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exhibition scrimmage


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Due to only having 8 players dressed for the scrimmage and due to the fact it was a scrimmage alot of intensity was missing. They played 5 10 minute sessions and the score was about even. But....


First of all no Wilson, Pipikis or Hughes.


Levi is Levi - he'll get us double digit pts on most nights and will be a warrior. You just hate to see him dribbling in traffic.


Chris Wyatt is limited offensively but at times is a real presence on the boards. He seemed to be hampered by a knee injury and had his back wrapped one time when he came out.


Knotts looked OK but is still not in the shape of the others. In fact he failed to finish inside a few times probably because of his conditioning. He could be a very good role player if he stays within his role.


"Q" was interesting he looked very good and at times he was out of sync. He definitely adds athleticism to the Danes. He runs the court well and gets his hands on alot of balls defensively.


John Iati is going to be fun to watch, he can shoot it from deep and seems to be a throwback player not a lot of fluff just pretty good basics and doesn't force the issue. I expect him to average double figures this year. I also like some of the floaters he throws up going down the lane. He might have been hampered by the shoulder brace he was wearing under his "T" shirt. He's also not in great shape having been just cleared for contact.


Todd Martin is going to be solid this year and will get good minutes. He can do alot of things decently - pass, shoot and rebound. He failed to finish a few times but that will come. He will also give us help on the boards. In fact I think he'll be a starter and will learn on the job.


Courtney Johnson will get minutes in the backcourt. He's strong, confident, works hard defensively and showed he can knock down the open 3. I happened to notice Coach Brown get upset with him a few times so I guess like all the freshman he's learning that he's going to have to make an adjustment to DI.


Marvin Cheese played very little but didn't look bad in the few minutes he got.


It should be real tough against Siena if only 8 guys are ready to play, 3 of them being walk ons.

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I was somewhat encouraged by the scrimmage performance, although once the Apples started trapping in the fourth "quarter" the team started to commit too many turnovers and pressed a little too much themselves.


I definitely was impressed with Courtney Johnson, handles himself like he belongs at that level and did hit some nice shots.


Martin knocked down a nice J in transition and make a couple of nice passes for a big man.


Iati can shoot, and he can create off the dribble nicely. The Great Danes worked the inside-outside very well with Iati to get him open on the wing a few times.


Very questionable beyond Iati at point guard though, and if he has trouble with the shoulder later it's going to hurt us badly. Also, with Levi playing so much at the 2, where does Iati fit with Jamar and Levi? That would knock Levine back to playing the 3, which isn't a bad thing, but he looked comfortable outside taking the jumpers and driving the lane. Very bad handle in traffic.


Overall I was impressed by the team. And don't look now, but I was the guy who pointed out that Tim Winn was a baller and played on this team. ;)

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DaneFan2K3 - I agree with your post but please remember the Danes had only 8 suited up and only 7 really got minutes.


I think it was great that in his first taste of action at home Iati had to play against Winn . Iati got a little winded as he hasn't gone up and down very often.


When Jamar comes back the 3 is Levine's spot and Iati-Wilson and Levine will be a solid group on the perimeter. I was told Iati likes to penetrate more but still is gaining confidence in his shoulder taking contact and I was surprised he shot as well as he did wearing a shoulder harness on his shooting shoulder.


If Wyatt stays healthy enough to compete hard for 20 minutes a night, Knotts gets in better shape and "Q" adjusts to playing at this level we'll be competitve much of the time.


Martin is fundamentally solid and will only get better as he becomes more comfortable with his role. He should get big minutes.


Courtney Johnson did look very comfortable out there and will help the Danes in the backcourt.

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Again you astutely recognize a problem but offer no solution!!!


Pipikis and Hughes are out - why and for how long I don't know.


If Wyatt goes down we're forced to go another season small and suffer the consequences.


You are a master at stating the obvious!!!!!

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