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  1. Tuesday 7/27 was amazing as well. I dropped a duece that looked just like the LCC "S". See how easy it is to provide context to what you are talking about?
  2. I'm sure it's something posted on Instagram that he isn't sharing a link to because of the crap we give him for posting Instagram links (justifiably). Definitely makes me giggle wondering what he is referring to with this thread, but since I have absolutely zero interest in using Instagram, logging into that site, I won't even research what this post might be referring to.
  3. I keep seeing concession revenue in conversations on attendance. Until a new contract is in place, please stop using this in your calculations of revenue. The athletic department could care less how much is sold during games. They have a contract with the current vendor, awarded from an RFP, where the vendor rents space at a certain rate. No matter what they sell or don't sell, UA collects the same. This could change in the next contract, so the more butts in the seats today will mean more competition and better bids during the next contract, but for today it makes no difference.
  4. Anyone listen to this ESPN podcast (Courtside with Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich) that had killings as a guest? https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/blubbering-and-dwayne-killings-edition/id970147132?i=1000525000300 Kind of funny to listen to him dodge the questions about the "great facilities" at UAlbany...
  5. Cam transferred, Lulka graduated and I believe is going into teaching ... does anyone have any update on Brent Hank? I noticed that he doesn't seem to be mentioned in any of the UA instagram posts. It wouldn't surprise me if he left, but I always loved watching him play. Such a huge human. He is still listed on a bunch of the roster lists I have found, including Verbal Commits and other spots.
  6. Anyone have any updates on where Brown will be landing? Assistant somewhere? I've heard rumors of him becoming the head coach at D3 Colby-Sawyer College (NH). Seems like a pretty big drop. https://hoopdirt.com/daily-dirt-small-college-search-updates/
  7. Looks like the athlon sports preseason football rankings are out. Looks like they have UA at #26 (Technically the first school named as "On the Cusp") https://athlonsports.com/college-football/athlon-sports-preseason-fcs-top-25-2021 Other CAA teams: 1. James Madison 5. Delaware 16. Villanova 22. New Hampshire 26. UAlbany 32. Rhode Island 33. Richmond
  8. Actually a ton of offers no one has posted lately. Lots of high level players.
  9. Enjoyed the zoom meeting last night. Not sure who else was on, as they did not show participants. I was a little league game during it, so I was only half paying attention. Interesting comment I did catch though. Coach K saying that the team would go as far as Jamel Horton took them as he grew as a leader, not necessarily as a player, but as a leader. Seems to have all the confidence in the team growing and improving and competing, especially if he is staying his returning starting PG might not be important as a player. I know that's not what he was saying in reality, and I dont reme
  10. With another scholarship being given yesterday, that means one of the following: 1. Hank is leaving 2. Someone else is leaving 3. Someone is walking on 4. The team is using whatever waivers are available and are allowed to go over the limit of 13 because people are staying that could have graduated. I don't know if UAs budget will allow for additional ships, but if I understand the rules correctly, for every person that should have exhausted their eligibility last year, but decided to stay because of the COVID rule change adds an additional scholarship for this
  11. With that done, that means we have a complete scholarship roster set now. The only real question mark being Brent Hank. I've always liked him and thought he deserved more time than he got. With Cam and Brent both leaving though I could see Brent leaving as well. If that's the case we would still have another Scholly to give.
  12. By now I'm sure most of you have heard this, but Hartford has now announced that the rumors were true, and the board has voted... Hartford is going back to Division 3. They will remain D1 until existing scholarships end.
  13. There are now multiple reports of it growing significantly bigger with additional members of the basketball team, and members of the UVM Hockey team and other athletes. Allegations of multiple gang rapes, heavy partying, and a culture of bad things. Its gonna blow up big.The Lt. Governor of Vermont tweeted about it yesterday. I'm hoping our new assistant coach had nothing to do with it and no trouble flows our way in the aftermath. As always, its innocent until proven guilty for all parties involved, but the sheer number of new complaints and accusations is troubling to say the lea
  14. I have a great friend, and fellow UA grad, that moved to Naples from Albany about 5 years ago. PM me and I'll get you his contact info if you are still looking for folks to meet. #purplefam
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