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  1. You could be right. As much as I would like to have him back on the team, I think thats just the Albany fan in me dreaming.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_P992YBwjb/?utm_source=ig_embed Interesting comment from jack burgmaster about deleting that post. TD back to Albany?
  3. It will be interesting to see how this effects spring sports
  4. After quickly fast-forwarding through some of the replay I placed too much blame on Altimari. In a close game like you want to see players give it everything they have all the time, similar to running through first base on a ground ball. I agree with all thats been said about 6 on 6 defense. Communication and slides have been improving every week. There have been a lot of changes made during the first few games of the season that usually get ironed out in the preseason. The team has been improving since week 1 and as they get more practice and game time together they should continue to get better. Hay has a good stick and helps a lot with clears and transition, he even had one or two shot backups yesterday, but I think his on ball defense is where he can improve the most. I caught some of the Duke vs Richmond game this weekend and heard Quint mention how Danowski has been throwing a lot of players on the field just trying to see what works, but said its time for him to set the depth chart and let his top guys play. It seems like the same thing is going on at Albany. Outside of the offensive and defensive starters, and a few midfielders, it doesnt seem like there is any structure to the depth chart. Theres been a lot of experimenting with players in close games and critical situations when your top guys should be in make sure the game doesnt get away. In addition to the others mentioned Chase Noah also got his first action yesterday.
  5. This team is good when then can control the faceoff and don't have to play defense. Altimari looked good at times but his complete lack of effort when in pursuit after losing faceoffs gave harvard multiple fast break goals, coaches cant let that happen. Unsettled/ transition defense is horrible, nate didn't play well for three quarters but the defense is constantly giving up high percentage opportunities and leaving him out to dry. Hay has work to do, I don't think hes one of the top three close defenders on the team. Otherwise, the defense plays hard and with a lot of effort and has done well creating turnovers and forcing shot clock violations. Theres no Fields or Thompson on this team but Patterson and Nanticoke are the best, and most experienced players on offense, and should be initiating most of the time. Tehoka might not have elite vision as a passer but he seems to be feeling doubles better this year and moving the ball when he needs to. He gets defenses rotating and out of position. The offense as a unit feels like its lacking an identity and hasnt hit its stride completely. Could be due to patterson and John missing preseason and fall ball. Theyre getting good looks but havent been cashing in on the "easy" and high percentage looks. What happened to Mccomber? Hes been MIA the past two games. Its been touched on by others but the team doesnt look well coached at times. Theres sloppy play, unforced turnovers and sometimes lack of effort. Theres still work to be done if this team want to win the AE and be competitive in the tournament. Unrelated to the game, but as someone who can make it to games the video production of the online streams has gotten worse this year. The commentators are great but way too often the cameras are following players sub off the field or are focused on midfield while theres action going on out of frame.
  6. After such a strong fall and preseason watching the game against Cornell was incredibly frustrating and disappointing. Marr needs to pick a fogo and give him a chance. His idea of putting a pole out for the faceoff and making it a 50-50 ground ball seems like a good idea in theory, but albany isnt a strong ground ball team thats going to win those ground balls. And on top of that it increases opponents chance for a fast break and an easy goal, which we saw often yesterday and last season. Its also time to move away from two middies, theres a reason why at least 95% of D1 doesnt play two way middies. Were making offensive guys play defense and its hurting the team more than its helping. Opposing teams target our SSDM every game and it works for them because its a huge hole in the defense. I know albany's identity is playing fast and pushing transition and that can still be accomplished without two way middies because of the poles we have, specifically Hay and Piseno. If we have dedicated SSDM who practice with the close defense week in and week out than maybe it will help with communication and slides which was an issue in yesterdays game and has been a problem for years. I'm not ready to give up on the season after one game especially when it looks like a couple changes can go a long way. At the same time I'm not sure the coaching staff will make any changes, Marr seems stuck in his ways.
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