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  1. Definitely not looking good. Even if the season does happen for conference games only, I am thinking it will look ugly with so much less practices than some of the other teams. Will we have enough talent to overcome the more preparation the other teams have. Back to the original point of this post - I would attend games today if we were allowed. The stands have been mostly socially distanced for the last few years anyway. I would wear a mask to help keep others safe, but wouldn't care if the people sitting next to me didn't. I'm still a fan of working towards herd immunity. I would hope t
  2. Great interview with Will Brown talking about this year's team and what he expects. He seemed pretty high on the transfers and Amica. No real talk about Hank or Lulka in the interview. It's a couple of days old, as it is from the first day of latest pause. So little news on the team this year, so it's great to hear some news. Some great other conversations with UA people if you look at the past podcasts from this group.
  3. And yes I think they will play all 22 games. I also think that we will see fans in the seats by the end of the season. I mean the arena has already been pretty "socially distant" the last few years anyway.
  4. Maybe I spoke to soon on the season happening. Just got the notification on the ESPN app that basketball activities were suspended today due to a "presumptively positive test for an individual associated with the program" Maybe we aren't in as good of a position as I thought.
  5. I was starting a betting line with my prediction. Looking at the games and what I know of the teams I felt that was a good spot to start as an optimistic fan with purple and gold glasses
  6. Since the season is no longer in doubt and we have a schedule - lets move the conversation out of the "2020-2021 season in doubt?" thread and start the conversation on the upcoming season! With a 22 games season, I'll start the prediction at: 13-9 final record 2020-21 UAlbany Men's Basketball Schedule Nov. 28 Marist W Dec. 3-4 BHOF Tip-Off Tournament L L Dec. 19-20 UMBC* L W Dec. 23 Bryant W Jan. 2-3 at Vermont* L W Jan. 9-10 Stony Brook* W W
  7. Just saw this article... Not sure if it was shared before. https://www.midmajormadness.com/2020/7/22/21334107/the-best-dog-logo-in-sports-university-albany-great-danes-college-basketball
  8. I assume that the Times Useless just forgot Cam exists and he didn't leave the team, but still - considering he is probably a first team AE player this year its a pretty big oversight.
  9. Instagram? WTF is that lol. All kidding aside, I never log into that site.
  10. This was supposed to be the year with no Lamb and that big freshman class stepping into their junior year. The success of this season, IMHO, will be decided be the following: 1. Will Lulka be healthy and provide what we thought he would as he hit his junior and senior year. 2. Will JoJo be healthy and provide even 75% of what he did at Northern Arizona 3. Will Hank continue to improve on the offensive end. Has he improved his hands and ability to catch the ball 4. Will Rizzuto show more than just a glimpse of what he brought as a freshman. 5. Will Hutch sho
  11. I saw your comments. They are all great questions. I myself am not afraid to visit the UA campus, but that's another conversation. I am hoping for some additional communication from the school soon.
  12. My Facebook memories just reminded me that this is the one year anniversary of last year's purple and gold scrimmage. I have a tradition of taking a pic at the scrimmage of my son with the tallest player on the team that started with Richard Peters when my son was 5. This would be the 7th pic at age 11. Guess we are skipping a year ... 🤬
  13. 104.5 the team posted that it could be a possibility. I read the article the same way btw.
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