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Basketball team plays softball


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A friend of mine was on campus and said he saw the Men's basketball team playing softball on the women's softball field.


It appeared to be the veterans against the coaches and new guys.


He said he hopes they are better hoopers than softball players. He didn't know the final result but said each team scored over 30 runs in the 9 inning event.


Of the new guys he said Dyson is quite big, Brent Wilson appeared stronger than he anticipated ( he thought he was going to be very skinny). He thought that B. Connelly was their on his official visit and said he looked like a good sized kid who still may mature in his last year of HS.


Of the vets He said Levi looked like he shed some weight and looked ready to play and both Jamar and Lucious looked to be in good shape.


I wish they would have mentioned the game I would have tried to get over to the campus just to see the newbies for the first time.

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It's funny I attend quite a few on campus athletic events and I personally have seen Men's Basketball players at events such as:



Men's Soccer

Women's Hoops






It's tough on some athletes - I know with basketball they have pre season conditioning, individual work outs they want to play some ball and they go to school. During the season it's even crazier.


I imagine they support other athletes as much as they get supported by them. Being a sholarship athlete doesn't allow you as much free time as many of you would like to believe.

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D2K3 - You know that's not right. When's the last time either one of us have seen a men's soccer player anywhere but Varsity Field?



Prof - I agree the men's team is very supportive of the football and women's hoops teams. I look forward to cheering with them again this season. Maybe one day they and Will's dad, I think he's at most games, can convince Will to come out and support Trina and the job she has done.

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This is true. Men's soccer is probably the worst in terms of not attending other events. Part of this can be attributed to the fact that carrying their pesky green cards around with them at all times might get to be a bit tedious. No I kid I kid. It's because they're all in their English as second language for mediocre futbol players on full scholarship classes.

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Dane Man,


I don't know how many women's game Coach Brown has seen but I know during conference play if the men are home the women are away. I don't know how many chances he would have.


Also, maybe he has his reasons for not watching


1. He is busy preparing his team for it's next game

2. Maybe he'd like to spend time with his wife and son

3. Maybe he has no interest in women's hoop. Alot of people don't like women's hoop.




Also, remember that these girls on the womens team are still Mari Warners. Judge Patterson after this season when they lose all of Warners players who are the best players!


Remember, she still has had two losing seasons in two years!

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I don't think you can expect the Women's or Men's Head Coaches to be out supporting each others programs by attending games. Both their in season schedules are ridiculous and they both have alot of behind the scenes work going on plus they do have a right to some family life.


I do think all of us should support both programs and not play one against the other.


Remember, their teams are their future and this is how they make their living. Coaching at the DI level is big business and high pressure - both coaches are trying to build programs of their own.

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