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Slow Starts.....

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Hey everyone,


For those of you who went to the game or listened on the airwaves, the Ladies once again got off to a very slow start offensively as a unit. Obviously, the one bright shining start was Jen Schumacher with the 36 points and an incredible 9 for 9 from downtown. I was curious as to everyone's opinion...but I really do believe that this team has way too much talent to be performing in such a poor way at the beginning of these contests....



Executive Sports Producer - WCDB


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If the players aren't moving and the ball isn't moving, you're not going to get any good shots. Add in throwing the ball away about four times a game trying to lob it inside when the defense is already packed in, you get a slow start.


I bet UVM made twice as many passes as Albany and still got off good shots with 12-15 seconds left, while we at best were rushing to get any shot as time was about to expire.


On top of that, they haven't figured out you have to guard the opponents' three point shooters. They've just been killin' us.

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The ladies have all the tools to be great...its really just the 1st half for whatever reason that kills them....in all 4 conf. losses they have been within a point or two in 2nd half scoring.


Jen had a great individual game, but she expressed that a win would be much more important at this point. It seems that when they get 1 thing fixed, something else isnt there....if they could start clicking on all cylinders, I believe they could make a run.


As far as the lob passing goes, it has to stop and Coach has been trying to emphasize that. It enables the defenders to close too quickly and leads to turnovers.

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A couple of thoughts on yesterday's women's game:


1. Because I brought a radio to listen to the men's game, and because at half-time of the women's game, it was fairly obvious there would be no come-back, I decided to listen to the second half on WCDB while watching from the stands. I must say that Craig's play-by-play call is dead-on accurate and follows the ball precisely. Kudos to Craig.


2. I agree wholehearedly with the discussion Craig and Matt had during the post-game that this team needs to settle on a point guard, whether it is Mikus, James, Thrower or Johnson. All played point at some time yesterday and Schumacher did a little as well. It is my opinion that the big turn around in the women's program since going D-1 was the decision to make Sweetland the #1 point guard and abandon the Sweetland-Hemlock platoon. I haven't seen enough to have an opinion on who the regular 27-30 minute point guard should be, but I think it needs to be settled.


3. I thought having Thrower sing the national anthem was a nice touch.


4. My opinion from the previous game is unchanged; the offensive scheme is fatally flawed and the proof is that on a day when our 2 guard hits 9 of 10 threes and scores 36 points, we still can't get our all senior front court any decent looks.

I also dislike the passive zone defense we've been playing; but it does not bother me as much as the lack of effective offensive sets.

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