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  1. Also, it was Reeves who was wide open in the first OT and walzed right into the end zone. The hole was very plain and was open all day. Again, it was open all day.
  2. Are you his brother ot family member? Kid has no arm strength.WRs bailed him out, he's not the answer. Not to mention he throws a Joe Kapp ball, fuggly! To underscore my point. Your coaches saw that our DBs could not play with your WR's. Brunson kept hitting your WR Diggs, who I think is 5 11, over our guy Jordan, who was 5-9. Diggs had 5 receptions, probably all of them over the head of Jordan. Our DBs were chasing your WRs all day and our guys would not turn around to watch the ball. That was coaching and execution by Albany.
  3. Congrats on the win. Funny that is what you saw because no one here likes Brunson. I also think UA as outcoached today. Some terrible decisions by the staff but mostly the OC. EDIT: Maybe no one is a bit strong. There are a few people who do. The jury is still out for me personally. No way. You guys took advantage all day long with the out plays and the holes in our defense. We run a 4-2-5. There were openings that Brunson saw the entire game. Your O-line is young, but Albany destroyed Richmond in time of possession 36 minutes to 23 minutes. You kept our D on the field and wore them down. You shut down our running game.
  4. Brunson is the real deal. He put up 339 yards today. He will be the best QB in the conference next year. Your coach out-coached Richmond's. Albany shredded Richmond's 4-2-5 all day. Albany outplayed Richmond today and should have gotten the win.
  5. Albany matches up well against Richmond. Richmond has trouble stopping strong backs, which Mofor is. If your defense played like it did against Elon, expect an Albany win.
  6. I take exception with the well-coached comment *snicker snicker*. You must not have watched the inept playcalling we have exhibited in every game this year on the offensive side of the ball lol. Offensive talent (Morfor, receivers, etc.) won't matter if your coach can't put you in a position to exploit said talent. If they call another game with their heads up their rears, it's a lock for a Richmond W. Albany is ranked in the top 5 of every defensive category in the CAA. You have the type of RB in Mofor that Richmond has trouble stopping. If Albany puts our QB on his back, it will be a long game for Richmond. Just 2 weeks ago, Albany beat a very good Villanova team.
  7. Richmond Fan here. By the way, I have no idea what to expect. Your team is very well-coached and your defense is strong. If you run the ball at the right side of our D-line, which is what Elon did, you might have a field day. The Elon RB put up 299 yards against Richmond, 2 weeks ago. It was a tough game to watch. I am certain your coaching staff watched the film. We could have stacked 9 guys on the right side of the line and we still couldn't have stopped him. Our running game this year has been non-existent, which is surprising, because we have very good backs. We are 0 for 7 on 4th and short this year. Our Coach has said that we will depend on the passing game more.
  8. The game is being shown locally on CSN+, which has been rebranded as NBC Sports Washington. You might be able to get the game streamed through Comcast/ NBC Sports. Here is the link. http://www.nbcsports.com/washington/ontv
  9. The trainers are not looking at Summers. He is expected to play in the 2H.
  10. The winner of this game will have the inside track to the playoffs.
  11. Albany counters with Mofor. Time for play action. How good is your QB.
  12. Richmond fan here. Albany must stop Summers. He is most of Elon's offense.
  13. Great win over Nova tonight. Albany has a bright future in the CAA
  14. Richmond fan here. You have a great coach and a solid team. IMHO, Albany makes the playoffs this year.