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  1. Is Elijah Gash still at UAlbany? https://www.thelaxmag.com/home/swarms-selection-of-elijah-gash-voided-brings-league-wide-total-of-terminated-picks-to-twelve
  2. Letter to the Editor in today's TU from Dr. Sorrell Chesin (which I post mostly because of the high regard I have for him): Bring Kaloyeros back to lead SUNY Poly In the world of academia, interim institutional presidents who leave their position in a year or two raise serious questions. SUNY Polytechnic Institute was expanding during Alain Kaloyeros’ leadership in the early 2000s. He founded the first nanotech institution in the United States, and it is what brought technology-manufacturing corporations to this country. Yes, he made a mistake with the bid rigging, but it had no relationship with how he managed the institution. He had no other choice but to resign. Why not bring him back as interim president or a special position, one that would capitalize on the accomplishments he made that resulted in tens of thousands of jobs, hundreds of businesses, and billions of taxes being paid to the state of New York? We would all benefit from his ingenuity. SORRELL CHESIN Davidson, N.C. Associate vice president emeritus, University at Albany
  3. I would say it differently. I'd say that Luke's father is looking for the pound of flesh he thought he was going to get before President Rodriguez was persuaded otherwise. And, I am not convinced that the legal retainer is a pure contingency; my guess is that it is a hybrid, with counsel assured of a certain floor no matter the financial result. BUT, these are guesses on my part and I have absolutely no inside information.
  4. There was a footnote in one of the pre-game stories about the floor. It indicated that the arena intended to use the floor from the Capital Center, as it would be neutral, but, when they laid it down at the MVP Arena, they found it was not NCAA regulation, and so, the re-laid the Siena home floor and put UAlbany and Albany Cup stickers on it, again to give the appearance of neutrality. From my vantage point, it looked like Neely's injury occurred on one of the UAlbany stickers. Being totally unfamiliar with how these stickers affect footing, I am throwing out the question to those who have more knowledge about such things than I do, of whether the sticker could have contributed to the injury. I certainly do not know the answer.
  5. I assume they will spend the offseason lobbying Immaculata & Skidmore to add football
  6. I see we have exhibitions with Skidmore and St. Rose. I assume this is accurate even though I did not get it from Instagram.
  7. While I hate the D2 & D3 games, it makes great sense under these circumstances given DK's 5 game suspension
  8. For those who care about such things, the 2022-23 roster is up on the website today.
  9. https://www.alumni.albany.edu/s/1642/bp18/interior-wide.aspx?sid=1642&gid=2&pgid=3613&content_id=7913
  10. https://und.com/sports/mbball/roster/season/2022-23/coach/hamlet-tibbs/
  11. I apologize for this post having not much to do with the rest of this string or UA basketball. I heard Wyland's interview with Brian Fruscio this afternoon. Fruscio is leaving Albany Academy to become head coach at Canterbury School in Connecticut, where the coach left to become an assistant at UMBC because Josh Pelliitier left UMBC. Most of you know much more about how all this works than I do, but, I was surprised to learn that being an AE assistant was a step up from being a prep/boarding school head coach. Also, Nick Fruscio is an assistant at the same JC in Florida where Cece Mayo spent her year between playing at UAlbany and Indiana State. If this needs to be deleted for being irrelevant to this string, I'm OK with that.
  12. https://notredame.rivals.com/news/report-irish-to-hire-hamlet-tibbs-as-assistant-men-s-basketball-coach
  13. https://www.georgiaswarm.com/news/lyle-thompson-wins-fourth-straight-nll-sportsmanship-award/?fbclid=IwAR37UfE-OZGaTb86ssuU0sHNYpFj19sDJ8HX9tN94wqWshPvfThC7_32OCs
  14. I am wondering whether the Huerter Impact facility is in the mix? I know it can be configured for a full sized NCAA D1 Court, but, I do not know anything about seating capacity or parking.
  15. https://ualbanysports.com/sports/womens-basketball/roster/2022-23
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