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  1. I think it’s pretty standard to expand the rotation out of conference then tighten up for conference play. Most likely will see a steady 8 man rotation with spot minutes here and there for 9/10 based on game situations. Also, likely to see more disciplined offensive sets to get better shots. Not going to run a lot of your set motions now to get certain kids certain shots. We are seeing the front end of many offensive sets without the final options in play
  2. Hey gang. Caught parts of the game yesterday, tough one. I see a lot of comments about the team playing together, etc. I would submit to everyone, that the biggest area to look for growth is with the coaching staff. Going from assistant to HC is a HUGE leap, especially when that leap is not with your home program. I think DK will be fine, but in-game coaching, managing rotations, timeouts, pace of play, adjusting the game plan, responding to kids emotions and doing it all at the same time is something you only learn from experience.
  3. Was following game online then decided to tune in late. So glad I did. Hopefully the W sends the team on a run. First half and second half, a matter of execution. Danes are always prepared.
  4. Hello everyone. Wasn’t sure where to post this then I saw the questions about where is David. Looks like you all got most of it right. He is playing in Cyprus and doing well. Recently launched a business during his downtime between games and so far looks like his decision to pass on the G League for Europe was the right call. Wanted to post an interview David recently did as I thought (based on previous discussions) you may enjoy the content. At the 1:06 mark David is asked to compare the coaching staffs at UA and FSU. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hear-the-spear/id1277871274?i=1000464334984
  5. I sort of understand and sort of don’t. Tough shots yes. David took a lot of them. But what’s crazy is that he probably shoots better with people all over him than standing wide open. Crazy, but some kids are tough shot makers. Now don’t get me wrong tough shots are different than bad shots. And when David gets going, let me tell you, every shot to him is a good shot. It’s so hard to coach that out of a kid because it’s often than over confidence and self belief that got the kid to the level they are playing. I only humbly submit one thing as the person who had a little bit to do with David’s game. Circus shots. Unlikely. There was never any fancy dribbling or a bunch of circus shots allowed. David is WAY more Joe Dumars than James Harden. No wasted motion or moves without a purpose. You are going to have to show me the tape on fancy dribbling or circus shots. Those are no no’s. Now, long shots are different. If you are considering a shot a step or two behind the line a bad shot then we are going to disagree. We call those layups. LOL.
  6. We love the Danes. Still follow the games, watch when I can. Have nothing but respect for Coach Brown and the staff and it goes beyond basketball. And BTW David was a much better basketball player his junior year than his sophomore year. Only difference was he missed more shots during the first half of the season. But man, Coach Brown had him doing so many little things better it was astonishing. David played in the ACC not because of the points he scored his sophomore year but because of the improvement of his defensive footwork, his MUCH improved decision making, the practical elimination of free throw line to free throw line turnovers (not all TOs are the same). Hell, David’s biggest disappointment JR year was not making all defensive team. The mere fact that he started the year with that being his biggest goal was all Coach Brown. When he sent me that text I thought it was from one of my other players:).
  7. David’s decision to transfer happened in about a 12 hour span weeks after the season. I know you don’t know me, but if David didn’t transfer after his Freshman year when he didn’t play or sophomore year when damn near every school in the country reached out through friends of friends there was no plan during the season. Never discussed or considered until well after the season ended. He hadn’t even completed his requirements for graduation. Something he could have knocked out of easily during the season.
  8. I don’t think the kids read the message board, but enough people around them do that I am sure they were aware. Now if you said Twitter or Instagram, they definitely see it. I have seen some of the Clark/Nichols comparisons and they are really not good comps. But it would take such a detailed basketball conversation to explain the differences it’s not worth it. Don’t get me wrong. David was/is and forever will be a shoot first PG. Trust me, I am a 30 year coach and we would battle and argue so no one knows better than me. But David is also one of the smartest players I ever coached. And EVERY coach he has played for would talk about his knowledge of the game. Often too smart for his own good to be honest. When David played for me, I would scream at him about what I though was a bonehead or selfish play, then we would watch the tape and damn it he always saw something I missed. You all don’t see that not should you. Fans should be fans and judge by what you see. I never have or will have a problem with any criticism of his or any kids game. Just not my cup of tea, even as a fan, but have at it. My only problem I ever have is questions of character, etc. Too many personal biases seep in when people try to explain why someone does something. We can disagree to our hearts content about the “What”, I get really protective over the “why’”. Oh and BTW, the story of Joe and David transferring was way more matter of fact than salacious. Nothing bad, no hard feelings, none of that. But that’s their story to tell not mine.
  9. I assume some of you won’t engage with me because based on the way I see you talk about the kids you probably slammed my son. LOL. But as it relates to Brown he is as solid as it gets as a coach. Do I agree with everything he does? Of course not, but he can coach.
  10. You are of course entitled to your opinion, and you probably have seen more Dane ball than me. But I have a pretty good source who said; ‘There has never been a game where we weren’t the better prepared team’.
  11. I am personally a huge proponent of 2 for 1 but the analytics suggests you end up with two crappy shots. For most coaches it’s like fouling when you are up 3 at the end of a game, you either for or against.
  12. Come on. Not a perfect half by any stretch but you have an ACC team down two on the road.
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