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I was discussing my lack of knowledge of the libero at last weeks $iena game so I decided to look it up. It pretty much seems that you can designate a server who you can sub into the backline to serve at any time but there has to be a rally in between libero substitutions. If you're having trouble sleeping I suggest you read the full NCAA rule.


The Libero Player

ARTICLE 5. One libero player may be designated for each game by indicating

that player’s number on the lineup sheet for that game. If a libero is not listed on the lineup sheet for a game, the team may not use a libero in

that game. The libero may be designated as the playing captain.

a. Playing actions:

1. The libero is restricted to perform as a back-row player, and is not

allowed to complete an attack hit from anywhere (including the

playing court and free zone) if, at the moment of contact, the ball is

entirely above the top of the net. (See Rule 13-5-1 and Signal 24.)

2. The libero may not block or attempt to block. (See Rule 13-6-1.)

3. In one rotation, the libero may replace the player in position No.

1 to serve. (See Rule 10-2-1.)

4. Ateammate may not complete an attack-hit when, at the moment of

the attack-hit, the ball is entirely above the top of the net and the ball

is coming from an overhand finger pass by a libero in the front zone

or the opponent’s free zone. (See Signal 24, Official’s Mechanics, then

indicate the libero.) The ball may be freely attacked if the libero

makes the same action from behind the front zone. If airborne, the

libero's position is judged according to the point of last contact with

her team's court.

b. Libero replacements:

1. The libero is allowed to replace any player in a back-row position.

2. Replacements involving the libero are not counted as substitutions,

and are unlimited. There must be at least one rally between two

libero replacements, unless the libero is replacing the player in posi-tion

No. 1 and will serve the next rally. The libero can only be

replaced by the player whom she replaced. An incorrect libero

replacement is sanctioned with a team delay if the officials identify

and correct the situation prior to the next service contact. If identified

after service contact, a position fault results.

3. Replacements can only take place after the end of a rally or at the

start of each game after the second referee has verified the starting

lineup. The replacement must occur while the ball is out of play and

before the authorization for service.

A replacement made after the authorization for service but before

service contact will not be rejected, but a verbal warning will beissued. Subsequent late replacements in the match will result in a

team delay sanction.

4. A libero and the player replaced by the libero must enter or leave the

court only by the sideline in front of their team bench between the

attack line and the end line. Exception: In one rotation, the libero

can replace the player in position No. 1 and serve the next rally even

if she is already on the court in replacement of another player. In this

situation, the libero does not have to exit the court before replacing

the player in position No. 1.

c. The libero must wear a uniform shirt or jersey that is immediately rec-ognized

from all angles as being in clear contrast to and distinct from

the other members of the team. The primary color of the libero’s jer-sey/

shirt must be different from any color that appears on more than 25

percent of the body of her teammate’s jerseys. In determining the body

of the uniforms, the sleeves and collar should be ignored. The libero

uniform must have a legal number. (See Rule 7-1-2.) The style and trim

of the libero’s shirt or jersey may differ from her teammates’, but her

shorts must be identical to her teammates’.

d. If the libero is injured and cannot continue play, she must first be

replaced by the player whom she replaced. Then, a new libero may be

redesignated using the following criteria:

1. Redesignation does not need to occur immediately after the injury

and replacement, but may occur at the discretion of the


2. When redesignation does occur, any substitute may be redesignated

as libero for the injured libero. The injured libero may not play in the

remainder of that game.

3. The player redesignated as libero must wear a libero uniform as

described in Rule 11-2-5-c and must remain the libero for the rest of

the game. The redesignated libero’s uniform must have a unique

number (not worn by any teammate), but not necessarily the same

number with which the player started the match.

e. The libero may be used as an exceptional substitution for another

injured player if no other possible substitutes exist. When no longer

playing as a libero, that player must wear the same uniform as her

teammates, and the team continues play with no libero.

f. The libero may not be used as a substitute for an expelled or disquali-fied

teammate. If no legal substitute is available for an expelled or dis-qualified

teammate, that team will be declared incomplete and will

default the game or match, as appropriate. (See Rule 8-5-2-b.)

g. If the libero is expelled or disqualified while playing, she must be

replaced by the player whom she replaced. The team continues play

with no libero player.

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