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  1. I don't know who Last Word on Sports is, but they pick us second in the AE. They also love Jarvis Doles who they pick as the AE sixth man of the year. https://lastwordonsports.com/basketball/2020/10/23/2020-21-america-east-basketball-preview/
  2. You guys don't miss a trick. Eli wasn't talking about you cwdickens. A spammer slipped through and posted some stuff. I banned their account. Thanks for the heads-up!
  3. Offer out to Latik Murphy, a JUCO guard originally from Chicago.
  4. Syracuse will probably intentionally miss the playoffs just to avoid playing in Albany.
  5. Thanks for the reminder. I gotta run some updates.
  6. Looks like we've added SF William Kondrat to the roster as a non-scholarship player. Kondrat is transferring in from Niagara Community College. If I'm reading it right, I think Kondrat went to the same high school as Travis Charles, so I like him already.
  7. Ugh. The thing that could make this year worse is coming here and reading about politics. Is the UAlbany Esports team still playing this year?
  8. So, we're going to finish the year ranked again. We also hold on the Apple trophy for another year.
  9. We finally get a good quarterback and then, the zombie apocalypse.
  10. I think colleges and universities know that if they announce an all-online fall semester a lot of kids are going to take a gap year and those colleges and universities will lose a lot of money. Maybe they'll come up with some kind of 50% capacity plan. Either way, it doesn't look great for sports. Honestly, that's probably the least of my concerns right now but this is a sports message board.
  11. I have my doubts. There's been a lot of magical thinking over the past couple of months about this virus. I don't see things going back to "normal" until summer of 2021. I'd be really, really happy to be wrong about it.
  12. The Ivy League has cancelled all sports until 2021. Not a shock. Probably the first domino to fall in the chain.
  13. We've offered Albany Academy center Riley Mulvey.
  14. Our first non-animal mascot in the AE. I was skeptical about adding UMBC until they, you know, had the greatest upset in NCAA tournament history. I'm OK with them now.
  15. Jarvis Doles, a 6'9 PF from Drexel has cut his list to four schools and will decide in the next few weeks. Albany, Alabama A+M, Robert Morris and Alcorn State are the final four. Doles is a grad transfer with two years left to play.
  16. <begin sarcasm> It's really great to see political rancor on this board. It's really hard to find that anywhere else on the internet. <end sarcasm>
  17. This thread has tended to swerve into political nonsense that can be found on reddit, facebook or a zillion other sites that aren't about UAlbany athletics. If we could keep the topic to whether there will be a season next year or now, that would be awesome. Thanks, DP
  18. Funny that you mention Lamb in this thread. Kellon Taylor is basically the same height as Lamb and Andrew Garcia who were two of the better PFs in our conference. Sam Rowley was about the same size and our best post player in the D1 era. If we bring in another big, Taylor can certainly play up front. He was recruited to some A-10 and CAA schools coming out of high school and higher offers for football. I have to wonder if Duquense was the only school who would let him play both sports. I don't know much about the guy, but I have to say, a guy playing two D1 sports is probably a pret
  19. According to twitter, we've offered Isiah Jones, a 6'8 grad transfer from Southern Miss of Conference USA. Sounds like he'd have two years of eligibility.
  20. The AE board had a "What If" thread about recuits/players that didn't pan out. The Gallup thing was rough because he would have played a couple of years with Jamar had he not transferred. We could have been respectable much quicker. Things didn't turn out so bad though.
  21. Sounds like the one time waiver went from "lock" to "shaky". NCAA board of governors recommended against it today. If it doesn't pass, I wonder where this leaves us with Gates if he has to sit a year.
  22. Shaker was a freshman last year so he'll only be a sophomore. Still that's a lot of juniors. Was thinking the instant transfer rule better be a lock. Otherwise our only other incoming front court player (Gates) would have to sit a year.
  23. Shane O'dell will be playing his college basketball at a school on Western Ave. but it will be a little further downtown. He recently committed to St. Rose.
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