab (right click on link). I just tested and it's fine. But I agree with you overall...the main page for the AD should be THE most up to date information place we have.
  7. UA's instagram and other social media accounts are public, not private, so you do not need to follow or subscribe to them to see their posts. You can test this by opening the link Dickens shared in incognito mode. That being said (I haven't checked), if the schedule was shown on Instagram but is NOT updated on the website...then yeah, that's pretty typical of our current AD overall.
  8. I know who she is lol...I was joking because he insinuated earlier that CapitalEliteAgency was not a good enough source.
  9. So, you saw the post, you reacted to it (sad emoji is what you used) but yet still no context...what happened? People want to know.
  10. Who is Jamie Brown? Unverified source! We can't trust that user. (Dickens...probably)
  11. Let us know how you make out and what it all is for.
  12. What happened on Thursday, July 22nd, 2021? Zero context and have no idea what you're talkin bout. Or as Gary Coleman once said:
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