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Siena website interested in UA


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It's amazing how the Siena site spends a lot of time talking UA Hoops.


Seemingly they were very happy with our disappointing performance against Sacred Heart.


It's amazing how just a couple of seasons ago we were insignificant and now they have full blown threads about us.


I guess that's a sign that atleast they know where here.


In thinking about our BAD LOSS to Sacred Heart and indeed it was horrible, I found several things interesting.....


1. we shot 41% and only 20% from 3

2. we were outrebounded by a dozen

3. we allowed an 6' 10"opponent (K. Trim) have a career night (29 pts)

4. our opponents scored 63 points

5. Levi played only 12 minutes

6. Jordan was not productive and has been non productive this season (avg 5ppg)

7. Lillis gingerly made his first appearance of 6 minutes

8. Jamar played with a very sore hip

9. Finally - we lost by 2


In the past if just a couple of the above happened we would have lost by about 15.


Our goal should be to right the ship get healthy (mentally & physically) and be ready for AE play.

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That's a tough effort on a couple of fronts....


Not a good start for Will Brown given his contract situation.




Loses like that can be costly if an NIT bid is in the balance.



I gave little thought to the UA game until I saw the final score - I was puzzled - I figured it would be a 20 point win. I think it caught all of the Siena gimps off guard - and has given some juice to the game next week.

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UAlbany should have won that game by 20. We beat them last year on their court by about the same margin. Did they add any significant new personnel since last year? I don't think so.


I just think we underestimated Sacred Heart from last year, and they came back for revenge. They did a very good job at it.


I could not believe that Albany just did not adjust to Trim. Why did this occur? Are the players at fault? Is the coaching staff? This aspect of the game disturbed me more than any other.


We should have known Sacred Heart was going to be good - much better than predicted - by their close game away at Rhode Island.


I have heard many people observe Albany's lack of energy in the game. Brown certainly made a big deal about it, but others observed it, too. Why was our energy level so low? Some of you have mentioned the injuries to Jamar and Lucious.


I hope this game is not a sign of the future. I will believe that we will play more like we did against Oakland and Florida. (By the way, I do not understand why few people have observed that we played very well in the first half against the currently 14th- or 15th-ranked team. That fact should be trumpeted much more than it is.)

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I don't know how bad Jamar is injured but he didn't practice for 5 days.


As for Lucious I have no clue but I do know he hasn't been the Lucious we expected avg about 5 pts per game and not rebounding.


Trim from Sacred Heart has had injury problems before and this year he is supposedly healthy, it appears we made him very healthy and their PG is a transfer from BC.


Kisrsten was in a fog and Covington picked up two fouls in a matter of minutes.


I'm hoping this game was just an abberation as an avid fan I expected much more then what I saw.


Realistically we only gave up 63 pts if we shot anything reasonable we would have won on a day we played poorly. I guess if you play poorly and shoot horribly you're destined to lose.


I just hope the Danes survive the west coast trip and come back healthy. Both match ups are going to be extremely tough for us.

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Thanks for your info and opinions on this week's activity.


I was unaware of Jamar's extended absence from practice. I hope he is recovering well.


Yes, Jordan has certainly not been himself.


Good point about the two-point difference in the Sacred Heart game. If any one of those scenarios had improved for us, we would be caressing the W and not hanging our heads in shame.


Several posters have observed that maybe it was a good thing to lose this game early in the season. Perhaps they are correct. Time will tell whether this game will alert us to possible deficiencies or lower our self-confidence excessively.


I have a feeling that we will do better on the West Coast than our effort against Sacred Heart.

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I believe I got the information on Jamar from R. Wyland (radio), B. Martineau (Fox Sports) or through one of the Newspapers. It was in regard to wether it was a groin pull or a hip flexor and whoever it was said it was a hip flexor.


Lets hope he's OK because that was the first poor shooting performance he's had (0-5 from 3).


I believe health is our biggest concern....


Jamar - Hip?


Lillis - foot


Brent' next to Jamar he's been our best player - took a viscious hit to the face and they took him to the lockerroom in the second half and he came back to play but was not effective. ????? I also saw him holding his lower back a few times during the SH game and he wouldn't let anyone help him up from the floor.


Lucious - ??????? He's just not Lucious?????


These are all key players in Dane plans.

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